My groom is the King of Hell.

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Let me go, let me go! I want revenge, I want revenge! Shishi, kill her quickly! Hurry and kill her! Chi Tao saw that the female ghost was restrained by me, and his face looked much better in an instant. He kept shouting at me, "Shishi, kill her, kill her!" "Kill me!"! Kill me! Anyway, in this world, good is always rewarded with evil, but evil people can live well! The voice of the female ghost sounded helpless and desperate, which made me feel sad. You kill me, Bessie, you kill me! Let this black and white continue to reverse, good and evil chaos! Hearing the words of the female ghost, I couldn't help looking at her eyes with blood fog. At this time, she also looked at me in an instant, the blood fog in her eyes, a little bit dispersed, soon, like a clear lake, clear to the bottom. Some people say that the eyes are the window of the soul, and a woman with such a pair of clean and clear eyes must not be a heinous person. Her eyes are really very clean, clean and deep, and those eyes are also the easiest to absorb people's souls. Staring at her eyes, I suddenly felt that my soul wanted to rush out of my body. I tried to hold my breath to avoid being captured by the female ghost, but it was too late. I felt that my soul was sucked into the eyes of the female ghost. I struggled desperately to get out of her eyes, but no matter how hard I tried, it was in vain. Around me, it seems that someone is talking, is the voice of two men, the voice of a man, I can recognize, is Chi Tao! I heard another man say something to Chi Tao. Thirty thousand. Chi Tao obviously did not agree with the man's words, he said, sixty thousand, she is so dewy, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, or the first time, sixty thousand is not expensive. Hearing Chi Tao's words, I was so excited that Chi Tao was going to sell me! I tried to open my eyes to stop Chi Tao from continuing to make this dirty deal with that man, but my eyelids were so heavy, like a huge stone, that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't open them. Sixty thousand yuan is too expensive. Besides, I don't have so much money. You see, it's not the first time we've cooperated. Can't you give us a discount? "One price, sixty thousand, not a penny less!" Chi Tao said to the man in a non-negotiable tone. The man did not speak immediately, apparently, he was weighing whether I was worth the price, finally, he gritted his teeth, "well, sixty thousand, who let this little woman look so handsome!"! Big brother, you go back, get a few more beautiful goods for me, the price must be high before! "Well, don't worry, I'll send you another one tomorrow." Chi Tao and the man, then said a lot of words, but I did not hear clearly, because, my head, is really chaotic and uncomfortable, I soon fell asleep again. When I opened my eyes, I found that I was locked in a dark room. I quickly got up from the ground and wanted to leave this place. The moment I got up, I suddenly found a very serious problem, my child was missing! My belly, now looks so flat, where there is a little bit of pregnant appearance! I looked at my belly in disbelief, my baby, where on earth did he go?! With a squeak, the wooden door was pushed open, and a strong young man came up to me rubbing his hands and smiling with a wretched face, "We finally have a wife!" Did Chi Tao sell me to this man?! No, he said "we" have a wife,Porcelain Marble Slabs, Chi Tao, how many men did you sell me to?! Don't worry, the baby is going to be born.

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