Days with ghosts

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I was about to close my eyes, ready to accept the truth, when suddenly, the woman in red, whose face I had never seen, floated in. Although she was very close, I still couldn't see her face. Her hair looked terrible. She stretched out a pair of hands. Her nails were cold and cold. She grabbed the man. I was afraid. I stared at the man and said, "Ghost, ghost!" There is a female ghost behind you. The man said, "Hum, it's no use for you to scare me. You can't escape from my palm." The man wanted to stop my mouth with his mouth. My head was leaning back desperately against the wall. Seeing that he was going to stick to my mouth, the ghost's nails touched his neck. Maybe because the nails were cold, the man felt it. He tried to push them away. After touching the nails, he felt wrong. He turned his face and immediately let out a scream of fear. I took the opportunity to squat. Escaping from the man's control, I saw the female ghost sneering and hugging the man. The man was so frightened that he trembled all over. A scream came from his mouth. I didn't dare to look. I quickly fled the toilet and went to the room. I heard the man in the back screaming again and again. If I were normal, I would go to save him. Now I can't protect myself. I can't take care of him. I went into the room, closed the door and hid in the quilt. I was still afraid for a long time. About ten minutes later, I heard someone making a noise in the corridor. I was not so afraid. Out of curiosity,ultrasonic dispersing machine, I opened the door again and saw nurses, nurses and doctors hurrying to the toilet. I wanted to see how the man was, so I followed him. As soon as I entered the corridor, I saw the red ghost coming towards me. I was so frightened that I leaned against the wall. When the ghost passed me, Sent out a string of laughter, quickly disappeared at the end of the corridor, I felt that the laughter only I heard,ultrasonic spray nozzle, because those people are walking to the toilet, no one noticed the female ghost, if heard, saw, I do not believe they will not be afraid. After the female ghost left, I followed him and saw the male nurses dragging the man out. The man had clothes on his upper body, but his lower body was naked. He was weak and let the men drag him forward. When he passed me, his eyes showed fear, as if I were the female ghost in red. He said to me, "Ghost." Then I was dragged away by them. I saw little nurse Xue walking behind me. I called out softly to nurse Xue. Then little nurse Xue saw me and said, "Writer Qian, why don't you sleep and still wander around here? If it hadn't been for the accident, they would have caught you and tied you up again." I said, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, "Nurse Xue, what are you doing? What's wrong with that man?" Nurse Xue sighed and said, "Oh, that man, ah, is the son-in-law of a real estate tycoon in this city. He used to work under his father-in-law and did a very good job. Although the daughter of the tycoon is not beautiful, she is not ugly either. The husband and wife also love each other. Who knows that one day, the son-in-law dated a man and was caught by his wife. After all, a man depends on his wife to make a fortune." He promised his wife that he would never do that again, but a few days later, the boy he had a relationship with died and his body was fished out of the river. The man knew that his father-in-law was born in the underworld. Naturally, he suspected that his father-in-law had done it. He went home and made a scene with his father-in-law, saying that he would thoroughly investigate the matter. A few days later, he was sent here. His father-in-law wanted to destroy him. He was not a madman when he came. Just now he danced in the toilet and was disgusting. He did a lot of indecent things. It was probably crazy. It was a pity. Just then, Director Liu ferociously shouted to this side: "Xue Meizhu, why don't you come over and talk to a madman? Are you crazy, too? I don't know someone here is waiting for you to inject the liquid medicine.". ” Director Liu finished and looked at me ferociously. I hurried into my room. I wanted to ask Xue what my pen name was, so that I could check what kind of supernatural novel I had written and whether I had written all my experiences. I thought, if it was all my experiences, then I was really confused. Could it be that I was the author? The golden lark I saw was just my hallucination. Even Suzuki in Japan and my body in Japan were just things in the novel. Everything was illusory. I, in fact, was just this person now, a writer of supernatural novels. However, what happened to me in the toilet and the female ghost I saw were also my hallucination? But what about the man who tried to harm me just now? If the ghost is an illusion, who saved me just now? I don't think about it. I think if I think about it again, maybe I will really go crazy. I had turned off the light and was lying in bed, thinking about it, when suddenly I heard the door being pushed open gently, and a dark shadow came in. It was better to say that he was moving than walking, because he had no footsteps at all. I was a little nervous and a little scared. I didn't know whether the dark shadow was my fantasy or real. I had no ability to resist, so I could only passively close my eyes and pretend to sleep. I felt that the man was in front of me. He was staring at me. I opened my eyes a little and finally saw the man clearly. That man was not a ghost. He was my so-called cousin, Director Liu. He held a syringe in his hand and was ready to give me an injection. He said in his mouth: "Hum, you should have got up in the morning because of the injection in the evening. I didn't expect that you had a strong ability to resist drugs. It seems that I have to change your medicine." Jiang Wan to his man to take medicine you all know, you are really powerful, do not solve you, absolutely unfavorable to me and Jiang Wan, also unfavorable to my cousin, who told you to say things out, you want to die, can not blame me. When he finished, he picked up my hand. I quickly said, "Cousin,ultrasonic molten metal, no. I promise I won't say anything casually. Please, don't give me an injection. If your cousin wants to divorce me, I'll sign it. Please let me go." 。

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