Please pay attention to the scale of touching porcelain [entertainment circle]

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After that, Lin Weishen winked, and Assistant Gao took the security guard to take off General Manager Huang's clothes. Ah, Lin.. General Manager Lin. Don't look at my old face, I am also the general manager of XXX company. This I apologize, I apologize! How much does it cost? I.. General Manager Huang kept struggling. If he was stripped naked and ran outside, not to mention getting sick, he would lose his face, but he would never get it back! When Lin Weishen saw the state of Nanzhi, he was worried and looked impatient. Assistant Gao understood that and asked the security guard to twist General Manager Huang and go out. The door closed again, and it was finally over. South branch eyes closed, a line of hot, down the cheeks into the neck. Lin Weishen's hand was pressing on her neck, and he felt the warm wetness. Lin Wei paused deeply, then hugged the little man in his arms more tightly. Head down, the voice is rustling gentle, blowing in the south branch of the auricle, into the warm peace: It's all right, it's all right. In the future, with me,temperature check kiosk, always in.. In the cold weather of late spring, the night is deep and the dew is heavy, and the cold is to the bone. General Manager Huang, wearing only a pair of shorts, crossed the road and buildings, shivering in the cold wind. Assistant Gao, wearing a thick down jacket, followed him and took a few pictures,face recognition identification, waiting to hand over to General Manager Lin tomorrow. Qingyue, it's not good! The agent called in an anxious tone. What's the matter? Gu Qingyue was afraid that there was something wrong with her. General Manager Huang, General Manager Huang has been punished! Just now Xiaoyu saw that General Manager Huang was forced to run naked outside!!! “……” Gu Qingyue was startled to drop her chin when she heard this. How dare someone like General Manager Huang be punished? Who is so capable? "Yes.." Did Nanzhi's backstage do it? I don't know. No one knows exactly what happened. However, I think nine times out of ten, it has something to do with the people behind Nanzhi. The broker's guess shocked Gu Qingyue and immediately made a shock. Qingyue, I will inquire about it again. Please use your brain to see how to get rid of General Manager Huang's anger recently. If he gets angry with you for this, we'll have a hard time! "Yes, I know." Hung up the phone, Gu Qingyue hand hanging a thin layer of sweat. From the south branch to take away the role of Lan Jin, Gu Qingyue knew that she had a backstage gold owner. But this also cannot stop Gu Qingyue to want to retaliate the heart. So what if there is a gold owner? Just find a way to drive a wedge! This time General Manager Huang, the old goat, came to visit the class, and Gu Qingyue had a plan. She knew that General Manager Huang liked young girls who could dance best, so she deliberately got Nanzhi drunk. When he sent Nanzhi back, facial recognization camera ,information kiosk price, he deliberately did not take Nanzhi's handbag. When Nanzhi came back, he gave the room card in Nanzhi's bag to General Manager Huang. It was a plan to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, he played a knowledgeable little lover in front of General Manager Huang and won his favor; On the other hand, when General Manager Huang comes out of the Nanzhi room, the group will be able to spread their adultery. With this green hat, the gold owners who are not afraid of Nanzhi will not launch an attack! Then the role of Lan Jin may be easy to get! And now. This Nanzhi. It's really an iron plate. Can't you kick it? The night is long, and there are always people with black eyes waiting for the dawn. The 44th day of touching porcelain The dim light of the sky shone on his face, and Nanzhi leisurely woke up. She was alone on the bed, as if last night's hero of the world was just a dream of hers. But the crumpled sheets on one side told her that her hero had indeed come. Mingming said yes.. It will always be.. Nanzhi's eyelids were half closed, and he murmured, "You really don't keep your word.." Somehow, President Lin's words last night echoed in Nanzhi's mind over and over again. Those words, as if they were fished out of a honey pot, were poured into her heart one by one, so sweet that the whole person was about to melt. Face suddenly some hot, Nanzhi reached out to touch, can not help but think of last night to sleep, but this side of the face has been attached to his chest. Just the temperature of ironing, comfortable and safe, really a very good pillow. Wait, wait, wait. Xiang Nanzhi! What are you thinking about! It seems that unconsciously thinking is developing in a beautiful direction. Nanzhi shook his head and was speechless to himself. All of a sudden, I seem to be surprised by President Lin. A little dependent? His eye fell upon that folds of one side of the sheet. The ups and downs of the east and west, as if printed with a dragon and phoenix color figure … He's a hero, but he.. I don't need a beauty like you, Xiang Nanzhi! Don't be seduced by his ambiguous sweet words! Those words. Probably half is to play with her, half is President Lin's sense of responsibility as a gentleman. Especially sober understanding, but can not hide the sad fact of Nanzhi. Nan Zhi suddenly began to doubt whether he was right about President Lin. Moved. No, no, no, it won't, it won't! In a twinkling of an eye, Nanzhi denied this possibility! President Lin loves Lan Yan, how can she … It must be, it must be because with a Longyang, it's really.. I just feel so frustrated!!! Shaking his head again, Nanzhi got up from the bed. The best way to stop thinking is to turn your attention to something else. There are two scenes today, one of which is a kiss scene. Nanzhi felt that he needed to adjust his state to meet the challenge! Nanzhi's two scenes today are shot one after another. At the end of the first scene, Nanzhi pondered over the feelings of Lan Jin on the set, just waiting for the male protagonist to come over and start shooting the first kiss scene in his life. In fact, usually the kissing scene can also be shot in a borrowed way. It's just that this scene is a stolen kiss from Lan Jin while the tetrarch is asleep. If you want to borrow, the camera is too big to find a good angle, and the director is not satisfied with the shooting effect of the minicomputer, so you can only let the actors perform in a real way. In fact, it was just a kiss on the lips,temperature scanning kiosks, and Nanzhi comforted himself with a little nervousness. It's like. Uh On the wedding night, President Lin's kiss was like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. Those beautiful pictures always spread in my mind without warning, which made Nanzhi blush in an instant.

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