The princess is seven years old.

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Only a hard twist on her body, motioned her to look behind, here is the Chengde Palace, in front of the emperor so no rules, then her former good image is not all gone? Xuanyuan Hao's spirit, because just now Zheng Jier this makes trouble, a little better. Although his body seemed extremely weak, his mind could still work normally. So it's not hard to guess what happened. In this way, if we really punish the little fox heavily, it seems that there is some injustice. It is an instinct for animals to spray poison to protect themselves when their lives are threatened. This can make it difficult for the emperor. Little girl, come here and come to me. Xuanyuan Hao waved to Su Yueyue. She stepped forward and came to him, staring at Xuanyuan Hao with some curiosity, "Your Majesty, are you ill?" Xuanyuan Hao smiled and nodded, "If I punish your little pet, will you blame me?" "Xiaoyueyue did nothing wrong, and those who did wrong should be punished." Su Yueyue tightened Xiao Yueyue's arms again, as if she were afraid of being taken away by the emperor. Looking at the emperor again, his eyes, it seems that there is no clear moon in the past, is it because of the relationship between illness, the emperor's eyes, unexpectedly began to chaos? "Who do you think should be punished?" Xuanyuan Hao stretched out his hand, pulled her little body lightly, and stroked her little head. He loved the little princess he had chosen himself. Of course it's her. She shouldn't have bullied Xiao Yueyue first. Su Yueyue stretched out her hand and pointed directly at Zheng Jier. Zheng Jier knelt down hurriedly at the queen's signal: "Your Majesty is wise. Jill just wanted to play with Fox when she saw that Fox was cute. The needle was just in her hand. Unexpectedly,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, it jumped straight up and accidentally pierced its flesh." "Your Majesty, at any rate, Jill is wounded." The queen also agreed to say. Xuanyuan Hao did not utter a word to his side all the time. He just looked at Su Xiaoying, who was supporting him gently. "My beloved concubine, how do you think this matter should be decided?" "Everything is up to the emperor." Su Xiaoying leaned over, "if I open my mouth, I'm afraid I'm suspected of protecting myself." Xuanyuan Hao nodded in praise. In this way, Su Xiaoying, whom Xuanyuan Hao loved, was never disturbed by these trifles in the palace. She was the most elegant holy lotus by the lotus pond, swaying with the wind, leaving a faint fragrance for him alone. In this way, she also makes herself more and more distressed. Because of the little princess, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he really struggled many times in his heart. He wondered why she insisted that the little princess was not her own flesh and blood. At present, it seems that she is still that Xiao Ying, so that he Xuanyuan Hao is willing to do everything in exchange for her sincere treatment of Xiao Ying. Reach out and tap her little hand twice. He got up and wanted to announce the result of the matter. But his body shook twice, his eyes darkened, and he fainted. Su Xiaoying and others panicked, and the palace was in a mess. Seeing this, Grandfather Yang shouted in a shrill voice, "Hurry up and come to Xuan Wang's doctor!" Su Yueyue stepped forward and wanted to see what was going on, but was blocked by the queen. "You walk away with your little fox in your arms. If it gets mad again and bites the emperor, it's a capital crime!" Xuanyuan Che knows this matter seems to be somewhat strange, why the emperor's brother will be so seriously ill, the imperial doctors are unable to find out why? Is it difficult for someone to dare to tamper with the emperor? "Don't touch the emperor's brother any more. We'll make a decision when the doctor comes." Calm atmosphere forward, the queen squeezed away, leaving Su Xiaoying standing on the side of the dragon couch, "We do not know how to treat patients, crowded here at this time, will only do a disservice." She took the opportunity to wink at Su Yueyue. She quietly bypassed the queen and scurried into Xuanyuan Che's side. She took the opportunity to hold the emperor's wrist and examine it carefully. The pulse is very weak, and if you want to determine whether the emperor is ill or other reasons, you have to open his eyelids. Wang Ye, is the emperor asleep? Su Yueyue blinked her big eyes and asked softly. Xuanyuan Che stroked her little head and said softly, "Don't make trouble, Yueyue. The emperor's brother is not feeling well. Take a rest first.". ” "But the result of the judgment just now has not come out yet. How can the emperor sleep?" Su Yueyue did not comply, stretched out his little hand, lifted Xuanyuan Hao's eyelids, and sure enough, some dark red blood. Bold Princess Rui, what are you doing? Seeing this, the queen pushed Su Xiaoying to her side. Fortunately, Xuanyuan Sheng saw this and took her in time. Su Xiaoying was so surprised that she quickly stood firm and retreated a few steps to avoid touching the eyes of Xuanyuan Sheng. Is the dragon body of the emperor something you can touch if you want to? The queen was furious and glared at her. Su Yueyue stuck out her tongue at her, "I touched it, too." After that, he quickly hid behind Xuanyuan Che, showing only half of his small head. The imperial physician was hurried by the palace people. After feeling Xuanyuan Hao's pulse, he said in a deep voice, "It's still the old problem. The emperor's dragon body always seems to be less than the spirit. It must have been due to excessive work that led to the deficiency of Qi and blood and fainted." "Do you mean that the emperor needs complete rest in his present condition?"? Can't anything come to disturb it? The queen turned her head and asked softly. Royal doctor nods: "Be this meaning." "When on earth will the emperor's condition get better?" Su Xiaoying anxiously asked, if the emperor has been like this, then her baby, is not forever hopeless to enter the palace, back to her side? "The emperor needs to be completely calm now. He can't be stimulated by anything. Whether he is sad or happy, he will faint if he goes a little too far." The doctor stroked his long beard and raised his voice. Can't the emperor cry or laugh? Su Yueyue came out from the side of Xuanyuan Che and asked in puzzlement that the imperial doctor was lying, that the emperor's symptoms were not so bad at all, and that he did not need such delicate care. That's exactly it. The doctor nodded. Did you all hear the doctor's words clearly? "The emperor's health is getting worse and worse,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and the affairs of the court will require the attention of the princes." The queen raised her head, threw her long sleeves, and had the noble demeanor of the mother instrument. She saluted Xuanyuan Sheng and Xuanyuan Che.

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