Selected works of Gao Xiaosheng

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However, Lao Fang is a mental worker, strong will, such a poor body, why not listen to Lao Liu's words, exercise, should be good for health ah! He is the youngest and most successful one among us. Idy, was beaten into seven meat and eight vegetables. From then on, he was unable to recover. At first, he persisted in reform through labor, doing odd jobs at school, from cleaning toilets to pulling carts. Later, when he lay down, he was thought to be pretending to be dead, and he was punished to stand in the world of ice and snow to plead guilty until he lost consciousness. After that, he often suffered from asthma, and soon found out that his heart was not very good. Naturally,micro gear motor, it was pulmonary heart disease. He did not understand the severity of pulmonary heart disease, and had never learned to take care of himself in his life. Once he was asked to work, he worked hard. When he fell ill, he was so breathless that he could not lie down, so he simply prepared lessons or corrected homework, often staying up almost all night. It was really painful to see. In the past two years, I have been happy in spirit, and I have been working hard. Sometimes when I get up in the middle of the night to relieve myself, I always see that the light in his room is still on. When I get close to the glass window, I see that he is still buried in his homework,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and the sound of "chirping" in his throat rings out of the window. I said with pity, "Lao Fang, you don't want to die. Why don't you have a rest?" He says: "Almost good, sleep to sleep." But he doesn't start. However, I saw that sometimes he pushed the door and went in (he never bolted the door, his wife did women's work in a neighboring county, and it was rare for her to go home), and the composition book was not allowed to be approved. He is busy grab, laughing to say: "You see you see, this student thinks interesting, but won't write." Of course, I refused to be fooled and simply put out the lamp. He could not resist me. With a sigh, he sat down on the bed and said, "Sleep, sleep." Then he coughed and gasped and said, "These students are about to graduate from high school. Their compositions are not smooth and they have a lot of wrong characters. They have missed the time like us. If we don't hurry up, what will we do in the future?" I am moved very much, work way: "You also should think for oneself, the body breaks down again, 12v High Torque Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, how to do?" My words are totally useless. Not only did he not correct it, but after his "internally determined Rightist" misjudged case was corrected in December last year, during the whole winter vacation, he hardly went out of the door and wrote on his desk all day and night. Asked what he was doing, he was shy at first and refused to say. Later, he told me that he was writing a novel reflecting school life. He wanted to move students with his own experience. He wanted students to fully realize their responsibilities. He wanted to promote the work of the school to better serve the four modernizations. Happy and worried, I said, "It's good, but can you stand it? You should do what you can." He laughed and said, "I can't put down my strength. When I start writing this novel, I'm like a neuropathy. I can't think about anything else. My mind is full of it, and I dream about it." I said, "That's too bad. You'd better not write it." He shook his head and said, "I've already got on the horse. I have to run to the end before I can rest. Otherwise, even if my hands stop, my heart will not stop." After the winter vacation, he obviously lost a lot of weight, but at that time he wore cotton-padded clothes, which were not completely exposed, but more like an old man, with a bent back, dragging his feet, and pressing his right hand on his lower ribs from time to time, a I opened my eyes, the electric light was still on in his room. Unable to lie down, I dressed, got out of bed, and crept up to his window. I saw him lying on the table, concentrating on pointing out a composition with his pen and explaining it to Lao Liu's little daughter standing at the table. I do not know why, I actually left tears, my heart is sour and sweet, love and resentment, bitter and painful, do not distinguish so. Three A person, like Lao Fang, who works hard day and night, can not last long even if he has a strong body. Lao Liu and I both regretted not being able to stop him in time. To be honest, we do not care enough, nor do we fully understand, and there is a blind fluke mentality. A day has passed, and it seems that Lao Fang is almost the same as yesterday. Ten days have passed, and it seems that Lao Fang is still the same. A month has passed, but Lao Fang has not laid down. So he thought it probably didn't matter, and intentionally or unintentionally let him drag on day after day, just to see. We seem to be doing an experiment to see how strong a person's vitality can be, how much ability he has to overcome disease, and how death can approach the body of this strong person. Now I have to admit that I am so cruel! I was an old neighbor of Lao Fang in vain, and decades of close proximity had not made me recognize his character; I had not thought that this man had never complained and had never bowed his head in the face of difficulties. He has always been the candle that is willing to burn his own grease and illuminate others,24v Gear Motor, and he has always been the melon that generously cuts open his chest and provides the sweet spring. I should not have expected him to give in to the disease, should not have thought that one day he would cry out and lie down. It is always easy for us to care about those who are afraid of death when they are a little sick, while ignoring the lives of heroes who are willing to go through fire and water for the people. Why are we so stupid?.

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