The ex-husband is too arrogant

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"Hello, I would like to ask, chairman of Mohang Group, where is Lu Qiangdong's ward?" Ruan Qiaoan asked the nurse at the front desk with a smile on his face. Lu Qiangdong? The nurse asked with a smile on her face. Ruan Qiaoan nodded: "I am an employee of his company. I heard that the chairman was ill, so I came to have a look." "Yes, please wait a moment." The nurse answered and then looked down. There's no hurry. Ruan Qiaoan is still smiling. Soon, the nurse found out: "this young lady, chairman Lu is in the VIP ward on the seventh floor of the inpatient department. You go out from this door, then turn right to the inpatient department, and then take the elevator up." Ruan Qiaoan looked in the direction of the nurse's finger, then understood, smiled and thanked him, then lifted his feet and walked in the direction of the inpatient department. Ruan Qiaoan, standing in the elevator of the inpatient department, looked up at the constantly changing numbers, and the smile on his face became more and more intense. Soon the elevator reached the seventh floor, she lifted her feet and went out, because it was a VIP ward, so it was easy to find. Just stood at the door of two men in black suits,Marble Projects, Ruan Qiaoan sneer: "This is how afraid of death, live in a hospital also need bodyguards to protect?"? Although her heart was very angry with Lu Qiangdong, Ruan Qiaoan knew what she should do now, so she quickly tidied up her emotions, put a smile on her face again, and walked toward the ward. Stop. What do you do? Sure enough, as soon as Ruan Qiaoan approached the ward,White Marble Mosaic, one of the bodyguards in black stopped her. Ruan Qiaoan smiled and looked at the man in a black suit: "I am an employee of Chairman Lu, and now I know he is ill, so I came here specially to have a look." "This excuse has been used by countless people in the past few days. You'd better go!" Another man in a black suit sneered. Ruan Qiaoan looked at them coldly: "You go in and say that a man named Ruan Qiaoan has come to see Chairman Lu. He knows whether he should let me in or not. So now I just hope you can help me go in and send a message." "No, no, we Lu always said, now chairman Lu is not very good health, no guests, so you still hurry to leave!"! Otherwise, don't blame us for being rude. Said the bodyguard man who spoke first. Ruan Qiaoan nibbled his lip: "I am your girlfriend, General Manager Lu, and he asked me to come here." "Puff." When the black-clad bodyguard heard this, he sneered, "You said you were an employee of Chairman Lu for a while, grey marble slab ,Artificial Marble Slabs, and now you said you were Lu's girlfriend. Your identity has really changed fast enough." Ruan Qiaoan looked at the two bodyguards in front of her and knew that it was impossible for them to let her pass the message, so she rolled her big eyes and shouted at the top of her voice, "Are you blind?"? I am your general Lu's girlfriend, you go in and tell your chairman Lu, Joann came to see him, he will let me in, now you dare to stop me? If you don't want to do it, I'll go back and tell Ziyan to fire you. Why don't you get out of the way? Do you really want to be expelled? When the two bodyguards in black suits saw Ruan Qiaoan shouting at the top of his voice, both of them were shocked out of a cold sweat. This is the ward of VIP, and those who lie inside are either rich or powerful, and disturbing any one of them will make the two of them suffer. The bodyguard, who was the first to speak, looked menacingly at Ruan Qiaoan and said, "I warn you, this is not a place where you can make a lot of noise, so you'd better shut up and leave quietly, or I'll be rude to you." When another bodyguard saw it, he also stepped forward and gradually approached Ruan Qiaoan, trying to force her out. Ruan Qiaoan's face was not the slightest fear, she calmly stood in place, did not move, but raised a sarcastic smile at the corners of her mouth: "I tell you, now while I'm still talking, you hurry to let me in.". ” "Otherwise, you two can't afford to offend anyone in any ward, so aren't you going to pass it on to me now?" After the two bodyguards listened to Ruan Qiaoan's words, their hearts were also somewhat confused. Although they were afraid, they did not forget that their current employer was Lu Qiangdong. So, now that his employer has not spoken, the two of them are absolutely afraid to let Ruan Qiaoan go in privately, or to communicate for her. The two men looked at each other and tried to pull Ruan Qiaoan out by force, but as soon as they took a step, Lu Qiangdong's voice came from inside. What are you doing out there? Let the woman in! Don't stop me. Lu Qiangdong's slightly weak voice came from inside. Ruan Qiaoan naturally also heard, her heart inside a sneer: "Finally can not pretend to go on?"? I thought I had to wait for a long time! "Go in!" The two bodyguards stood at the door again, then looked at Ruan Qiaoan with displeasure and said. Now that Ruan Qiaoan saw that her goal had been achieved, she did not care what the attitude of the two bodyguards was. She just smiled softly and then lifted her feet and walked toward the door of the ward. What are you looking for me for? Lu Qiangdong managed to prop up his body and looked at Ruan Qiaoan with sharp eyes and asked. Ruan Qiaoan went in, and did not directly answer Lu Qiangdong's question, but looked around the environment inside the ward, because it is a VIP ward, so the environment must be the best, the ward is very clean. After Ruan Qiaoan looked at it, he nodded gently and then looked at Lu Qiangdong: "Chairman Lu deserves to be a rich man. The ward environment is really unusual." Lu Qiangdong saw that Ruan Qiaoan did not answer his question directly, but pulled something else at random. His face was even worse: "Miss Ruan,Pietra Gray Marble, if you don't have anything to say, then please leave." "I am still a patient, but anyone with a little courtesy knows that it is not convenient to talk too much with patients now." Lu Qiangdong took a disdainful look at Ruan Qiaoan and then went straight back to bed.

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