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This encounter a major accident, deal with the strength and endurance, can not help but make people feel that the life of the impermanence of Ma Zhuting's death is not wrong at all. Today, if the two sides change places, it is believed that it will inevitably be another result. At the very least, when Master Wu went to extort a man, he would never leave a way out for himself. Even if he is very sure of his own martial arts, he will not walk in the middle of the other two people without warning, creating a situation for himself that even if he is not deceived to "see strange birds", he will be "killed". The expression of the Great Poor God when he left was like a defeated rooster, in a mess. But Wu Erye still respectfully sent Ruyi, as respectful as before. Looking at the back of the Great Poor God, Huang Bilie, the chief manager, said in a low voice, "This old man doesn't look eye-catching. Why does his old employer respect him so much?" Master Wu smiled and said, "Fortunately, this is only your idea, Boss Huang. If I,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Wu Er, also have this idea, even if this rich gambling house can still exist today, I'm afraid I'll have to change another owner and manager." Big Manager Huang Bilie was taken aback and said, "Is this old guy one of the'Gluttonous Double Monsters' among the'Eighteen Monsters'?" "Guess up again," said Master Wu. "One of the five wonders of Jianghu?" Asked Huang Bilie in a daze. Master Wu said with a smile, "Do you still feel strange about my respect for this old man?" (5) Uncle Tang slapped the table heavily and said angrily,Magnesium Oxide MgO, "Second brother, do you think this kind of thing is annoying?"! Like the nine suspicious three foxes and Chenzhou Shuangxiong, what are they? As soon as I opened my mouth, I asked for hundreds of taels, as if I didn't see the fire in my soup at all! "" Don't be angry, sir, "said Master Wu with a smile." It's easy to settle this matter. "Good solution?" Asked Uncle Tang? So far today, I have sent more than 20 batches. If it goes on like this, it will be strange if the fire in my soup is not emptied by these bastards! "Things aren't much better on my side," said Master Wu. If the eldest brother can't cope with it for a while, I'll ask someone to dial three or five thousand yuan to relieve the eldest brother. Grateful, Uncle Tang said quickly, "That's not necessary.". But that's not the way to do it. There's a long way to go. We have to think of something to plug this loophole. Second Master Wu suddenly looked around and said, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,calcium nitrate sol, "Where is Master Ma?"? In such a case, he should come forward and make up his mind. At the mention of Master Ma, Uncle Tang became angry again: "Him!"! Hey hey, smoking, drinking, playing with women, always present, everything has a share. It's not easy to find him when you have something serious to do. Master Wu frowned and said, "Master Ma is not such a man!"! Did the boss send someone to look around? The city seems to be in a state of chaos these two days. Perhaps there are his friends among the visitors, and it is unavoidable to go out occasionally to entertain them. "Even if there's a dinner party," said Uncle Tang, "it's only reasonable to explain." Master Wu suddenly leaned forward and said in a low voice, "I heard there was trouble on the first floor last night." "You heard the news over there?" "It came from the casino." "Only a few people were injured, and the loss was limited." Boss, the loss of a few men is a small matter. There is another thing that the boss should pay more attention to. "What is it?" "I just received a tip-off that three of the four tigers under Wu Huoshi in Tianmen Mountain are now lurking in the Ciyun Nunnery in Beicheng, and the one who made trouble on the first floor yesterday was the violent tiger of the four tigers. These two things are by no means coincidental. Maybe the theft of Yan Fu is related to these guys.." "Second brother, do you think these guys are responsible for the theft of Yan Fu?" "What I mean is that even if the theft of the Yan Mansion was not committed by the Four Tigers, the person who committed it must have been a fellow traveler of the Four Tigers." "Why do you think so?" "Last night, Baohu went to the first floor alone to make trouble, which is a good proof." "Prove what?" "It proves that this is a planned action of the four tigers.". One of them came out to make trouble to distract your boss's attention so that the other three tigers could act in secret. "Well-that makes sense." "How unreasonable, if the four tigers intend to confront us, why do they want to separate the manpower?"? What are the three tigers hiding in a nunnery for? "Yes, yes, it's the second child who has the brains to think of this." "I have another guess, but I dare not say it." "There is no outsider in front of our brothers. What can't we say?" "My younger brother is worried that our Master Ma has suddenly disappeared. Maybe it has something to do with this." "You said that guy ate inside and outside and hooked up with the people on Wu Huoshi's side?" "Generally speaking, Ma Shiye should not have the courage.". However, Yan Fu was stolen property, the value is too amazing, if the other side promised him a thick share of him, things are hard to say. Uncle Tang's face turned blue? Keep nodding: "The second guess, the more I think about it, the more likely it is.". Ma has a lot of ideas and has been with me for many years. He is loyal to me. The only shortcoming of this guy is that he is too greedy for money. "So, I said," Master Wu leaned a little closer. "We two brothers should think about it and try to kill the other three tigers. It's like killing the chicken and worshipping the monkey. In the future, not only will no one dare to come to the door, but maybe we can find out the treasures of Yan Fu. Hey.." (Vi) If a person suddenly has a few hundred taels of silver, it seems that life is not very good. This is the current situation of Nine Doubts and Three Foxes. The three of them first ordered a table of food and wine in the most famous Hunan restaurant in the city. After eating and drinking for an hour, the wine was enough and the meal was full, but the three of them always felt empty in their hearts, as if there were still some places to fill. The scabby fox proposed to play with women. The evil fox proposed to bet on the two banks. Poisonous foxes think that playing with women is a great loss of vitality, gambling is not sure to win privately, the best way to entertain,Magnesium Oxide price, it is better to find a master with oil and water, and then go to a hard knock on a vote. When the purse is full, are you still worried about whoring and gambling. stargrace-magnesite.com

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