The Mystery of the Dark Ghost Hidden Around Us: Bewitching Love

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The more I thought about it, the more afraid I was, the more confused I was. It turned out that the bodyguard who followed me like a shadow every day was an inhuman killer! But in extreme fear at the same time I feel wrong, since the summer does not regret is the son of the day poison, he had so many opportunities to kill me and take away my blood stone, but why he not only did not lay hands on me, but also twice desperately saved me, since he wanted to get the blood stone and close to me, why my jewelry shop was stolen that day he switched the blood stone and took the initiative to return it to me? Also, if Xia does not regret being the son of Tiandu, then who is Qiuhan? Besides, Song Zijian and Xia Buhui are good friends, he will not be unaware of it! With all kinds of doubts, I went to Song Zijian's lawyer's office to get from him about Xia's life experience and background. Song Zijian told me that Xia Buhui was introduced to him by his father, lawyer Song. At that time, Xia Buhui worked as a security guard in Song's lawyer's office. After Song's lawyer was assassinated, Xia did not regret to protect Song Zijian closely. Song Zijian often offended some villains because of lawsuits,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and would naturally be retaliated. Xia did not regret to rescue him several times, and got Song Zijian's trust, so they became good friends. Since I opened a jewelry store, Song Zijian recommended Xia Buhui to me. Xia Buhui is a man who doesn't like to talk. He seldom mentions his life experience in front of Song Zijian. Song Zijian also knows from his father that Xia Buhui's hometown is in a remote border town in Yunnan. Moreover, Xia Buhui's parents died when he was young. It is for this reason that Song Zijian is worried that it will bring up Xia's sadness, so Xia doesn't regret not to say, and Song doesn't have the nerve to ask more. When Song Zijian said this,PET blow moulding machine, I was even more confused. Xia Buzhen has become an enigmatic figure in my heart. I told Song Zijian all the doubts in my heart. Song Zijian could not tell what was going on. As for whether Xia Buzhen was the real murderer, Song Zijian said he would do further investigation. For this reason, Song Zijian and I went to the Shancheng Public Security Bureau and found Zhao Dahu, the chief of the criminal investigation team. After listening to our ideas, Zhao Dahu revealed such a situation to us. He said that on the night of Xiaoli's accident, the public security personnel received a report call from Xiaoli's mother using her own home phone. But Xia did not regret saying that the call for help that Xiao Li made to him was a strange mobile phone number, but the owner of the mobile phone number was a leader of the Tiandu gang, who had been shot dead by the police officers a few days ago for resisting arrest. According to this cell phone number, Zhao Dahu found a murder and drug trafficking gang hidden in the mountain city. This murder and drug trafficking gang is very likely to be Xia Buhui's accomplice. Even if the serial murder case in the mountain city was not done by Xia Buhui himself, it is entirely possible that he ordered people to do it. As for Xia Buzhen saved me twice, Zhao Dahu's explanation was that Xia Buzhen had arranged a bitter plan in advance. He was acting in front of me to win my trust. His purpose was to lurk around me for a long time to commit crimes, and no one would think it was him! Zhao Dahu's argument is very reasonable, liquid bottle filling machine ,CSD filling line, not to mention that they have so much evidence, now as long as they dig out the murder gang hidden behind Xia Buzhen, they can convict him! Coming out of the Public Security Bureau, I felt empty in my heart. On the way home from Song Zijian, I didn't say a word, and I didn't know what to say. When I got home, I went straight upstairs and locked myself in my room to think. Xia Guo called me several times outside the door, but I ignored him. I have been thinking about a question in my heart, why before I did not inherit the huge property of my parents, I and Qiuhan and Xiaguo lived in poverty, but we lived happily, and the three of us have been living in peace for more than ten years. But since we had money, so many unexpected things happened. First, there was an inexplicable knock on the door in the middle of the night in my small building. I once suspected that it was Xia Guo's ghost, but Xia Guo was not at home at that time. Then Qiu Han had an accident, and when we were about to get married, then my child was lost, this series of things seemed to be accidents, but I vaguely felt that someone had done something in the dark, this person was most likely Xia Guo, but I had no evidence! So I only began to play dumb under the cover of grief, but so far, I still haven't caught the evidence that Xia Guo framed me and Qiu Han! Section 41: Chapter 8 Death Information (6) The appearance of Xia Buhui is an accident for me. I can feel that Xia Buhui is an introverted and a little sad man, which may be related to his life experience. But he said in front of me that day in the suburban cemetery that the haunted events in my small building were all done by him. First, he secretly took the wedding photos of me and Qiuhan when I married Xiaguo. Then, he dressed up as a headless Qiuhan when I married Xiaguo. He also put the zinnia in front of Qiuhan's tombstone in my hall. He said that he did so because he loved me. He didn't want me to be Xia Guo's wife, but at that time he hadn't been my bodyguard, that is to say, if Xia didn't regret it, I didn't know him at that time! Qiu Han had an accident two years ago, and Xia did not regret it until two years ago. Are they the same person? I already know that Qiuhan is the orphan saved by Grandpa Xia, and this orphan is the son of the killer Tiandu, so Xia does not regret it, who is he? I don't know Xia Guo seldom let me go out after Xia Buzhen was caught. During the day, I did business with him in the shop, and at night he never left the small building to protect me. Because of his busy business, Xia Guo did not follow me like Xia Buhui, but I could see that he was very concerned about my jewelry store and my safety. Song Zijian told me that there was a big problem with Xia Buzhen's killing. In other words, he didn't believe that Xia Buzhen was a killer. That day,Vegetable oil filling machine, in front of Xia Guo, he deliberately said that he had doubts about Xia Buzhen. Maybe he didn't want Xia Guo to know what he was thinking. Although he didn't tell me what he suspected, I still hoped that he could find out the truth.

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