Heroes of Europa

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Segolene jumped up to support Ethel, and when she saw her eyes slightly closed and her lips purple, she could not avoid suspicion for a moment, and her hands were able to pull away her nun's plain robe, revealing her rounded shoulders. There were two wounds on her shoulder, like the marks left by snake tene or Bogdan had used this trick, I'm afraid Ethel would have been poisoned to death. When Mammy Gabriella saw that he had saved her beloved disciple's life, she was so grateful that she hurried over and fed her another Sansheng Pill. Then she pressed her wrist and turned around the Zodiac Zhou Tian. Seeing that the True Qi in her body was safe, she was relieved. Seeing this, Janos ordered several maids to prepare an open upper room, helped Ethel over, and called a doctor to take care of him. The three law professors over there are still arguing. Professor Luther said, "Since there is a contract and the scope has not been delimited, it is hard to say that she has violated the rules." Professor Karlsson said,sonicator homogenizer, "What kind of contract? It's just an oral agreement. If the elements are not complete, it can be disposed of by right." Professor Messer blushed with anger and said, "God made a covenant with Cain, but only a little between his eyebrows. Are you going to say that he didn't want everything?" Professor Luther said: "Jurisprudence is still rational, different from theology, not to be confused." Professor Karlsson said proudly, "If it is civil law and criminal law,ultrasonic cutting machine, I will be humble to you. When it comes to commercial law, who can be more complete than the feudal code of Lombardy?" Three people argued for a long time, but to no avail. In fact, there is a lot of discussion in the hall. Some people say that the use of poison in a duel is really despicable, while others say that it is a wheel battle with one against three, and it is nothing for others to use poison. Conrad, the deputy head of the Teutonic Knights, strongly advocated the latter, and he had his own ideas. If even the famous Beguine Society lost the battle, then the defeat of Rongjingen just now would be nothing. Amur laughed and said, "It's a sure thing. There's no need to talk about it.". The Duke of Belgrade is too famous to be a deadbeat. The old Duke did not expect that his side would be defeated twice, and if there was another defeat, his only son would have to go to Antioch as a hostage, and he could not help feeling a little embarrassed. Capistrano then leaned over to him and whispered, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, "In this situation, the young master must not be allowed to play.". I'll send more men, and if we lose, we'll rush in and take the three messengers and the dancers. With so many good Jianghu players present, they can't escape. The old Duke frowned. "In this way, I will become an unfaithful person who disobeys the seven virtues of the knight." Capistrano said, "You just don't know anything about it. I'm responsible for everything." "No," said the old prince resolutely! I have always been honest. If I break my promise, how can I boast that I am a white shield knight in the future? I, the Hunyati people, must not be ashamed of this. Capistrano wanted to say something else. The old prince pushed him away, stepped forward, and said in a loud voice, "You have won the second battle." "You are indeed the Duke of Stone," said Amur. "You really keep your word. Amanda doesn't need to rest either. You should decide on the third candidate quickly. He glanced at Janos and said with a smile, "Oh, Master Janos, you might as well pack your bags at this time." Since the old prince had spoken, no one could say anything more. Only the three professors were still arguing, but no one paid any attention to them. When Janos heard Amur's provocative words, he was so angry that he orht hand slightly and beckoned Romulus to come over and said, "You go and get ready to play." Romulus hesitated for a few minutes, and at this time, he was suspected of taking advantage of the danger of others. But the teacher's order was hard to disobey, so he had to secretly transport his internal force and regulate his breathing. Rosemary had been slapped by Segolena and had not yet recovered. She said softly, "Elder Martial Sister, do you think Elder Martial Brother can defeat that woman?" Cherie snorted coldly and said disdainfully, "What is that woman? How can she be Big Brother's opponent?" "But the sister of the Beguine Society has also retreated," said Rosemary. "That's because she's not good at learning," said Cherie. "No one else is to blame." They escorted Beguine all the way to Belgrade. Cherie was always angry when she saw that both her master and brother respected Ethel. At this time, she was quite happy to see that she had suffered a great loss in public. Romulus breathed a little and stepped into the field. Just as he was about to speak, a man next to him shouted, "Let me fight you in the third battle!" Romulus didn't expect anyone else to take his lead. He looked back and saw a thin young man with a wide-brimmed hood standing out. He recognized the man who had been sitting next to Mother Gabriella and had just saved Ethel in a clever way, but he did not realize that it was the young thief who had fought with him in front of the chapel a few days ago. It was dark, and he was not impressed by Segolena's appearance. Amur looked at Segolena and laughed. "There is really no one in Europa. How can we send all the women and children to fight?" Provenzano frowned, thinking that the Beguine Society had just recommended Mammy as your disciple, but was still defeated. How could he send someone again. When Mammy Gabriella saw that Provenzano's expression was not harmonious, she knew that he was discontented. She said,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, "This young swordsman is a member of the mendicant Sangha. He just walks with the old man, but he is not a subordinate of the Beguine Society." Capistrano's eyes shone when he heard the Dervish's name, but he was too cautious by nature to say much. fycgsonic.com

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