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Something of interest? Oh, what Ouyang Xue didn't know was that Lin Mu was the complete opposite of what she said. There were so many things he was interested in that he couldn't count them. If Ouyang Xue thought that Lin Mu would join her family just because she had something that could interest her, she would be very wrong. Zero: I'm sorry, but if that's the only reason you want me to join you, then I think you're overestimating what your family has. For the last time, I am not interested in having anything to do with you or your so-called family. Don't bother me again. Ouyang Xue unhurriedly typed: If Mr. zero gets this thing, it is only one of its functions to make Mr. zero's already powerful hacker technology unrivaled. The most important thing is that it can lead the world's technology to develop at an unimaginable speed, so is Mr. zero still interested? . For a moment, Lin Mu's mind flashed a word, artificial intelligence. Only this word can match what Ouyang Xue said. If this is the case, then the world will change dramatically, and any industry related to computers in the world will also change dramatically. However This kind of thing seems a little early in this day and age. The corners of Lin Mu's mouth rose slightly. Zero: Miss Ouyang Xue, I can't believe that as a big star, you seem to know a lot about computers. I admit that I'm somewhat interested in what you're saying, but that doesn't make me change my mind about anything. Miss Ouyang Xue, although you are boring me now, I used to like watching your movies and listening to your songs,teardrop pallet racking, so I talked to you so much. So let's just leave it at that. What! He turned it down again. This situation is totally beyond Ouyang Xue's expectation. After Wang Keming's detailed explanation, Ouyang Xue has also been very clear why he asked zero to help the family. And Ouyang Xue also clearly knows that this thing, regardless of those computer experts, even ordinary people may not want to get it. And what she said must have guessed what it was, but he was only interested in it, and still unswervingly refused her solicitation. Rubbing his white forehead, Ouyang Xue suddenly realized that from the beginning of the first conversation with zero, the other party seemed to have been not very interested in her, and even had the feeling of hating himself. Is it because he felt that he was not the real Ouyang Xue, automated warehouse systems ,radio shuttle racking, has not been a good look on his face? But think again wrong, from beginning to end zero has not expressed any doubt about his identity, but from his words can be seen that he really believes that he is the real Ouyang Xue. But why is that? He had never had any contact with him before, which ruled out offending him for some reason. In the face of zero's firm stand, Ouyang Xue felt a little headache. Although this time originally planned to use strong means to invite zero to the family, but if he can come voluntarily, that is the best result. Ouyang Xue, as the daughter of the head of the Ouyang family, is certainly well aware of the family's energy, and it is not difficult to use some means to make a top hacker serve their family wholeheartedly. But if that is done, the hidden danger left for the family will be incalculable. Because no one can estimate how much power a top hacker has on the Internet, if one day he loses control and retaliates with all his strength, the consequences will be unforeseeable today. Especially this zero, if not based on the results of the investigation and the conclusion that there is no "seemingly" organization or backing behind him, even the Ouyang family in Europe would not dare to hit him. So Ouyang Xue will try to communicate with zero to see if he can be persuaded to join his family, even if the time is not too long. But apparently, Ouyang Xue's plan was doomed to fail at the moment. Looking at the refusal words sent by Lin Mu on the screen, suddenly, Ouyang Xue frowned and said that he used to like her movies and songs very much? But now you're bored with her? Although he knew that there was no need to count on zero to serve her family obediently, Ouyang Xue still wanted to know why zero was biased against her from beginning to end. Just about to pull the Ouyang star nicknamed Qianqiuxue into the blacklist, Lin Mu suddenly stopped his action. With a sneer, she came to ask why she was tired of listening to her songs and watching her movies before. Is there any misunderstanding about her, so she has been so rejected. Zero: You know why. Although I also understand that a successful star like you must have paid an unspeakable price behind it. But I didn't expect you to do such a thing. Is it really possible to sleep with some disgusting men in order to become famous! This sentence has been hidden in Lin Mu's heart for a long time, and now there is a chance to say it to Ouyang Xue. And the three big exclamation marks in the last sentence also showed the anger in Lin Mu's heart. She used to be like an angel in Lin Mu's heart, but she got together with an ugly old man, Saki Bridge. How could Lin Mu not be angry. Chiaki Snow: Mr. zero, I have no idea what you're talking about. If you're looking for an excuse to get off your back, then you're going to have to find a decent excuse. Ouyang Xue's face was like frost at the moment, and Lin Mu's slanderous words deeply stimulated her. At that moment, she had decided not to talk about any conditions with him,medium duty racking, but to let people take him away in that way. Zero: Hum, you are really good at pretending. 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