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In the past hundred years, Lieyang Palace has not won a good place. Zhou Wei is the only disciple who has entered the top ten for the first time, but only he knows how he entered. Although Lieyang Palace occupies a very important position in Qianji Sect, it has never been favored in terms of cultivation, especially in the other seven palaces. In the world where the strong are respected, the only thing that can be refined is that no matter how powerful the immortal artifact is, it will only make people laugh. In Shen Yan's heart, she has always wanted to change, but since she entered the realm of breaking the air, she has stopped moving forward. No matter how she practices, there is no progress in her practice. In her heart, besides refining, she also has a stronger heart. Disciple's ranking round is a grand meeting of Qianji Sect. Almost all inner disciples will come to watch it. Those who think they are good can see it. Lieyang Palace, except for a few disciples guarding the mountain gate, all went down the mountain to participate in the grand battle. Before the ranking round of the inner disciples, the selection of the outer disciples has ended. Lin Yan and Yi Qianhan were successfully promoted to inner disciples. In the selection process to play a super fighting capacity, Lin Yan has been Qianyang Palace, an elder, will soon become a member of the Qianyang Palace. The five of them have only been in the inner door for a few days, and they have maintained an attitude of admiration and enthusiasm for everyone. After so many years, they finally became disciples of the inner door, which is the biggest breakthrough in their lives. Tens of thousands of disciples gathered in Tianwaitianxia,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, which was crowded with people and discussed everywhere. In the corner of the square, Lin Yan stood on tiptoe and looked around, looking for the figure of Qin Tian. Will Brother Qin come? Long wind anxiously, at this time his strength has reached the third order of refining Gang, the breath on the body changes greatly. I'm sure I'll come. Lin Yan affirmed. They were able to enter the inner door because of Qin Tian's help. Without Qin Tian, they may still be mixed up in the outer door, receiving tasks every day and night, completing tasks,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, in exchange for the credit points of Weibo to maintain. Yi Qianhan's God sè is also slightly anxious, like an iceberg, at this time her eyes are also staying with a trace of undetectable fanaticism. Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd. Looking at one side, someone shouted, "The disciples of Lieyang Palace are coming." "So beautiful, all beauties." Why are there two men? Who are they? Aren't they lucky? Shit, don't you know Zhou Wei? The elder brother of Lieyang Palace, the top ten of the last session, has reached the master level of refining, and is a person highly valued by all the elders. Who is the other one? I haven't seen him. Does he also represent the Lieyang Palace? "I don't know." "Never seen it. Who knows where it came from?" In the crowd, they all felt a little strange to the appearance of Qin Tian. Some disciples with good strength sensed the breath of Qin Tian and could not help sneering. Into the virtual third rank, it is estimated that at most can only enter the top 100. If you want to go any further, I'm afraid you can't. In the stands in the distance, some elders gave a sneer and shook their heads, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, saying, "The strength of the disciples of Lieyang Palace is too poor. The disciples who entered the third rank also ran up to die." "Ha ha," an elder laughed and then said, "It's all right to refine utensils in Lieyang Palace. If you compare with Xiuwei, how powerful can a group of little women be?" "Ha ha," said Elder Liu. " "Lieyang Palace has had a disciple in the top ten last year for nearly a hundred years, and every time the disciple goes through the motions ranking round to make everyone laugh." "Ha ha." Several elders around laughed again. They were all inner elders with real power in hand. They were only deeply jealous of Lieyang Palace. They had the best conditions in Qianji Zong and the most abundant Reiki in Duxiu Peak. They also had the resources of Wanshe Valley, which made many people jealous and even hated. Brother Qin, it's Brother Qin. Lin Yan shouted loudly, five people looked at the same time, looking at Qin Tian walking in the array of Lieyang Palace disciples, all excited, eyes incomparable fanaticism. How did he get into the Lieyang Palace? Lin Yan asked to himself. What's wrong with Lieyang Palace? Changfeng asked a question. Lin Yan did not answer, the heart secretly do not understand, to say that Qin Tian's potential is the best one he has ever seen, but into the Lieyang Palace, which is specially responsible for refining utensils, he was puzzled, but also secretly annoyed, and then forgot that no matter who Qin Tian became a disciple, is their benefactor. Brother Qin, Brother Qin. Lin Yan and Chang Feng waved their arms and shouted loudly. Qin Tian also looked around, looking at Lin Yan a few minutes, immediately waved his arm to say hello, face s sè a faint smile, for them to enter the inner door from the heart happy. Master, I'm going to meet some friends. Qin Tian said respectfully. Go on, come back soon. Shen Yan replied, looking at the elder who was laughing at her not far away, his face flashed a trace of yyīn, and his heart was filled with anger. Master, I want to go. Yan Bing immediately said, did not wait for Shen Yan to agree to pull the elder sister Yan heart to follow up. When Yan Bing looked at Lin Yan in Qin Tian, she found a beautiful female disciple. Although she was not sure whether Qin Tian knew her or not, she had a feeling that Qin Tian must know her, so she pulled her sister up. Yan Xin, Yan Bing followed up, Qin Tian heart secret way: "will not be jealous?" "Brother Qin." Five people saw Qin Tian crowded over, immediately met up, in chorus. Haha, I haven't seen you for a long time. Now you are an inner disciple. Congratulations. Qin Tian laughed. Yan Bing, Yan Xin two people stand behind Qin Tian, looking at Yi Qianhan, the heart is hostile. Woman's day X xìng. Yi Qianhan's appearance and temperament are not inferior to any of them, if compared alone, Yi Qianhan's charm is more eye-catching. Yan Xin, Yan Bing two people are twin sisters, put together, the charm is naturally unstoppable. Yan Bing looked at Yi Qianhan and stepped forward with a smile that had never appeared at ordinary times. "Who is she?" "Who are they?" Yi Qianhan also asked at the same time. Qin Tian looked at Yi Qianhan,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and then looked at Yan Bing, who seemed to be smiling. He sighed in his heart. He rolled his eyes and said, "Shifu is calling us.." "Don't go yet." "I won't let you go without making it clear!" !。

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