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Air filter refers to an air filter device, which is generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories and clean rooms, or for dustproofing of electronic mechanical communication equipment. There are primary filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter and sub-efficiency models. Various models have different standards and performance.

In pneumatic technology, air filters, pressure reducing valves and lubricators are called the three major pneumatic components. In order to obtain multiple functions, these three air source treatment components are often assembled together in sequence, which is called a pneumatic triplet. It is used for air purification and filtration, decompression and lubrication. The installation sequence of the three parts is air filter, pressure reducing valve and lubricator according to the air intake direction. The three major pieces are indispensable air source devices in most pneumatic systems. They are installed near the gas equipment and are the final guarantee for the quality of compressed air. In addition to ensuring the quality of the three major pieces themselves, space saving should also be considered in their design and installation. It is easy to operate and install, can be combined arbitrarily and other factors.

The air filter replacement is mainly used to purify the intake air and remove the dust particles. In addition, the exhaust gas of some production processes contains fine pollutants (such as radioactive substances, oil mist, etc.) although this type of purification belongs to exhaust gas purification, due to its high purification requirements, an air filter is also required. The characteristics of air purification are low dust concentration and fine dust particles in the treated air, and the required purification efficiency is high.

Air filters can be divided into primary efficiency filters, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filters and sub-efficient products. Various product models have different standards and application functions.

Folding medium efficiency air filter

The main purpose of the folded medium-efficiency air filter: the filtration of the exhaust system. Folding medium-efficiency air filters are mainly used in mechanical instrumentation, chemical industry, food and other industries.

Characteristics of foldable medium-efficiency air filter: high working efficiency, large dust holding capacity and small occupied space.

Primary air filter

The main purpose of the primary air filter: Generally speaking, the filter section in the natural ventilation air treatment equipment or the primary filtration of the new fan.

The characteristics of the initial effect air filter: the filter material can be replaced by oneself, and the initial effect of the paper frame is one-time.

Bag Type Medium Efficiency Air Filter

Main use of bag type medium-efficiency air filter: centralized air-conditioning exhaust system, or as a pre-filter of high-efficiency filter, it can also relieve the burden of high-efficiency filter, prolong its service life, and can also be used in industrial industries of air purification in general.

The characteristics of bag-type medium-efficiency air filter: small friction resistance and large dust holding capacity.

Also, there are many different brands for air filter like Filter for HoneywellFilter for BlueairFilter for IQAirFilter for WinixFilter for GermguardianFilter for DysonFilter for PhilipsFilter for XiaomiFilter for Daikin, etc.


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