Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine

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Maybe the phrase'wait for me to come back 'is just a thought left to Mu Qianyue, a reason for her to live. Master! You can't let Nalanjing die in vain! Mu Rutian's eyes were slightly red, and although sometimes he was jealous of Nalanjing, he had already regarded him as a good friend in his heart. To avenge him? But Yan Qingya is dead, who did she go to for revenge? Mu Qianyue's expression was dull, her eyes were empty, she reached out and stroked her flat lower abdomen, and finally slowly squatted down and buried her head in her knees. Now she knew that without him, her life would have no meaning, no color, no vitality. He's everything to her! How is she going to live? The wind is howling and cold. The huge hall of dreams behind him looked even more lonely and desolate. Mother, don't cry. Daddy won't die. Just then, suddenly a baby's tender voice sounded in my mind. Hearing this, Mu Qianyue suddenly raised her head, her face full of doubt and shock. "Who are you?" "Mother, I am your child." The voice continued to ring. Then, a blood-red light came into her mind and stood quietly in her divine consciousness. Blood spirit flower! It was the little person who was sleeping soundly in the middle of the blood spirit flower that spoke! "It's you!" Mu Qianyue said in surprise. Mother, you can rest assured, I can feel that Dad is not dead,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, he is not to say that you wait for him to come back? He will be able to come back! Mother, you are now in the palace of dreams. The voice of the blood spirit flower continues to ring, the voice of milk is very pleasant to hear, like the sounds of nature, instantly brushed away the sadness in the heart of Mu Shallow Moon. Thinking of Nalanjing's last words, Mu Qianyue stood up, reached out to wipe away the tears from her eyes,ultrasonic cutting machine, and walked slowly towards the Hall of Dreams. Because the blood spirit flower did not expose itself in front of everyone, those conversations were also carried out in the heart, so when everyone saw Mu Qianyue so quickly out of sadness, to the palace of dreams, the eyes could not help showing a slight surprise. Even Mo Shangfeng Ling and Mu Rutian have some doubts, but also a sigh of relief, in any case, the little girl is finally open! "Humph!"! I thought I loved him so much that I went to look for treasure so soon! Xiao Lanyan disdained to hum coldly, with a mocking and contemptuous look in her eyes. Then she glanced at the air of nothingness. Oh, how many excellent men died like this. For the first time in her life, she fell in love at first sight, and it was gone. What a pity! Hum, to blame can only blame his own lack of insight, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic generator driver, do not know good or bad, if he is a little bit better to himself, she will not go to help Yan Qingya. After Mu Qianyue entered the hall of dreams, everyone did not leave, but waited in place, because they were curious about what treasures Mu Qianyue would get there. Although they can not enter the palace of dreams, but can wait here, waiting for her to come out, just grab it. After all, the treasure inside is too precious, who doesn't want to get it? Moshang Fengling and Murutian also waited in place, but this time, their eyes showed the color of worry, these people are eyeing covetously here. Sima Zhao's heart is known to all! "What do you two mean by helping two humans just now?" The ancient giant elephant demon man said angrily. His eyes round stare, a face of displeasure looking at the two magic men in front of him, just now is the two of them to block Yan Qingya, otherwise this will Mu shallow moon may also die. However, although Mu Qianyue did not die, but her husband died, let her lose the person she loved most, is also a revenge! This is more hateful than killing her directly! "We can help whoever we want." A magic man disdained to hum and raised his eyes to stare coldly at the ancient giant elephant. Star Shadow, don't forget that you are Warcraft and they are human beings! Humans and Warcraft are implacable. Do you think if you help humans, they will remember you? The ancient giant elephant said angrily. There was a touch of coldness on the cold face of the star shadow. "So what?"? I never need them to remember my kindness. ” "Well, it seems that you are going to help the human race and make an enemy of us." The face of the ancient giant elephant was full of anger. In that case, we might as well kill them both. Thinking about it, he turned his head and glanced at his companion beside him. His eyes were shining and his murderous look was surging. When his two companions saw his signal, they surrounded the two of them. Chapter 948 past and present life [2]. The star's expression was slightly cold, and the fingers under the sleeve were gently clenched. Do you want to fight? I'm just itching now. If you don't mind, count me in! Just then, a strange voice sounded beside him. And me. The star shadow turned to look, only to see Mu Rutian and Mo Shang Fengling two people came over. Ancient giant elephant three magic people, see the star shadow they suddenly came to two helpers, not by a cold hum, back to the side, obviously they know at this moment, a little uneconomical. If you are seriously injured in the battle, you will lose the chance to fight for the treasure in the dream palace. Seeing that the three ancient giant elephants had retreated, Mu Rutian looked up at the star shadow and said, "Thank you two for your help just now. I'm Mu Rutian. This is my friend, the wind chimes on the road." Just now the two magic men suddenly came to help, he was very surprised, do not understand why the two magic men would come to help themselves and the wind chimes. The eyes of the wind chimes on the road are full of shock and doubt. My name is Star Shadow,ultrasonic welding transducer, and this is my brother Nebula. Star Shadow Road. Can I ask a question? There is a trace of curiosity in the fundus of the wind chimes on the road. There was a kind smile on Xingying's cold face. "You must want to ask why we two would help you?" Mo Shang Feng Ling and Mu Ru Tian nodded together. I'm sorry, I can't tell you, but I can tell you very clearly that our two brothers will not be against you. Xing Ying Dao.

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