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There was a sound of thunder in the distance, and it was a heavy rain brewing. So Borukolin got up from the sofa and went to the French window, jerked open the curtains that blocked all the sunlight, and let the dark clouds appear in front of them. Raindrops began to fall on the city when a flash of lightning flashed through the clouds and made a loud noise. She's always been in love with Herman. It's like I've never been able to forget my high spirits when I was 17. It's just that we've been trying to stop thinking about it. Rain? That's Manchester rain. It is totally different from the sunshine in Prague at this time. Chapter 75 Long Winter Break. In the first leg of the eighth finals of the Czech Cup against Sparta Prague, Sparta, the dominant team in the first division, had just defeated Arsenal, the old strong team in the Premier League, in the group stage of the Champions League, which was beaten 3-1 by the almost unknown Prague Meteo. In the second round of the tournament, the Czech First Division's hegemony is fierce. They scored a goal almost shortly after the start of the first half of the game, and scored two goals in a row when the game was about to reach the 80th minute, making a score of 3:0. But just when too many people thought Sparta Prague was going to lock in the victory, the captain of Prague Meteo, Salaka,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, scored a goal to turn the tide for the team. This allowed Sparta Prague and Meteo Prague to set the aggregate score at 4-4 after 180 minutes over two legs, with the same number of away goals. The game entered the overtime of 120 minutes. It was a tough enough game to describe. Sparta Prague is facing a life-and-death battle in the second leg with two goals behind in the first leg. Meteo, on the other hand, is facing an unreserved strength, the hegemony of the Czech First Division. And finally stand out in this game. It's Meteo! The goal scored by Meteo, Heinz and Kewell in the 116th minute was the most amazing goal of the game and enough to be recorded in the history of Meteo Club. It led to Meteo's elimination of Sparta Prague in the eighth finals of the Czech Cup. There is no doubt that the player produced by Sparta Prague's own youth Academy has become a nightmare for Sparta in the Czech Cup elimination. After the official website of the Czech Football Association announced that Meteo had become the first team to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Czech Cup this season,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, Meteo fans began a city-wide celebration! Even in this grand celebration, some fans said that if they eliminated teams like Sparta Prague in the eighth finals of the Czech Cup, they would be able to close their eyes even if Meteo lost all the remaining league matches this season. But of course, that's just what the fans say. As the head coach of the Meteo team, Yi Lei could not let such a terrible thing happen. In order to be able to show the strongest strength that Meteo can show in this round, she almost sacrificed two league matches before and after. Before the end of the first half of the game, she can still have seven league matches in which the initiative is in her hands. Every time she wins a game, she will be closer to the first division. October 11, Usti vs Prague Meteo, 2-0. October 18, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, Prague Meteo vs Pardubis, 2:1. On October 25, Zlin vs Prague Meteo, 1:1. November 15, Prague Meteo vs Opava, 3:2 November 23, Hradec Crano vs Prague Meteo, 2:2 ………… In the last match before the winter break, Prague Meteo, led by Yilei, met Hradec Crano, who ranked second in the scoreboard. It was an exciting and close game. And the two teams finally shook hands with 2:2. The draw brought Prague's Meteo, who scored twice in the promotion, into a three-and-a-half-month long winter break as fifth in the league table. By this time, their Meteo duo had become emerging teen idols! You know, for some well-known reasons, Prague Meteo's broadcasts sell better than others, and naturally cultivate a group of fans around the world who are willing to watch their games and want to watch them play. Even before the start of the winter break, Heinz and Kewell, Salaka and Piszczek Shirokov, the most popular players in the Meteo team, had been invited to participate in interviews with some Czech sports newspapers. They even appeared on the cover of a magazine together! Now, Meteo has been invited by the German magazine GQ to participate in their exclusive interview. This was almost unthinkable in the past! You know, they are only players who play for the Czech second division team! Class B! Czech! Heinz is a great player. I started playing for the team when Meteo was promoted to the third division, and Heinz was a year ahead of me, when Meteo was in the fourth division. But in fact, he already had the chance to play for the third division team. In addition, he has been working hard to complete his college studies while playing football in recent years. This is what I admire very much. Sitting in a sunny room with white walls and unbleached wood, Kerviel first uttered these words in front of the GQ staff. When Heinz heard this, he immediately showed the expression of "I told you not to say this". Immediately, the two of them laughed together. As far as I know, it was the Czech third division team, Lokomotiv Prague, that first offered you an olive branch. Is that right, Heinz? "Yes." "But why did you end up in Prague Meteo,304 stainless steel wire, where you were still in the fourth class?" Heintz thought for a long time about the question from Miss Annette, who was interviewed by GQ magazine, before she said:. sxthsteel.com

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