Automation Pipette Tips

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High-Quality Pipette Tips for Automated Liquid Handlers. Molecular Biology Products provides automation tips that are engineered precisely to fit the exact specifications of major automation platforms.

With automated pipette tips, you can conveniently take out any given volume of liquid from the source through various methods: suction, aspiration, or dispensing the fluid on the container.

The Automation pipette tips ;are designed to correct the specifications, which makes sure the fit remains consistent. The most commonly used models in laboratories are the sterile filter pipette tips.

The above-mentioned tips come in various volumes, ranging from 50 microlitres to 1000 microlitres which also work well with small volume dispensing. The different types of tips help in working without concerning yourself with extremely viscous substances and contaminations.

The pipette tips are passed through a rigorous quality check to make sure consistency is maintained. Moreover, the coefficient of variation is kept low at 1-3% which helps keep the tips straightened. The Automated Pipette Tips are engineered with high-end specifications. Consequently, these tips are 400% tighter than ordinary pipette tips.

Features And Perks:

⮚ High-Quality pipette tips that ensure better extraction of liquids

⮚ Carry out all the protocols with confidence

⮚ Have the right fit with every experiment

⮚ Available in a wide range of formats like non-filtered pipettes, and filtered pipettes.

⮚ The tips go through a strict checking process making them free of RNA, DNA, Pyrogen, and ATPs.

What is LTS?

The Most Comfortable Pipette that Prevents Fatigue to Ensure You Maintain Accuracy and Precision All Day Long

Rainin LTS Tips ;dramatically reduce high tip ejection forces, decreasing or eliminating laboratory RSI risk.

The cylindrical shaft & tip design reduces tip ejection forces

Lower forces mean freedom from tired hands.

Tips seal reliably and consistently without excessive force.

LTS Reduces Tip Ejection Forces by 85%.

In traditional conical tip/shaft designs, tip ejection forces can be as high as 10kg, with an average of 4kg.

Tip ejection force is only 0.6kg with LTS.

Consistent Seal First Time, Every Time

The LTS cylindrical shaft & tip design produces a reliable, consistent seal without excessive force.

The LTS tips are thin-walled and incorporate a small, well-defined seal area and a positive ‘stop’. This ‘stop’ lets you know exactly when the seal is made – so there is no need to ‘jam’ or pound the shaft onto the tip.

LTS Pipettes Solve Common Multichannel Problems

Consistent sample loading.

Leak-free and reliable seal without hand tightening- first time, every time.

NO nozzle o-rings: no breakage, no maintenance, no sample contamination, no problems.

LTS pipettes and tips cost no more than standard pipettes and tips. So don't miss out on your opportunity to switch to the benefits of LTS.

Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips

As any bench scientist will share, pipetting is a very repetitive process but is a very important part of any experiment. Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips ;are designed to optimize the pipetting experience and result. Universal-style pipettes are the most common – these tips are made to fit those designs. To further enable convenience, our tips are available in plastic, eco-friendly, re-loadable, or bulk packaging!

Universal Pipette Tips have innovative designs that allow them to provide an ideal user experience. The top of the tip features a snug fit without requiring much attachment force. The inside of Universal Pipette Tips is specifically shaped to minimize residual volume inside of the tip. We only use FDA-Approved medical-grade virgin polypropylene. This plastic offers a high level of transparency so users can visually confirm the work they are doing.

We also understand that convenience is equally important, benchtop space is limited, and comfort is highly important. The force required to attach/eject Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips is actually very low, despite the secure seal at the tip-pipette interface. Try these tips today for a secure, yet comfortable, pipetting experience!

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