Emperor Qianlong

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There are many unjust things in the world. Bamboo gentleman, pine doctor, bent plum blossom without appellation, how can everything be comprehensive? Ji Yun wiped the greasy with a towel, licked his lips contentedly and said with a smile, "It's better for the poor family to carry the net to Zhang Tu, and for the rich family to buy bamboo shoots.". It's all there. Qian Du didn't understand and said, "What did Xiaolan say?"? Pigs and rabbits, and what else is there? It's full of rhymes. It's not refreshing to hear it. Ji Yun picked his teeth and giggled, saying, "Ah Du is your surname. I'm talking about braised pork with bamboo shoots. The rich and the poor should share the beauty of elegance and vulgarity." Yunlu was still thinking about singing an opera, because he said, "Liu Yanqing stirred up my opera and punished me with a glass of realgar wine. Listen to me sing a song." Then he pinched his voice and sang: Cuitingting, don't be Qingxu Realm, Cangcang Clouds and Flowers.. In midair, the pavilion is painted, taking advantage of the shadow of the setting sun. Bead foil is greeted by someone. Liu Tongxun looked at the bustling scene in front of him, and suddenly remembered that the people of Zhang Guangsi were still fighting in the miasma, and his heart sank. When Ji Yun came back from relieving himself, he was stunned and asked, "Do you seem to have something on your mind?" Not wanting to spoil everyone's fun, Liu Tongxun said with a smile,Wheel tape measure, "I don't know much about drama, and I can't understand it without a beginning or an end.". It's the tune of Cipai that I occasionally listen to. You just have fun and don't worry about me. I'll have to go in a minute. He used to be casual and perfunctory, but unexpectedly he scratched the itch of Hong Zhou. He handed the elephant board in his hand to Hong Chun and said, "Take it-you guys play Looking at the South of the Yangtze River!"! Yanqing is a busy man, and it is not easy to come here. What does he want to hear? Let's do it first. My lyrics are a must! Liu Tongxun had to frown and smile, and listen to the prince singing: It rains in the south of the Yangtze River, and the wind fills Changchuan. The green tile smoke drowns the willow bank, the red gauze is fragrant and moist into the plum pass,Horse weight lbs, and it is drifting. Morning and evening, long in front of Chu Feng. Cold night sad song golden belt pillow, spring river deep closed Mulan boat, Yanzhu far connected.. "All right, all right!" Ji Yun clapped his hands and stood up to laugh, "but they are all the works of predecessors, and there is nothing new!"! That year, the Fifth Master'lived out of mourning ', and the king of Zunfu's political discipline, Baldy, was'crying' and muttering at the same time. I was listening to it, and it was natural that it was the word card of "Looking at Jiangnan"! Isn't it interesting to sing at the moment? Everyone laughed when they heard it. This and the prince treat people, the most astute, capable, easy-going and broad-minded, Diameter tape measure ,Pi tape measure, but often unreasonable, and there is another perverse absurdity. The vigorous and vigorous individual, who had already held four funerals for himself, acted as a "dead man" but chewed the fruit according to the case. That's what Ji Yun is referring to. At that moment, Hong Zhou laughed and said, "The man who killed the talent has a dog's head and cried out" Looking at the South of the Yangtze River. "You sing, you sing!"! It's really good. I'll reward him when I go back! Ji Yun cleared his throat, wrinkled his face like a model, beat his chest and stamped his feet like a mourner, and wanted to sing like crying and laughing: My father. "Death" is so ignorant. There was no note on the book of life and death (son), and the King of Hell urgently called out to the judge: "I'm eating the incense offering-er.." My father, 'die' too flustered! The guests and guests are not picked up, and they are busy packing and buying banners. Ugh! There is no place to rip off. He imitated the style of crying spirit, throwing tears and blowing his nose to "cry" with affection, and everyone laughed heartily. Liu Tongxun, who had something on his mind, laughed for a while, winked at Fu Heng and said, "Offend" and resigned from the West Flower Hall. Fu Heng followed him out and took him to the small study to sit down. Sixth Master, "as soon as Liu Tongxun sat down, he pulled out the memorial from his sleeve and handed it to Fu Heng." Look at the folding of Nexiang and Zhang Guangsi. I always feel wrong, but I don't know anything about military affairs. "The emperor is now at the Xiannong Altar, and when he comes down, he will have to play it immediately. He is afraid that he will not be able to reply when he asks, so he steals time to ask for advice." Fu Heng took it over with a smile and said, "It's good for you to come out for a walk and have a good time. This time you look better than when you came." He looked at the memorial. Watching, Fu Heng's expression became serious, while concentrating on the folding book, slowly got up and took down a roll of maps from the top of the bookcase, one hand skillfully unfolded, looking at the folding book for a while, squinting at the map for a while. For a long time, the hand softly put down the folded book, but hesitated. Liu Tongxun felt that it was getting hot. He wiped his sweat and asked, "How's it going?" Fu Heng looked away from the map and looked at the dazzling sunshine outside the courtyard. He tapped the map with his finger and said firmly, "False!"! We have lost a great battle! Liu Tongxun wanted to ask more questions, but Fu Heng said, "You can't say it clearly in a few words.". I'll pass the sign in and say it all the way! Then he called Little Wang Tou and said, "Little Qizi, take good care of the guests." And Liu Tongxun together out of the house. Si Xiao Qian Long Cheng Yan Zhong Cui Gong Cong Cha Jun was shocked when he heard of the victory. Fu Heng on the horse mouth than hand, one by one to Liu tongxun said memorials to avoid defeat to claim credit for the deceiving place, as if to witness. Hearing this, Liu Tongxun felt anxious in his heart. At noon on the Dragon Boat Festival in the fifth month of the lunar year, the sun shone so hard that the earth turned waxy white, and the heat came up, making it even hotter and hotter. By the time they reached the head of the Xihua Gate, both of them were already wet through. All the way into the palace, he ordered the eunuch to ask Qianlong to receive him. Liu Tongxun was still suspicious of himself. "That sounds reasonable," he said. Is it too alarmist? Our army still occupies Songgang and Xiazhai! "The base camp is all gone." Fu Heng stood in the shade of the stone lion,Fiberglass tape measure, carefully straightening his sweaty braids, and said with a wry smile, "The Sutra Temple is the most important place for transporting grain and stationing troops. Neqin is not a three-year-old child. How dare he give up easily? "Just look at the paper and ink on which he wrote the book.". Is there anyone who uses this kind of hemp paper and smelly ink for bookkeeping to write a report of victory? "You mean." "I said they were so badly defeated that they fled to Songgang in a hurry without even taking the memorial book with them!" 。 tapemeasure.net

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