Who will compete with the League of Legends?

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Like a throwing knife, you have to dodge, not wait until the throwing knife flies out, but judge from the enemy's gestures when he will shoot, at what angle, and then how to avoid it perfectly. The closer the distance, the more difficult it is to avoid, many times we see the throwing knife, the idea of dodging in our minds, but when you move your body, the throwing knife has hit your vital point.. The same is true of eSports. At this distance, the difficulty of dodging is quite great, and the angle of the green dragon's hook is extremely tricky, blocking your pendulum position, blocking your pause position, blocking your side forward position, sealing your forward position, and even blocking the right-angle dance step. Only the most perfect right angle dance step, even the verticality can not be a little bit inclined, otherwise, judging by the width of the hammer hook, you will still be hit after you have walked away. A brush with death The feeling of holding your breath for the rest of your life after a long robbery is still a bit creepy. The corners of his mouth floated slightly, and Yu Luosheng's tight face finally had some color. The most difficult three passes passed. Without the reliance of the defense tower, Yu Luosheng really has no chance to win, unless he can break the instant prison shadow killing array of the devil robbery, can avoid the collision of Kurt, can avoid the hook of Qinglong. Any one of these links is extremely difficult for top players, not to mention three passes at the same time. But he did it. His fingers flicked on the keys as fast as they could, and the arrow took away the horse's Kurt and began to fly to Adams's devil robbery. When Yu Luosheng began to shoot Adams,Magnesium Sulphate producer, people were still immersed in the most perfect right-angled dance step of Yu Luosheng, and their hearts were still trembling. Breaking the shadow to kill the array, dodging the iron hoof, chasing the soul to kill the hook, every operation that is incredible to anyone is so handy in Yu Luosheng's hands, as if everything is in calculation, as if art brings people visual enjoyment and inner shock that can not be calm for a long time. "Captain Yu evaded all the key skills of the enemy." Night Hunter Vern is weak because he is very afraid of control. His poor health growth and resistance are enough to be killed in 0.5 seconds. This is also an important reason why Vern is a hero in the Passerby Bureau. He can't stand a little control at all. It's too much to test his position. However, if you can successfully avoid all controls and give the Night Hunter a complete output environment, the Night Hunter will be the enemy's worst nightmare. World! Chapter 1314 one man destroys four! Main referee, Oshika stared at the screen with a smile of relief on her incredulous face. He did it He did it after all. From the series of operations just now, there is nothing more perfect than that. According to the precise calculation of Oshika computer, the equipment will calculate and judge through hand, reaction, operation consistency, key conflict difference.. Measured by the most authoritative score of the player's personal operation in the world, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide price, that is, only when the player reaches the perfect score of 10, can he open this brilliant light. You know, Yu Luosheng's original personal operation score was only 3 points. Internationally, a personal score of more than 9 points can be counted. Mianhua Tang. CC [Marshmallow Novel] So what is the concept of 1 o points? At this moment, the perfect operation deduced by Yu Luosheng is to achieve the most perfect 10 points. 10 points, it is not a task evaluation, it is more like a state, it only has a thrilling moment for countless 9-rated players. One o is divided into individual operation level, it does not belong to any player, it only belongs to a certain moment, but the player who has reached this moment almost does not exist. Just now, the young man who was holding who was competing with him did it. Evading all vital skills, this night hunter, Vern, will soon become a real nightmare and will be truly irresistible. Fly high, fly high against the storm, to the heights we all need to look up to. "Oh, oh, oh, oh." The cheers rang through the stadium, which felt like the scene of Ronaldo passing three people in the World Cup football match, instantly detonating the whole stadium and burning all the nightclubs, bars and living rooms full of men who were broadcasting the match live. Yu Luosheng avoided it, and he used his best operation to avoid all the threatening attacks of the three men. Then, is the moment of Yu Luosheng's crossbow counterattack. It's my turn. The crossbow was on the string, and an arrow flew over and nailed Adams on the shoulder of the devil. The devil has already awakened from the dizziness of the nail wall, originally wanted to cooperate with Qinglong to kill Yu Luosheng directly. However, Qinglong's unexpected skill failed. Without the shackles of chains, this battlefield became the territory where the night hunter Vern walked at will. He moved very fast, and every step of his movement was accompanied by an arrow flying to Adams's devil. The blade is so close that it can't catch the strange whereabouts of the night hunter, and the ghost chop is even more futile, because the devil can't even touch the clothes of the night hand Vern. The pace is fast and frequent, accompanied by invisibility. The looming night hunter Vern is constantly changing her position, and the shadow robbery, which is famous for its weirdness and illusion, even stands in place like a wooden stake man. In terms of elegance, the real night hunter Vern is absolutely not inferior to robbery, that every second of invisibility, not only show the enemy flying, but the enemy army to show dizzy. The arrows flew mercilessly, and each arrow hit Adams's devil. Without the shadow killing array, robbery is absolutely no match for the night hunter Vern, because robbery can't even touch the clothes of the night hunter Vern. One arrow, two arrows, three arrows.. All of a sudden, damage bonus of 5 o added to dodge raid Yu Luosheng suddenly exploded the damage on the fourth arrow. Adams simply did not have time to make any reaction,Magnesium Oxide powder, the fourth arrow fell, crit and dodge the damage of the attack together, even instantly took away the blood of Adams 3. stargrace-magnesite.com

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