I don't want to be an emperor.

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I tried to kiss him twice, but as soon as I got to the key place, he trembled and turned pale. . Biting his lower lip tightly and trying to provoke him. It made me feel like I was raping. So every time I start excitedly and end with a sigh, I have to coax him not to take it to heart. Although I know it's not urgent and I have to take my time, my patience is almost exhausted by him. Ziyan, you seem to have something on your mind these days. What's the matter? Except for the head For two or three days, he was very happy, but these days I found that he always wrinkled when I was not paying attention. He frowned as if there was something bothering him that could not be solved. I'm fine. Maybe I'm a little tired from traveling these days. Zi Yan dodged my quest. Light, a simple explanation. Is it? I looked at him suspiciously for a moment. Since he doesn't want to say, I won't ask. But if I want to know, I will know. In that case, eat more! Otherwise, you will be exhausted. I'll take every dish. Put some in his bowl and let him eat more. We'll be in Hwaseong tomorrow. Does the emperor have any plans? Zi Yan didn't want to be seen through. Change the subject in a hurry. Speaking of this matter, I am happy, "I received the battle report this morning, Yulin's ability is really not covered,Adhesive fish ruler, short." In a short time of one month, I have taken ten cities of Pingya, and I will be sure to fill them in the future. Reward him. You're friends with him. Do you know what he likes? We haven't seen each other for a long time. Even at the beginning, I don't know. Every time. He brought me some rare things, and I haven't given him anything yet! Speaking of which, it's a good idea. It's a shame that friends don't even know what he likes. That's it! Then I will reward him to eat at the same table with me. What do you think? "The emperor is in charge!" Why is Yiran so happy at the mention of Yulin! Only Because he won the war? That night I tried to do it with him again, but the result was the same,Walking measuring wheel, so I had to sleep with him. After that, a man wandered around the barracks for a while, letting the cold wind of the night keep surging up on me. Your desire has come down. Shuyi, what happened to what I asked you to do? I am the emperor, of course, I can't go shopping alone. Shuyi was unlucky enough to accompany me to enjoy the breeze. Back to the emperor, probably because many people in the army have been pointing at him behind his back recently. Said some bad words. "Oh?"? What did you say? "It's a little ugly to say that he seduces the Lord and seduces the emperor." So that's it! Shu Yi, what do you think I should do to make the people in the army no longer idle? What about words? "The emperor might as well give him a title!"! Maybe we can stop the gossip. Will it work? In this way, there may be more people talking. If the throne is sealed, he will. He can't lead the troops any more. He can only stay in the harem. He won't want to. "What can I do?" Yes! What should I do? In this way, you will pass on my will tomorrow and take Shang Yin from the imperial capital Come and drive in the army. I hope this can reduce some gossip and satisfy my needs. Yes, fish measuring tape ,tape measure clip, it's a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Thinking of this, I was in a better mood and turned to the account. Go, go back to sleep. The emperor is overjoyed! The emperor is overjoyed! "How can you learn from Shuqi?"! What are you shouting about early in the morning? Sleeping in a daze, I haven't opened my eyes yet. This book is really, I am early in the morning. Where does joy come from! "Congratulations, Your Majesty!"! Congratulations, Your Majesty! News came from the imperial capital that Mei Dejun gave birth to you ten days ago. A royal daughter. "Really?!" I scrambled to my feet, took the letter from Shuqi's hand and read it carefully for several times. All over, the mouth is getting bigger and bigger. The letter said that the birth went smoothly, and the body of the red cherry also recovered very well. In his letter, he also told me not to worry about them and that he would take good care of them and their children. Ha ha ha Great, my good red son. Pass on my will, Mei Dejun to accompany since driving The governor is sensible, and he has made great contributions to the royal family. Now he is given the title of Mei Guijun. Appreciate a hundred pearls Ten boxes of ginseng tonic, ten pieces of jewelry and ten pieces of baldric. "Obey the decree!" "Also, let him take good care of his body, and when his body is well, I will bring him from the imperial capital to accompany him." I fight. "Congratulations, Your Majesty, on your daughter!" "Ha ha ha.." Zi Yan, I am so happy. I'm happy to watch it over and over again. Xin, good red, we can be together soon. Without you in the day, I really feel good arc single ah! ! Zi Yan smiled at the woman who was already happy and crazy, and the bitterness in his heart came up again. When can I give her a baby! As long as he can give her a child, he will be satisfied. But now he can't even serve her, how can he have children! "Zi Yan, I have become a mother!"! I'm a mother! "You've already done it once." With a smile on his face, Ziyan reminded him to hold himself and laugh. Dear woman, she was the mother of two children a month ago. But I'm just as happy this time! Compared with Li'er's child, Hong'er's child makes me feel better. Looking forward to it! I don't know if the little guy looks like me! "Book game, I am happy to have a daughter, ordered the whole army to reward each person with five taels of silver, after entering the city tonight, big!" Feast the whole army. "Obey the decree!" "Your Majesty, this is a reward of silver and a feast for the army. I'm not afraid that everyone will want you more in the future." Do you have any? Zi Yan laughed and teased her. Let me satisfy everyone's wishes, let my attendants do nothing but give birth to my children. Son. How about starting with you? I hugged him and kissed him fiercely. I'm not the emperor's servant. What does it matter to me? "Why not? It's just short of the seal.". I want to wait until I defeat Pingya. Seal you, if you can't wait,Walking tape measure, then I will issue a decree. "Your Majesty, please do me a favor. Just make yourself happy. Give me a break!" Zi Yan has no patience He begged softly for mercy, and the woman in front of him was his greatest nemesis in his life. tapemeasure.net

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