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Dragon knife a wave, cold light big Sheng, a knife under the heavy split, together with the weak yuan Shen cut together. One dead. Two dead. Three people died.. Demon eight will all behead one by one, gain more than two billion experience, eight immortal venerable holy core, Qin Tian to these disdain, staring at the sky, coldly staring at the hidden emperor, light way: "Please support more!" Chapter 375, first send the worship gift. Thanks to'Longjue Batian 'once again reward support, Lao Niu thanks very much, thanks to'this life only eat Ganoderma lucidum, nameless "monthly ticket support.". The fourth chapter arrived a little late. ———— Heaven and earth moved, and a burst of thunder over the Kunlun continent was deafening, sweeping millions of miles away, making people tremble with fear. The four overlords of the Kunlun Continent stood proudly in all directions, frowning, staring at the sky over the Jiuhua River, motionless. Not only them,Grey Marble Slab, but also the strong people in Kunlun mainland are paying attention to this peak battle. More than two million years later, the first battle of the Dragon and Elephant Temple. And the immortal God of war peak realm of the hidden emperor of the first battle. Although not in person, but they are all shocking, although there is no impact of powerful skills, but the kind of power of heaven and earth to kill, know the sea of life hanging by a thread of struggle, so that their whole mind as if to be seized in general,Agate Stone Price, the atmosphere dare not breathe, staring at the Jiuhua River sky, looking forward to the results. Time goes by minute by minute. So everyone is waiting. Wan Ying Huan Sha is the strongest attack of the hidden emperor. It is a super skill that sacrifices to the immortal God of war for ten thousand years. I don't know how many strong people have been assassinated by it alone. Invisibly, the primordial God is broken and dies invisibly. That kind of irresistible Huan Sha, which is specifically aimed at the attack of the primordial God, is like the existence of going against heaven. The black-robed monk closed his eyes slightly, frowned slightly, folded his hands and muttered in his mouth, just like an old monk chanting sutras. Rumble.. "Rumble." …… The sky is constantly exploding, the Jiuhua River is constantly surging out, the surging waves of the river are crashing on the shore, and the momentum is surging like thousands of troops in the battlefield. At the bottom of the Jiuhua River. The torrent made a detour around Qin Tian and was bounced off by the invisible breath on his body. He looked up at the sky and silently counted the numbers "691, 690, 689.". ,” Every read out a count, Slate Wall Panel ,White Marble Slabs, the eyes are more than a trace of excitement, that kind of excitement can not be concealed, with endless expectations and strong and incomparable killing, at this time Qin Tian blood boiling, he is praying, praying that the hidden emperor can hold on more. He's still a little short. I was so close to getting an upgrade. As long as you kill the hidden emperor, you can upgrade immediately. Qin Tian thought of the upgrade reward, the heart can not help but get excited again. Thinking that the black-robed monk would drive the eight devils to the bottom of the water, his heart was extremely grateful, and he faintly felt that the black-robed monk would see through him. How else would he know he was escalating to kill? Is there really such a method in the world? Is it time to give me such a big gift? "Hey." "I want to be a monk." "I really don't want to." Qin Tian secretly annoyed, thought of waiting for the black-robed monk to let him worship again, think about it, but the black-robed monk saved him after all, but also sent a big gift, do not join the Dragon and Elephant Temple can not be justified, but who knows what the situation of the Dragon and Elephant Temple, seemingly very powerful. But once in millions of years, and every time there is a bloody storm, who knows if it will become cannon fodder ah. The heart has scruples, and scruples stem from ignorance. 435……” “434……” …… Qin Tian's thoughts were flying, and he said in his mouth that he did not forget to count the numbers. Standing at the bottom of the river, waiting quietly. —————————————————— The spirit of the black-robed monk knows the sea. Only one of the hidden emperor's thousands of illusions and shadows was left, standing there. I can't move a cent. He found that he was wrong when his condensed "Wan Ying Huan Sha" rushed into the black-robed monk's knowledge of the sea. His mistakes were outrageous and boundless. The black-robed monk's spiritual knowledge of the sea was like a boundless heaven's prison, vast and boundless. Not to mention killing, it was very difficult to find the location of the central primordial God in the sea. Infernal knowledge of the sea! Yin Huang has been practicing for nearly a million years. I have killed countless people and seen countless kinds of spiritual knowledge of the sea, but I have never met such a broad knowledge of the sea. I can't imagine that the knowledge of the ocean can be so great that I was killed immediately after my phantom entered. It's torture! There is no room for resistance. The peak realm of the immortal God of war can be regarded as a super power in the holy world, second only to the immortal supreme. He could almost walk sideways in the holy world, and when he saw the black-robed monk, the hidden emperor thought that he was at most the realm of the immortal God of war, and there was no need to fear him at all. Now there is only one phantom left, and it is still completely restrained, unable to come out, and the heart is dead. Only now did he know the gap between himself and the black-robed monk. Too big for him to imagine. Why? "Why do you do that?" "If you want to kill me, just kill me. Why do you want to leave a phantom to control me?" Yin Huang frowned and couldn't figure out why the black-robed monk was doing this. To restrain him, not to kill him, as if waiting for something. It's been almost three hours. If the shadow does not die, the hidden emperor will not be able to come out, and the body can only stand there, unable to move. If all the phantoms had been killed, the hidden emperor would not have been unable to move. Now he was completely bound, and he could not figure out what the black-robed monk was, but there was an ominous feeling in his heart, a feeling of death. Waiting for someone. The black-robed monk said lightly. "Who are you waiting for?" Asked Emperor Yin. "Wait for the man who killed you," said the black-robed monk. Emperor Yin was stupefied. His face sank. "Why wait any longer to kill me?" He said. "Just do it." "It wasn't me who killed you,Nero Marquina Marble Slab," said the black-robed monk. "Who is that?" Asked Emperor Yin. The black-robed monk smiled faintly and said, "You'll know right away." "Since I'm going to die, please tell me." The hidden emperor couldn't figure out who else could kill him except the black-robed monk? Who is qualified to kill him.

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