The wife of the exclusive favorite of the rich and powerful family wants to ascend the throne.

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Lv Meng's attention has been on the soldiers, do not know is the ghost of Qin Chuan, now still thinking hard about how she wants to go out. If you really can't, call your brother. Lv Meng sat on the bench, holding his head and thinking that if his brother couldn't do it, he would call his grandfather. Grandpa has lived in seclusion for a long time, but he can prove that he is a good citizen, not a spy. When Lv Meng was brainstorming, Qin Chuan outside came down from the mountain slowly and basked in the sun outside the army gate for a while before making a phone call. Chen Shao, are you free now? I'll have lunch with you outside your camp. Chen Shao is the officer just now, his full name is Chen Bin, and he has a close relationship with Qin Chuan. Chen Bin soon took off his cap and went out to see him. He didn't go out to eat with him, but left him to have lunch in the barracks. After dinner, Chen Bin and he walked out of the canteen, pondering at him and said: "Qin Dashao, you came to me so suddenly, not only to catch up, right?" "Not suddenly." "What?" "The project of Science and Technology City is universal." Qin Chuan squinted at the uniform barracks under the sun. In the near future, the city of Jiangbin will also be universal. "For that land?" Chen Bin knew a little about it and went on with him. But I heard the news that there is also a local real estate that wants to take it,asrs warehouse, and this time I'm afraid Huanyu is not so smooth. "So I have another opponent." "Who else wants to compete with Huanyu?" "Junyu International." Chen Bin paused after hearing this. Qin Dashao, what you want to guard against is not Junyu International, but Haikun, a real estate developer in Suzhou. Qin Chuan, look at him. Chen Binyi reminded him. This is Su City. A lot of things can't keep up with the rhythm of the imperial capital. You have to be careful. Qin Chuan was silent for half a second and nodded. I will. "Contact me at any time if anything happens here. I can't help you with anything else. I can still do some menial work." "Thank you." "I'll take this thank you." Chen Bin stopped outside a door and motioned to the soldier who was guarding him. After he left, he took the key to open the door and said, "Take the man away quickly. It takes up a lot of space to escort me." Qin Chuan did not speak. Chen Bin did not know what to think of and laughed. Your green plum is really funny. It's a good citizen. What age is it? Then he opened the door and said to the man who was pulling his head inside,Automated warehouse systems, "Who is that? Get up. Someone is coming to pick you up." Lu Meng, who was wondering if he would be tortured, heard that he could go, looked up and saw Qin Chuan against the light. Qin Chuan has not before the mess, now he suit stiff, shiny shoes, imposing as a savior standing in front of Lv Meng. Lv Meng, with a slight tremor in her heart, did not know what to do or say. Qin Chuan glanced at Lu Meng and said to Chen Bin, "Let's go first." "Let's go." Chen Bin put his hat on his head and said to Lu Meng, "This Comrade, company commander Zhou has passed away. If you want to come here in the future, you can mention my name." Although Chen Bin had just come here, push back racking system ,industrial racking systems, as a senior officer, he was very clear about the history of the barracks. The flat-nosed company commander she said knew it, but when he saw the mole under Lv Meng's eyes, he was not sure, so he detained him. It was not until Qin Chuan's call that he basically confirmed that the girl was the one Qin Chuan knew in the countryside. When Lu Meng heard his words, he was shocked and sad, and did not forget to ask his name. My name is Chen Bin. Chen Bin finished and saluted her. Say hello to your grandfather for me. Then he turned and walked away. Chen Bin is very handsome, but his handsome is stolen the limelight by his professional soldier's temperament. Lv Meng sees an expensive quality in him, which he clearly does not like here, but is willing to hibernate here. Still don't want to go? Qin Chuan raised his eyebrows to look at her. Lu Meng turned to look at his cold face and took a deep breath. Qin Chuan, I have something to tell you. She promised Xiao Qiao not to tell Qin Chuan that she liked him, but she already liked him, could she have any other choice? "You like him again?" Lv Meng:.. "I.." When Lv Meng opened his mouth to say that he liked you, Qin Chuan's cell phone rang. Qin Chuan motioned for her to wait, connected the phone and said a few simple words. After that, he said to Lv Meng: "The director of the Land Bureau promised to have dinner with us tomorrow." Lv Meng nodded. Walking to the car, Qin Chuan remembered something and asked her, "What did you want to say just now?" Lv Meng looked into his eyes and shook his head. Sometimes courage comes from impulse, and now she has no courage just now. Chapter 87 Qin Chuan's father. And the director of the land Bureau to eat, this scene is indispensable, the best restaurant, the best private room, the best dishes, best wine, in short, everything is the best, Li Ning just need to invite a few etiquette ladies to meet. Lv Meng is used to this situation, now people pay attention to ostentation and extravagance, she used to do a lot of this, but this time they met a bad mouth? When they were ready, they were temporarily told that the director was waiting for them in the Drunken Fragrance Building. Li Ning told Qin Chuan the news. Qin Chuan frowned slightly, pondered for a few seconds and said: "Li Ning, you go to prepare a gift, quickly." "I'll go now." Li Ning answered and left. Qin Chuan and Lv Meng also went to the Drunken Fragrance Building. Lu Meng asked Qin Chuan on the way. General Manager Qin, do you think this director has a rigorous style or another plan? "I don't know." Qin Chuan concentrates on driving and has a deep vision. This matter he has been handed over to Li Ning to do, Chen Er's friend is also in contact with Li Ning, so he has no specific idea. Lv Meng also speculated. At this time, Chen Er's friend called to tell Qin Chuan that their director had made his favorite tea and was waiting for them. All right, you tell Director Li, we'll be right there. Qin Chuan hung up the phone, turned the steering wheel, and turned the other way. Lv Meng watched him change lanes while making a phone call,industrial racking systems, wondering what had happened when he heard him looking for someone to buy tea. General Manager Qin, Director Li is from Fujian. No matter what kind of tea he likes to drink, he can't go wrong by buying Dahongpao or Tieguanyin. 。

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