Shake the light

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Shaking the light unprepared, he stumbled and sat on his lap. "I don't like it when you defend other men," he said tastefully, clasping her wrists behind her. Obviously, the smell of acetic acid is overflowing out of the mouth, but the surface is light. Shaking the light and holding back his smile, he tilted his head and pretended to be puzzled and asked, "Who do you like me to defend?" Did he not know that she deliberately asked, and he stroked her ear with one hand and rubbed her auricle up and down with his thumb. The heart is pleased to notice her breath slightly confused, then follow her words,brushed stainless steel sheet, said: "Nature is only for me." "You are really overbearing." Shake light Jiao Chen a hum. His ears were tingling and itching. She couldn't bear to turn her head to avoid it. She said in a dumb voice, "I've spent a lot of energy today. I'm a little tired. In two days, I have to feed the soul-eating spirit to strengthen the power of the spirit king. I want to make up for my sleep first." See her auricle red, straight spread to the cheeks, red like peach blossom. "I haven't been sleepy for many days, and I'm a little tired.." he said happily. As he spoke, he buried his head in her neck, sniffed the fragrance deeply, and whispered softly: "Only the plum blossom fragrance on your body can make me sleep peacefully." Shaking light really can not hold his teasing love words,stainless steel welded pipe, listen to the soft ears, crisp body, can not help but lean on his arms soft into mud, which has the strength to resist. Suddenly, she loosened her wrist and shook the light, thinking that he was leaving, and was holding his shoulder to get up. He suddenly raised his head and looked at each other, and the heat in his eyes was not blocked. The next moment, the lips of the shaking light were caught off guard by two soft kisses that he had fallen. The lips are close to each other, the breath is in harmony, and both of them are shocked and sighed. The nine kisses were delicate, as if they were tasting delicious food. They held her lips lightly and pecked her closely until she breathed quickly. But he only gave her a moment to relax, and then he kissed her again, this time more strongly than before. Shaking light two hands helplessly grasp his sleeve, consciousness drifting to let him kiss, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, throat dry, she subconsciously moistened her lips. A stuffy hum suddenly overflowed from the mouth of the nine. Her casual actions easily broke his restraint, gradually lost tenderness, and kissed without rules. Under his approach, Shaking Light Teeth was lost, and Jiu took the opportunity to absorb the faint fragrance of plum blossoms that belonged to her alone. I do not know for a long time, the quiet room, the sound of heavy breathing is particularly awake. Shaking his face red and ears red, he sat in his arms, his lips as red as blood, his cheeks as red as blooming plum blossoms, and the corners of his mouth always hung with a pleasant radian. Her chin was pressed against the top of her hair, and only by not looking at her could she suppress the surge of desire in her heart and gradually calm the restless and frantic heartbeat. After the breath calmed down, he picked up the shaking light and turned to walk towards the bed. When they lay down, he still held her in his arms and let her lie in his arms.  It doesn't mean that he doesn't understand the risk of feeding bewitching that he didn't break it. To raise a soul-devouring demon, you need to be willing to be devoured by it. If regardless of time, slowly raise a devouring soul, in terms of shaking light, the pain is just like a needle prick, which can be ignored. Since the moment of memory awakening,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, when she had recaptured the divine consciousness controlled by the spirit king, how heavy the grief in her heart was, how strong the anger and hatred for the devouring soul was.

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