Legend of the Great Banner Heroes

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Under the pearlescent light, Tieqingjian suddenly remembered a man and said in a trembling voice, "You.." You Do you remember who I am? "Who are you from Brother Tie Yi?" Tie Zhongtang suddenly stood up and said in a harsh voice, "What face do you have to call my father Big Brother? For the sake of property, you have the heart to poison him and make him disabled. If it weren't for you, he wouldn't have died at the hands of others.." With a livid complexion, he said, "You.." Wrong, I.. Tie Zhongtang shouted angrily, "Wrong?"? Hum, you said it all yourself. Do you still want to deny it? Tieqingjian suddenly straightened his chest and said in a loud voice, "Yes, I did poison him. From childhood to adulthood, I lived under his control all the time. I was almost overwhelmed by him. When I had the chance, I would resist. But I never killed him. It was just-" "You didn't kill him yourself, but he died because of you." "What are you going to do?" "I will kill you to avenge my father!" "Anyone can attack me, but you can't!" "Why can't I?" "Don't forget that I'm always your own uncle. As a disciple of the Great Flag School, how dare you go against ethics?" Tiezhongtang stayed for a while, knowing that the most severe commandment in the gate is: "Do not collaborate with the enemy and betray the division, and do not violate ethics." Livid eyes followed the look on his face, and a sinister smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Suddenly saw a figure in front of a flower,Edible oil filling machine, water Lingguang has stood in front of him: "I..." Can I kill you? "Of course you can kill me," said Tieqingjian with a sneer. "But you're no match for me. If you don't believe me, you can have a try." The voice has not finished, hears outside the cave suddenly to spread the gloomy sneer, a withered voice: "I first try!" " As soon as the voice rose, Shuilingguang turned pale and trembled. Tieqingjian and Tiezhongtang were also frightened and turned pale with panic. Then, a series of "ding, ding" sounds,juice filling machine, from far to near. Shui Lingguang's complexion is as pale as paper. A flash of pearlescent light, a shadow of tiny flowers. A withered and ugly old woman, leaning on two bamboo sticks in her hands, touched the ground with bamboo branches and flew into the air, looking at her like a dove witch. Shui Lingguang said in a trembling voice, "Niang.." Shui Rou Song said coldly, "Do you still remember my mother?"? All right! She glanced at Tiezhongtang and immediately turned her eyes to Tieqingjian. "Tieqingjian," she said in a deep voice, "do you still remember me?" Tieqingjian shook his head and said, "I'm really clumsy." "Have you forgotten your old friend of twenty years?" He could not remember how many times in his life he had seen such an ugly woman. Do you remember twenty years ago, that stormy night, in the peach blossom forest, among the colorful fallen flowers.. You.. You Are you Shui Rou Song? Shui Rou Song smiled and said, "You still remember me!" It was all right if she didn't smile, but when she smiled, Beverage packing machine ,PET bottle Mold, she was even more ugly. Tiezhongtang and Shuilingguang looked at each other, but they didn't think that Shuirou Song and Tieqingjian were recognized. What made Tiezhongtang even more strange was Shuirou Song's eyes at the moment. Her eyes contained a kind of memory of the past, the memory of old things, sad repentance, deep-seated hatred. The light that comes from the blending of many emotions. "I know you still remember me, but you don't recognize me, do you?" She said slowly, gazing at the pale livid paper with this look. I.. I "Twenty years ago, you knelt before me and said that I was the most beautiful and gentle woman you had ever seen in your life." She closed her eyelids slowly, as if she were immersed in the beautiful memories of the past. Suddenly she opened her eyes and burst out laughing. "But now that I've become the ugliest woman in the world, you won't recognize me anymore!" She leaned on the palm of the bamboo stick and trembled violently. She laughed wildly and said, "Twenty years, less than twenty years, the changes in the world have been so great. Twenty years ago, your life fell into my hands. I only hated that I listened to your sweet words. Not only did I spare your life, but I also accompanied you for two days in the peach blossom forest. Today, twenty years later, you fell into my hands again." What more can you say! The livid paper turned its eyes and suddenly heard the black star sneer at the gloomy sky: "Who am I? It's Mrs. Sheng here." Shui Rou sang, "Black Star Sky, don't say anything!" "Mrs. Sheng," said Hei Xingtian, "I miss you all the time. Why don't you kill him and go with my younger brother to see him?" Livid Jian threw himself on his knees and said, "Rou Song, I am also thinking of you all the time. Although your face has changed, my heart has never changed." "He lied to you, Mrs. Sheng," Black Star snapped. "He.." Shui Rou Song suddenly snapped, "Shut up!" His eyes slowly swept over Tiezhongtang, Tieqingjian, and Hei Xingtian, and he said with a sneer, "I've heard a lot of sweet words from your men." Pointing to the black starry sky with her bamboo stick, she said, "You are the worst thing. In the past year, you knew that Sheng Cunxiao couldn't have children, so you wanted to cheat me. You couldn't cheat me, so you went to Aunt Sheng to provoke me. I remember all these accounts clearly. I can't forgive you today!" When the word "you" was out of her mouth, her bamboo stick suddenly sank and fell on the chest of the Black Star Sky. The Black Star Sky immediately gave a tragic cry and died. Then she pointed her bamboo stick at Tiezhongtang and said, "You!"! You tricked my daughter into not even wanting her mother, and I'm going to kill you even more, you villain! Shui Lingguang said in a trembling voice, "Niang.." Shui Rou Song's bamboo stick pointed to the livid paper and said, "What about you? You lied to me and made me fall into such a situation. It's not enough for me to kill you to vent my anger." "You can't kill me, and my daughter won't promise you!" "Who is your daughter?" Tieqingjian's finger suddenly pointed to Shuilingguang and shouted, "She!" With an exclamation of surprise, Shui Lingguang stepped back several steps and leaned against the stone wall. Tiezhongtang was also in a panic, because all these changes were greater than wonderful, and everything happened beyond his expectation. "Sheng Cunxiao can't give birth to a child,water bottling line," added the livid note. "Naturally, the child is mine. You and I have been married for one night, and our kindness lasts for ten thousand nights. Do you have the heart to kill me?" 。 gzxilinear.com

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