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This temple warrior, 50 people in a group, kill clean, will come out again 50, before and after 40 times, exactly 2000. The ranks of these temple warriors are not getting stronger and stronger. They are all from D to C. However, the arms that appeared later were more complicated, and the coordination of attacks became closer and closer, and it would be more and more difficult to kill them. Jiang Yan thought of a problem, which happened to be a template for team fighting. These temple warrior, the rank has not promoted, the equipment has not promoted, because coordinates the change, the combat effectiveness will continue to increase. Five people to 50, the number of people is a disadvantage, the temple space, and enough for 50 people to change the formation, adjust the attack rhythm and angle. Camoraca, the gold-robed priest, had cold eyes, not the anger of the gold-robed priest he had seen last time. As soon as Jiang Yan's heart moved, the old man in the weapons shop said that Camoraca had fallen and wanted to purify himself. Is this gold-robed priest any different? When the temple warriors came out 20 waves, Jiang Yan and these people could not stand it. In order to deal with the golden priest, everyone's great skill is left here, but the 50 temple warriors are as fierce as the medicine. When Jiang Yan hesitated whether to consume Wuqinzhen Gang to fight, there was a quarrel outside, and then the sound of weapon collision. The covenanter in the space city is coming again. It was Hu Ge and others who argued with them. Today, the people of the city of miracles did not come to harass,water bottle packaging machine, these people of the space city, found that Jiang Yan's team in the attack temple, they want to come to intervene. Jiang Yan knew that after seeing his own means last time, these people would not have come to provoke if they did not have new reliance. Brother Hu, let them in. Jiang Yan in the temple, loudly tunnel. Hu Ge hesitated for a moment, then let go of the entrance, and teams of foot knights came in. Jiang Yan glanced, happy, really is to reinforcements,liquid bottle filling machine, into the temple without war knights is fifty, behind two magicians, two priests, and a man wearing a crown. This man is definitely the C-level peak strength, and the crown on his head, in the pupil of the rosefinch, is colorful. Chapter 375 killing you without discussion. Last time I lost more than fifty thousand survival points to Jiang Yan, a rune priest, cocky, said to Jiang Yan who had retired from a distance: "Get out of the way, let's purify these evil souls!" Jiang Yan laughed and said, "Please, please, please!" As he spoke, he had withdrawn from the range of the temple warrior's attack, and fifty foot knights rushed up and fell in a twinkling of an eye. In the hands of the temple warriors, nothing more than swords, shields, crossbows and spears. Better equipped foot knights, water filling machine ,bottle blowing machine, but under a touch, four died. The man wearing the crown looked coldly at Jiang Yan and said, "How did you.." "Why don't we die for you? You want to purify them. I give you a chance. You want to command me. What are you?" Jiang Yan scolded back without hesitation. Good. Talk to me like that. The man nodded, Jiang Yan ashamed, his words, it seems that there is no clown that kind of killing power. As if the clown's provocation is a skill, the other side will always be intolerable. The two priests hurried to heal, and the magicians behind them released their magic one by one, which stabilized the situation. Just the fight between the two sides, always see blood, even if there are priests in town, there are still constant foot battle knights were killed. The man wearing the crown looked at the battle coldly and had no intention of making a move. The two priests kept healing their teammates, and the armor of the foot knights, which released brilliance, had a vague divinity. Jiang Yan saw that these armors were made by the contractor himself. Space city is not without capable people. These armors are exquisitely made. Almost no special metals are used, that is, steel, copper, and a small amount of rare earths. Armor is cast by modern techniques, and then attached to magic. There is no attachment to the magic, as long as people with faith wear it, they can stimulate the above magic runes and magic array. This armor limits the user's occupation, but it can be manufactured on a large scale and at a low cost. I thought this set would cost hundreds of thousands of survival points, but now it seems that it's not bad to use three or five thousand. The cost of this armor is all on the attached magic, and the addition of magic is inspired by the effect of magic. That is to say, it is not covered by the skill of refining magic. Such armor, used several times, will be re-enchanted. But the way of enchantment is that the magician fixes the magic on the armor and waits for it to be stimulated. Really wonderful idea, as long as the faith is still there, this armor is a set of silver equipment. In this space city, it is estimated that there are already mechanical and chemical plants, which can manufacture equipment on a large scale. The durability of the equipment may not be high, but the price will be surprisingly cheap. In this way, there will be countless cannon fodder fighters. The growth of indigenous people is extremely fast, and they will continue to move from one space to another. The ruins of some cities were simply occupied by the aborigines and became chaotic cities. The inhabitants here, who often migrate, once the number is too large, will migrate to the cities of the covenanters. The covenanters could command these natives to become soldiers, believers, or rebels. Genius, it seems, is not rare, but many geniuses have no chance. Infinite space, give anyone a chance, as long as you grasp, you can shine. Jiang Yan sighed, but also knew that these white people could not kill the gold-robed priests. He calmly watched the battle, the man wearing the crown wanted to drive Jiang Yan, see Jiang Yan and others stare back viciously, and some hesitation. After all, there are a group of people outside, all yellow monkeys. Thinking of this, the crown man and the magician whispered something, the magician nodded, released a message magic, and in the church to the west, another fifty foot knights came out and went straight to the temple. Step knights and magicians, priests are getting closer and closer, but in Jiang Yan's view, there are still many loopholes, if not for the man wearing a crown from time to time split a sword,juice filling machine, with great strength, will destroy the formation of the temple warriors, now step knights are almost dead.

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