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Godfather pulled out his close-fitting necklace from his neck. "This chain is called'Zhe Xing '. After wearing it, people in the underworld can't find me.". Kind of like a human radar jamming system. But every time I cast a spell, they can find me according to the residual mana I use. At that time, I run to other places, leaving traces of my spell everywhere. Then I go through the sky mirror to see where they are looking for me. I go to other places, so it is difficult for them to find me. The last time Tomb Sweeping Festival, the two thousand Yaksha, I guess the underworld deliberately released, they may know I am in this city, hope I will attack the Yaksha, leave a trace. However, although I release the God, but they still did not find me! So stupid! So, if I want to go back to the past, I have to prepare for this kind of magic, and we'd better run a little farther. Don't blame me, give me more time to prepare. No, I will never blame my godfather. Shall we wait until the National Day holiday and find a place with pleasant scenery to travel? Godfather nodded and closed his eyes at ease. No wonder Godfather is always running around all over the world. But I always feel that Godfather's skipping work is not so simple. Godfather should have kept something. Nineteen "Kong Kong, I'm leaving." Cang, carrying a big backpack, looked helplessly at the silent hole sitting on the sofa. Kong Kong was unwilling to take him on a trip to Suzhou and Hangzhou. He did not want to buy a train ticket, nor did he need to pay for hotel accommodation. He only asked to follow him quietly, but he refused to agree! Of course I ignored him! Cang stood in front of Kong Kong, looking at him all the time. If it works, Kong Kong won't be in this cabin again, and he won't be angry with me. However, no matter what you will become, I will find you! "I'm leaving." Cang so ruthlessly left, godfather waiting for him at the railway station. Go downstairs, habitually look back at the balcony, this time Kong Kong is really angry. The backpack is getting farther and farther away, and the hole sticks out its head and looks at the figure that is far away. If I were a person, you would take me there, right? ………… "Whoo," the train started. Cang took out the notepad in his bag, which clearly recorded the specific circumstances of Kong Kong before he died-this was Cang Kengmeng's abduction from Kong Kong's mouth. According to Kong's recollections, on April 23, 1990, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, he committed suicide by cutting his veins in the bathroom. As for the three people, Kong did not know the specific time, but only knew that it was at night. Kong, who was sleeping in a daze, heard a knock on the door and got up to open it. Then these people entered the door to commit murder. By inference, it was the evening of April 22. So, all I have to do is from the evening of April 22, has been waiting for Kong Kong, do not let him suffer any harm! "How are you preparing?" The godfather on one side poked his head to look at Cang's notes. What else can we do? "Is the time on this accurate?" "There should be no problem. Kong Kong said he looked at the alarm clock on the desk when he woke up on the 23rd. It was two o'clock." "And the date?" "Because the 22nd is Sunday, facial recognition thermometer , and that day I made up for math in the cram school outside, so I don't think Kong Kong will remember it wrong." "That's good!" Godfather looked at his watch. "There's still a lot of time. Sleep for a while!" The beautiful and lovely godfather fell on his shoulders and closed his eyes beautifully. In fact, the destination of their trip was Qiyun Mountain in Huangshan City, a legendary Taoist holy place. There are traces left by Taoist priests in the past Dynasties, and some places still have faint magic power. This place is the best barrier chosen by Godfather. After eight hours of turbulence, Cang and Godfather finally arrived at the foot of the mountain, which was already sunset. Yang Qi gradually recedes and Yin Qi gradually flourishes. They found a path and climbed up the mountain. As night falls, Qiyun Mountain emits a spooky smell, and the verdant daytime becomes dark and merciless in a twinkling of an eye. Wild animals began to appear in the mountains and forests, and strange calls spread from one valley to another. Cang and Godfather climbed several hills, found an octagonal pavilion, put down the burden and began to deploy. Cang took out a writing brush and ink, and drew a diagram of the Eight Diagrams on the ground of the pavilion; Godfather pasted eight charms on the eight corners of the pavilion, and laid a boundary, so as to cover up his magic power, at least to reduce the chance of finding himself in the underworld. Then, take out five very special incense candles, namely white, cyan, black, red and white, corresponding to the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, and place them in the Eight Diagrams in a pentagonal shape. Cang stood in the middle of the gossip. I repeat, this candle has been burning here for ten minutes, and it has given you five hours in the past, that is to say, you can stay in the past for 50 hours altogether. You feel like you're seeing me in 50 hours, and for me, it's just 50 minutes away from you. The time I send you back may not be very precise, and you can improvise when you get there. In the past time, try not to disturb history, ignore everything around you, and don't tell others who you are. When we come back, no matter what the outcome is, we will leave for Hangzhou immediately. Fifty minutes is a big risk for me, too, remember? "Wow!"! Godfather, you are so handsome when you are serious! Cang still looks cheeky and has no pressure. In fact, the heart is nervous to death, pull a few jokes to relax. That's, your godfather and I have been handsome since ancient times. "The old monster!" "I am the old monster, and you are the little monster!" Two people because the time has not yet arrived, quarreled in the pavilion, you damage a sentence, I damage a sentence, not too happy. Finally, "I won't say more to you, the time is coming.". Are you ready? "All right, here we go!" Godfather set up POSE, closed his eyes, began to recite incantations silently, and Cang pricked up his ears to listen. It's so profound that I can't understand a word. The first white candle automatically lit a white flame. Godfather opened his eyes and waved his hand. Cang turned into a beam of light and disappeared in the dark night.

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