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…… Again, up to five times, the system announced one after another. I once again in a daze, the original task is the ownership of it? Those who arrive at the temple of the gods should be the representatives of each faction, the battlefield of the gods? Uh It's going to be a mess. Lord God. A low but respectful voice brought me back to my senses from what I had just realized. I cast my eyes under the altar, and when I saw that it was still a dark head, I suddenly remembered that I seemed to have forgotten the kneeling people. Confused, he slanted his head and turned to the nearest priest, who was dressed as a thin man. Old Man: "Who are they?" The tone is still so flat, but it does not mean that I am not shocked by the scene of this large kneeling in front of me, the shock is shocked, but it does not mean that the shock has thrown away all the reason. They are the exclusive troops given by the great dark God to the Lord of God. They are in charge of all the order in the dark camp and are completely at the disposal of the Lord of God. The withered priest seemed to be blessed, as if it was a great ceremony for me to talk to him, except that he did not kiss my shoes. Ignoring his excitement, he nodded with understanding. A brief introduction. As for you, do what you should do. The sound was not loud, but it was very clear in the quiet camp. Respect the gods and make the Lord order. The sound of footsteps, originally that dark can not see the head of a piece around the orderly spread out in all directions, originally the people who should have been naked at the moment but still left ten black warriors standing in place. I blinked my eyes and asked the old priest with my eyes. This is your personal guard of the Lord of God. They will follow the steps of the Lord of God to fight the enemy. The old priest had a pious face. I gently pursed my lower lip,Small Geared Motors, although I don't like people to follow, but these NPCC should not be able to shake off, gently nodded, stepped down the altar. The old priest was very winking, quickly followed, while taking me everywhere familiar, while explaining to me,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, the ten black-clad warriors followed closely behind. On the way to the introduction of the old sacrifice, the camp lit up one after another, revealing people with different expressions. Most of them were confused and confused about what had happened. But the players were good at this point. They didn't know how to ask. They stood for a short time, looking for NPC inquiries in the camp in twos and threes, and more of them were looking through their own task bar. Similarly, everywhere I go, I attract curious eyes, although I will not be recognized as NPC, after all, my equipment is rarely camouflaged now, the iconic Night Shadow suit, many people can recognize me as the third winner in the arena. But that's not my concern. Under the detailed introduction of the old priest, I did not need to look at the task bar to understand the general situation, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, in addition to repairing equipment or buying and selling medicinal materials, rest and other areas, the reward and punishment system of this mission is also very clear. Every time you kill a local faction, the reward experience is four times that of the ordinary level monster. I believe many people know what four times is, and they are greedy. But relatively, if you die, there will not be a penalty as severe as deducting one level, but the experience value will also be deducted. If your level experience is less than 30%, the missing part will be deducted at your next level. The reward is heavy, but the punishment is relatively light. ————————————————— I just finished the exam this morning, and I just finished it from the homework pile. However, in order to overestimate their own, so, wasted more than N time, only code out of the word, bird ~ ~ ~ ~ As a last resort, the repetition of this chapter and those two chapters must be turned over and read. Insert this chapter into the first two chapters, and push the two chapters reserved in the front to the next place. It feels so troublesome. I'm sorry for everyone. Xiao Wei is going to endure it tonight in order to make up for what he owes tomorrow. Whoo. So someone can only apologize for the bird. Tearful ing ~ ~ ~! There will probably be 1W words tomorrow, and Xiao Wei has already predicted my next tragic fate. [Chapter 76] Just one of them. The entire battlefield of the gods is not only the player in the activity, in both sides of the camp have each other as a strange general existence of hostile NPCC, slaughter them, but the experience is relatively less, only twice the ordinary strange, under the difference between the two sides, I believe many people will choose to kill between players and players. And to make it more interesting, factions can also defect. If you are a dark faction, the word "rebel" will appear in your faction column. Click it, and you will change from a dark faction to a light faction. It's just that if the camp defects at will, the punishment for the camp defector being killed will be doubled, and the experience gained by the player who eliminates the defector will be doubled on the basis of four times, which is equivalent to eight times the experience of the same level monster. I believe that under such constraints, people who want to defect will have to think about it. Players in the neutral faction can enter the light and dark factions at will, but if they make a choice, they can't change it at will, otherwise they will be treated as defectors. Players in the neutral camp do not have any rigid requirements to participate in both sides, but killing and being killed are still relative to the double experience of the same level of monsters, although the United States and Europe are four times as many, but it is also very considerable, and the death penalty is naturally the same. The only difference is that the neutral faction can kill each other except for the players who belong to the same God, and the experience is also doubled, which is not pleasant to say that they are all enemies except themselves. Of course, this is on the premise that his camp has not changed. Why do you say that? You have to forget that every class and every race has a relatively neutral God. When the neutral God chooses the faction, the player of that race or that class will passively choose the faction. If the player has already chosen the faction before or the player's race and class have two neutral gods,Gear Reduction Motor, then the one who reaches first, who changes first, will not be shaken later. The above is a relatively broad standard for ordinary player.

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