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Change to a waiter. God officer adult is not at ease again, you say I a man can put a man how. Pulling and pulling like a tug-of-war, after several times, he waved his sleeve robe and gave me the dodder. He also said generously, "What is mine is yours." This is for you to use. Don't mention it. I'm so angry. He almost vomited blood and died. He came to his senses and shivered. Go and ignore him. Puts out the small chest, rolls up the sleeve robe, reveals a small white arm, the man points to that small pavilion. I don't believe it. I'm going to rest there today and tell the oracle that I'm staying here tonight. "Ouch.." My little ancestor. The dodder was in a hurry, and the scratching monkey bounced up in a hurry. In a panic, he pulled down my rolled up sleeve and covered it tightly. "The king of Ganguo has come today, and it is estimated that he is probably strolling around the garden.". "The divine official told me to watch over you and not to be met by King Gan." Gan Wang? You mean the dry king. Ah, ah, ah, ah.. You didn't say earlier. Scratch your head, I don't want to go back to being the mother of the country, the woman of destiny. Kick him to death, smelly dodder, don't stop me earlier. Dodder hung his head and glanced at me innocently. His eyes were clearly complaining in silence. "Master, can I stop you?". I laughed and touched my head. Eh. No, King Gan is not staying in the Kingdom of Gan. Why did he come to the Kingdom of Feng? Dodder looked at me and just smiled and said nothing. I understood it thoroughly for a moment. Are the States of Feng,gear reduction motor, Xuan and Gan going to unite to deal with the state of Xun. It seems that the comfortable days will not last long. He covered his mouth with a light smile and winked at him. "Go to the library and move some books to my room. Tell the oracle that I won't come out in the near future." "Yes!" The dodder breathed a sigh of relief and saluted respectfully, seeing that the fellow was full of joy. I'm so angry that I don't like it so much. The boy, like his master, is eager for me not to go out for a few days. You go to find the book first. I'll go back alone. I stroked my robe, looked around, and walked along the original road. He answered and ran away in a flash. Ripples in the pool Catkins are flying all over the sky. I was not interested. I bowed my head and rolled up my robe. I just wanted to go back to my room quickly. Although it is a transfiguration of the right, but the thought of dry king on the heart of the hair,small geared motors, this kind of person is better to meet less. Eh. It was soft and seemed to step on something. Reach out to touch, the front is also blocked by a wall, warm touch. "You're stepping on me, young man." A gentle voice sounded above me in vain, and this tone. This tone.. Familiar. It doesn't matter. In a trance, I looked up suddenly. I saw him standing in front of me with a fan in his hand. A breeze blew, the pool was sparkling and the ink willows were swaying. I rubbed my eyes, stepped back, and looked at him again. He looks handsome and elegant, his clothes are like the wind, and his catkins fall like rain, like a fairy coming down to earth. Shinan?! Why is he here. Not to say that this is the dry king to come. I lowered my head and muttered, but I saw that not far behind him, King Xuan and some people in official clothes were coming this way, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Vending Machine Motor, and some of them were still looking this way. Calm down and take a breath. Dizzy head, think of the last time the medicine stepped out of the dry palace that moment, he looked at my eyes, so sad, so helpless, carrying is the despair of death, that moment is like. Farewell. Now his face, as warm as jade, is close at hand. It seems that as long as you reach out, you can touch.. Annihilation, imperial power is everything. What am I going to do with you. Don't. Don't leave me.. I'm sorry, don't leave me alone. Shake your head at random and withdraw your thoughts. I once heard Jixue say that Shi Nan wanted to seize power. I didn't expect it to be true. Looking up at him, he is still graceful and elegant. Shi Nan. It's good to meet you. "You.." "He chuckled, but his eyebrows were filled with a melancholy that could not be dispersed. He was quiet and leisurely, which made people feel distressed." I'm sorry I passed him with my head down and quickened my pace. He shook his body to block me, and the silver purple robe embroidered with clouds was lifted by the wind. It was bright and made me dizzy. He looked at me hesitantly. "This young man is.." I lowered my head and bowed slightly. "I'm just a guest of the oracle." "Really." He chuckled and stared at me with a flash of loneliness and disappointment in his eyes. "Childe's eyes and me.." A familiar person is very similar. An attendant trotted over, whispered something in his ear, and then pointed to King Xuan and the man in the official robe who were waiting in the pavilion. With a slight sigh, he slowly turned and walked towards the pavilion. I raised my eyebrows and smiled, watching him slowly turn away, a purple robe like the moon, flowing thousands of times, sliding like water to outline his figure, he lost a lot of weight. Bitter in the heart, Didn't you get recognized. Fortunately. In fact, since the dry king is you, frankly speaking, there is no scruple, it is good to be recognized. It's just that I don't know how to treat you. After all, I abandoned you and ran away from the palace at the beginning, and now I'm mixed up with Hongxian. You were forced to usurp the throne and become the king. You came all the way to join forces to fight against Xun. And I.. What can I give you now. Let out a sigh. (Lower) I kicked the stones on the path and walked aimlessly. Feeling weak, he cuch other. An elegant figure is reflected on it. Rub your eyes, fix your eyes on a river pool, but return to calm, nothing. Oblivion. Don't think about it, scratch your head. Thinking about something or not, I have hallucinations. Close your eyes, stretch your arms,Small Dc Gear Motor, lean to the left, roll, and sit up.

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