How to Choose a Cutting Mat & Select the Correct Mat for Cutting Application

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Cutting mat selection -what to look for when selecting a quality cutting mat:
Cutting mat questions:
Is the cutting mat self healing?
Cutting mats that are self healing are preferable, but some thick single ply cutting mats work well for extra large mats.
What is the thickness of the cutting mat? You want a cutting mat that is 3mm or thicker. Thinner cutting mats are not as durable. The thinner cutting mats have more of a plastic feel to them, and most are not a suitable mat to cut with using a straight blade knife. The mats thinner than 3mm can be cut through with a straight blade.
How many plies of material is the cutting mat made of, and how thick are each of the cutting mats plies? Look for cutting mats that are at least 3 ply’s thick. The outer plies of the cutting mat should not be too thin, and the inner ply of the mat should be thick. A thick inner cutting mat ply helps prevent mat cut through and prolongs the life of cutting blades.
What is the cutting mat surface texture and is there a glare? A cutting mat should have a non glare surface. A reflective mat surface makes it harder to see the material being cut. The cutting mat surface texture should be a medium tooth. Too smooth a cutting mat surface, and the material being cut may slip. Too textured cutting mat surface will make straight cuts difficult.
What type of grid does the cutting mat have? Look for a cutting mat that is fully graduated (numbered) on all 4 sides of the mat. If the cutting mat has hash marks the hashes should extend past the boarder of the cutting mat grid.
What type of cutting tools is going to be used on the mat? Choose a cutting mat that can be used with both a rotary knife and a straight blade hobby knife. The 2mm mats and thinner do not hold up well with a straight blade knife. The mats are too thin.

We offer a complete selection of cutting mats. All are mats are suitable for cutting on using straight knives or rotary cutting knives. There are two basic choices we offer in cutting mats Self Healing multi ply mats available up to 4 X 8 foot in size and our large cutting mats single ply extra thick up to 6 X 12 foot in size. Click here to see our complete selection of cutting mats - Cutting Mats Self-healing and Cutting Mats Large

Benefits and Uses of Plier Clamps

Regardless of what industry one is working in, there are just some things that our fingers cannot grasp and our strength is just too weak to get the job done. Sometimes we need help of tools such as plier clamps to get a firm, strong grip on materials. Plier clamps, also known as squeeze action clamps, manual toggle clamps, or portable clamps, are used to firmly grasp objects. Common uses of plier clamps include:

  • Welding

  • Bending

  • Compressing

Plier clamps from Lapeer Manufacturing are offered in a variety of depths, jaw openings, or spindle options. All plier clamps have the option of being equipped with an unlocking lever. Which allows the clamp to be release easily with just one hand.

Uses of Plier Clamps and Why choose plier clamps?

The versatility of using plier clamps is one of their key benefits. While grasping the handle you can easily maneuver the object being held as if you were holding in your own hand. This allows for precisions while welding, bending, or compressing objects. No need to worry about plier clamps losing their grip, Lapeer Manufacturing’s plier clamps are the best at providing a secure grip until handles are pulled apart or the unlocking lever is released.

Lapeer Manufacturing offers plier clamps superior to other brands. Their ability to hand high heat due to their forged steel alloy clamps attracts many, as well as their superior strength. With a large selection of sizes, plier clamps are offered for any application, holding a max capacity of up to 2400 lbs.

Varients of plier clamps available at Lapeer Manufacturing include, but are not limited to:

  • Dual spindle pliers

  • Drop jaw dual spindle pliers

  • Drop jaw plier clamps

  • Extended plier clamps

  • Drop jaw extended plier clamps

Handsaws Can Still Come In Handy

Power saws have become standard equipment for many active do-it-yourselfers, but most can still make good use of a handsaw or two. For example, I own eight different types of power saws, but I still reach for a handsaw for many sawing jobs.

Handsaws are especially useful for those who do an occasional home-repair or woodworking project but have little tool-storage space.

Fortunately, handsaw-makers haven`t let the proliferation of power saws keep them from improving their products. One of the newer designs has oversize teeth that cut on both the forward and reverse strokes, resulting in faster cutting than most saws, which generally cut only on forward strokes.

One fast-cut saw, the Stanley Short Cut, is shaped like a standard saw but is only 18 inches long, making it easy to fit into a toolbox or hang in a tight space. The Short Cut leaves a fairly rough edge, and is best as a utility saw rather than for fine-finish work. I use mine frequently for rough cutoff work and pruning (it gets into places where a bow saw can`t be used). The Short Cut has a specially shaped handle and straight blade back that lets it be used for marking accurate 90-degree and 45-degree cutting lines. Short Cuts sell for about $15 each at many home centers and tool outlets.

Another version of a fast-cut saw, the Wood Eater, is made by Vermont American. Wood Eaters are available in 15-inch (about $10) and 26-inch (about $18) lengths. Both of these Vermont American saws are listed in the new Sears tool catalogue.

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