Tomboy by three thousand snowstorms

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"Why not?!" Lu Yao shouted, did not expect Li Mingzhu will refuse, this posture, just jump up to question her. Crowded, crowded, hot, noisy. Li Mingzhu put forward her own opinions concisely. To be precise, it is because Lu Yao is going to run a 1500-meter long-distance race, and there are many talented people on the yellow grass beside the track. In the morning, when the man was 100, the school noticed that it had specially arranged for Lu Yao to cooperate with the members of the school discipline inspection team and the discipline inspection department of the student union. This was the first time since the establishment of No.1 Middle School in the province. Li Mingzhu finished eating and said, "There are so many people queuing up to give you water. You can pick one at random. Can you be tired to death?" Lu Yao retorted confidently, "What if they poison my water?" Li Mingzhu sneered and thought, Poisoning? It's more like an ecstasy. Rest assured, they will not hate each other for the time being, when you are single. Li Mingzhu Road. Lu Yao still refused, "I don't drink, I will die if I drink other people's water." "I'll collect your body when you're dead." Li Mingzhu said coldly. How can you be like this? Lu Yao shouted, "There is no humanity!" Li Mingzhu is too lazy to talk to him. Lu Yao goes crazy more than a dozen times a day. If he talks to him every time, he won't go to heaven. After the noon break, Lu Yao had to prepare for the afternoon long-distance race. When he went down,warehouse storage racks, he angrily warned Li Mingzhu, "I must see you at the end. If you don't come, you will die!" Li Mingzhu has the right to be his air. Lu Yao to the next head, had to face all kinds of chat up, fortunately, the majority of shy girls, even if there is courage,heavy duty rack manufacturers, together rushed up to chat up with him, Lu Yao can also three times five divided by two. He was really not in the mood to flirt with girls, and Lu Yao was angry at the thought that Li Mingzhu was so cold to him. Ten minutes later, the radio broadcast: please take part in the men's 1500-meter event of Senior One to check in at the registration office, please take part in the men's 1500-meter event of Senior One to check in at the registration office.. When Li Mingzhu heard the broadcast on the stage, her heart moved. Gu Xiaofei is the Publicity Department of the student union, the autumn sports meeting student union is not enough, even the members of the Publicity Department also pulled to the playground to mobilize. He hurried up to the stands and hurried down again. On the way, his classmates stopped him and asked, "Hey, Gu Xiaofei, who is in our class for 1500 meters?" "Du Yuxuan, 1500 meters seems to be running together with high one, high two and high three!" Gu Xiaofei shouted. The monitor is going too! The man shouted, "Shall we go to cheer for the monitor?" If you want to go, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,shuttle rack system, go! Remember not to go to too many people, too many people go to the student union to say! Gu Xiaofei reminded. I know! We'll send a few representatives. Don't worry, I won't give you any trouble! "Yes, after running 1500 meters, what if the monitor is dehydrated? No one helps him. It's painful to fall on the ground. Let's prepare some chocolates." As soon as the man finished speaking, Li Mingzhu's heart wavered even more. She suddenly remembered that Lu Yao was a neat freak. What if someone helped him? What if he didn't do it? According to the temper of this ancestor, this could definitely happen to Lu Yao. Li Mingzhu was caught off guard and remembered that if there was no deviation in her memory, Lu Yao had hypoglycemia in junior high school. Li Mingzhu thought of this and her face suddenly sank. An anger in her heart rushed up: "Lu Yao has low blood sugar, but also dare to run 1500 meters, this is disrelish oneself life is too long or how!"! She stood up and walked down in three steps. When Gu Xiaofei saw Li Mingzhu walking down, he turned pale with fright and said to himself, My God, the sun came out from the west, and Li Ming actually walked down from the stands! He sighed with emotion, could it be that he heard that the monitor had no one to help him, and finally broke out a wave of classmate friendship? Gu Xiaofei shouted, "Li Ming, I'll take you there!" Li Mingzhu completely ignored him, feeling angry, and went directly to the registration office, saying that if she wanted to catch Lu Yao, a little bastard who did not know the importance, she must strip off a layer of his skin. But before Li Mingzhu could walk over, she just stood at the back of the crowd: there were at least five layers of little girls in front of her, with all kinds of delicate makeup, crowded together, and there was no gap at all. Li Mingzhu stood still, immediately covered with black lines, this situation, not to mention want to go in to catch Lu Yao, even a fly can not fly in! The female students looked excited, as if they had come to see their idols. This scene was not much different from chasing stars. Li Mingzhu found a breakthrough for a long time before she had to admit angrily that there was no solution to this game. But after a while, the gun sounded, and with the outbreak of music, the 1500-meter race officially began. Lu Yao is very obvious among the long-distance runners. The male students around him are all wearing vest and short sleeves. They want to show their muscles 360 degrees without dead angle to the little girls around the runway. Although everyone knows that these little girls all come to see Lu Yao. And Lu Yao himself, wearing black and white long-sleeved trousers, wrapped himself firmly and did not give any benefits to his fans. Members of the student union on both sides of the runway shouted at the top of their voices, "Ladies and gentlemen!"! Don't run with me! Don't run with me! I know you're all here for Lu Yao! But don't run with me! You can wait for Lu Yao at the end of the track! When Li Mingzhu heard this, she knew at a glance that the student union brother had been suffering all day. In the morning, he spoke covertly. In the afternoon, he shouted at the top of his voice, 'All those who come to see Lu Yao stand behind the track!' 。 Schools also turn a blind eye to it, after all, the behavior of "chasing stars" has been a group behavior that can not be restrained since ancient times. Lu Yao was in front of the team at this time. Every time he ran through the stands, the sound of refueling and screaming was ten times louder than others, which made the male students behind him lose face. Li Mingzhu was in a dilemma. She came down and could not return to the audience. So she followed the crowd of the team and walked behind the finish line at the end of the race. At this time of the finish line,metal racking systems, a lot of people have gathered, the referee raised the pistol, the current first is still Lu Yao.

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