Huanzhu Landlord Qingcheng Nineteen Heroes

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Mother's survival depends on this. Now that she has reached this place, how can she be willing to give up? With a loud shout, she followed her to the steep cliff. The first step is to go to a clto the mouth of the cliff to see the white clouds under your feet, which is unfathomable. Ji Yi was about to turn around and ran to the side to observe, when he heard the roar of the mythical beast at the bottom of the cliff, but because of the white clouds, he could not see it. The cliff is cutting down again, unable to go down. In a hurry, he thought to himself,white marble slabs, "The roar of the mythical beast is very close, and it must be almost as high as the one who came.". In the past, I was chased by a monster and jumped down from a dangerous cliff. Listening to the words of the nameless old fisherman, I would not have been injured if there had not been the poisonous mud at the bottom of the gully. At that time, he was still young, and now he is two years older. He has gained a lot of strength and skills, and he is even more proficient in water. Life and death have a destiny. In order to save your mother, it is worthwhile to fall to death. Think of here, more no longer think of Suo, shout: "Cangxu Immortal, have pity on me!" The man followed the sound and went straight to the bottomless gully regardless of his life. Immediately fell into the clouds,Agate Slabs For Sale, Dun Dang Feng Sheng two arms, warm fog stained clothes, the whole body was covered with clouds. The potential of falling this speed, in a twinkling of an eye, has been through the clouds, gradually see the scenery below. Ji Yi was always paying attention, holding his breath steadily so that he wouldn't get hurt when he got to the ground. As soon as I saw the clouds getting thinner, I looked down and couldn't help being sad and happy, and I wanted to shout out. Only feel beautiful, stone show, water wood Qinghua, one by one present, the body has fallen on the palm of a person. When the man put him down from his hands, he hugged the man in a panic, fell on his knees, and kept crying: "The immortal teacher saved my mother's life." The man lifted him up and comforted him by saying, "You are so yoear-old Zhi Xian, even the immortals can do nothing. I have been closing the mountain to cultivate Taoism for days on end. If the old Zen master Pai Mei hadn't ordered Li Daoyou to come here today, it would be hard to know. Since I have allowed you to come here, Marble Granite Price ,Granite Slab Supplier, I will do something for you. But your mother still has fifteen or six days to live. The thousand-year-old meat Zhi is now in the Dayuan Cave on the Ningbi Cliff of Mount Emei. It is loved by the immortals of the Emei Sect, old and young. In another twelve years, it will become a true fruit. It is not easy to take it to produce blood and cure people. Now the distant water does not put out the near fire, if you want to keep your mother alive, it is impossible. For now, the only way is to take the root of the century-old jasmine given by the old Zen master Pai Mei and take it together with a few remaining elixirs while your mother's vitality is not exhausted. Do not disappear piece when, the person dies, choose the place of a good geomantic omen to bury by Ru Zu again. Nine years later, you have accumulated a lot of merits for your mother, which is enough to save her life. At the same time, you must have a relationship with the Emei Sect. Then you worship Emei and ask for the blood of Zhi. If you open the coffin to save your mother, you will not only save her from death, but also live forever. In addition, regardless of the immortal, are difficult to force. This is Master Li Ning, whose name is Ning Yi. He came forward to pay his respects. The man who spoke was the Cang Xu guest whom Ji Yi had been looking for for days. A middle-aged monk was sitting next tother, you will die when you run out of medicine. Things will happen in a hurry, and with your grandfather by your side, there will be no other changes. The intention is good, who knows almost even the mother in the last trick can not do it. Words did not finish, Ji Yi a burst of pain attack heart, "wow" did not cry out, unexpectedly closed his breath, fainted in the past. Li Ning said, "This son is very much like my daughter Ying Qiong. It's no wonder that even my teacher, who has not been involved in the world recently, has been moved." As he spoke, Cang Xuke had already lifted Ji Yi up and slapped him on his vest. When he woke up slowly, Tao burst into tears. "What's the use of crying?" Cang Xuke asked? My mythical beast guarding the cave has been claustrophobic for half a year because it has violated my family rules. Today, after receiving the instructions from the old Zen Master Pai Mei, I specially opened the blockade and let it bring you here. Relying on your natural gift, you jumped over a dangerous cliff twice and experienced strange dangers, in order to show that your mother died in the dark, so as not to act against heaven. In the future, if your former spirit is not ignorant, after your mother is resurrected, you will return to my door. If you can repair it, you will achieve positive results. How can these nine years be far apart? If you don't listen to me, get down to business! When Ji Yi heard this, like the first sleep in a dream, he was so sad that he prostrated himself again and asked for a way to save him. "According to your journey," said Cang Xuke, "if you know the way, you can go back for at most seven days. Your mother and son should not covet these few days. The elixir has the advantage of taking one more pill. When you get home, tell your mother and grandfather that you should take all the rest of the elixir as soon as possible. After three hours, the root of the jasmine flower was taken with wine, and when it was not taken, the man died. Don't burst into tears. Nine years later, for Zhi blood, can be back to life. I wanted to send you there, but if you trudged on your way home, it would only make you suffer more and help you. Yesterday, the old Pai Mei Zen Master passed by here and saw you asking people in front of the mountain. After careful calculation of the cause and effect,Calacatta Nano Glass, he ordered Zen Master Li to come here to deliver an order. In addition, he gave you four letters of invitation, which marked the date of the month. It will be good for you to see them at that time.

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