Hualingling (Battle of the Worship of the Moon)-Cangyue _ txt Novel Paradise

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With a trembling hand, she suddenly returned to open the black box in her hand-the mysterious black box that she had just defended with flesh and blood in the bloody battle without letting others hurt half a minute. Her hands were bleeding, blood dripped from her fingertips, and her badly injured left arm could not complete the action accurately. Suddenly, the box fell from her arms! At that moment, I don't know why, even Garo seemed to be struck by lightning and retreated subconsciously, but his eyes were staring at the box that fell, opened and turned over, and the eyes under the jewel forehead ring were changing in a complex way. Pow. The box fell to the ground, and the contents fell out, turned over slightly, and stopped on the ground. That's a head. The head of a teenager. But the head of a boy of fifteen or sixteen. I don't know what method was used, but my eyes seemed to be as gentle and calm as before, with a look of compassion and calmness. However, judging from the neat incision, the head had been cut down by a knife for a long time. The head rolled out of the box and lay on the ground, keeping a faint smile with closed eyes. Garo was suddenly speechless. He looked at a lonely head on the ground. His hand trembled more and more. Suddenly he turned around and pressed it between his eyebrows, as if trying to control something. He asked in a trembling voice, "How did you find it?"? Who told you that! ——” Hearing such an inquiry from the priest of the worship of the moon, Ajing's body suddenly trembled. Suddenly, she sneers, laugh more more unbridled: "So I have been when the fool to cheat?"? I actually believe you are Qinglan. Obviously your face and Qinglan are completely different, obviously the phantom beast can choose the host again after the death of the master, clearly know that you are the enemy can stop at nothing. I actually thought you were Qinglan without any doubt at the beginning! In the laughter of the woman in scarlet clothes, Garo's face was as pale as death. The young man's head smiled quietly at him in Ajing's arms,horse weight tape, and his dark hair, one by one, was on Ajing's blood-soaked arm. Young Qinglan's face, however, is so serene and empty, as if all wishes have been realized, without any concern. Qinglan. Qinglan. What is your wish? Now the smile between your eyebrows is so calm, is it because you finally see that person again and keep the stars that will eventually meet? ※※※ The leader of the worship of the moon on the high platform saw a white dress suddenly swept out of the temple. It was the sleeping priest who finally woke up ahead of time. The Ming River had not yet recovered from his joy. He had already seen the scene of confrontation between Garo and Ajing on the edge of the holy lake below. The Ming River's eyes suddenly flashed with indescribable sadness and secret joy. Finally Finally, it's time to uncover everything. The woman in scarlet clothes, the stubborn and unyielding phoenix flying for nine days in the martial arts world, finally knew today that what she wanted had already been lost forever! Her Qinglan. It doesn't exist anymore. Garo, just Garo, the high priest of the Moon Worship Church. And she, whether Shu Jingrong, cattle weight tape ,Surveyors tape measure, or Qingming, have no relationship. Even, because of their different positions, the two of them are already irreconcilable and life-and-death opponents. Now listen to the snow floor has been attacked to the foot of the mountain, if this and this woman really break, get rid of the relationship, nature can recapture her as a hostage again, the time to force Xiao Yiqing to withdraw. I'm really too emotional. Unexpectedly, because he could not hold back for a moment, he opened the shrine and showed the secret of Garo to the woman who thought she was stubborn and arrogant. Almost.. It almost broke the big thing. Thanks to the blessing of the moon God, the priest woke up early, and things turned around. In this way, not only could the worship of the moon still catch this important hostage, but she also finally put down the big stone in her heart. The woman's deep attachment to Garo was completely erased. Minghe smiled, but there was some uncertainty in her eyes-I don't know why, she always felt that something was wrong all the time. It was something she had never expected and beyond the scope of the questions she had thought about. Quickly surround and rob Shu Jingrong's hands on the edge of the holy lake, and transfer them to the palace gate! There's a high priest here. She can't escape. "Seeing the turmoil and dust at the foot of the mountain, after all, at the gate of the palace, under the dim sky, the crescent moon shone on the altar, and the leader of the worship of the moon on the altar began to order the altar owners around him," Yes, go and see, why hasn't the solitary light protector appeared yet? Did he not receive my order just now? Let him quickly take the children, to the palace gate to intercept listen to the snow floor people! On this side, as long as the high priest captures Shu Jingrong, we can eliminate this military disaster. "Yes." The Lord of the altar took the order and retreated in a hurry, disappearing into the dense sea of people. ※※※ On the edge of the holy lake, as soon as the children of the three thousand moon-worshipping religions saw the priest, they immediately raised a look of admiration on their faces. They bowed their heads, retreated, and gradually enlarged the encirclement, leaving the priest and the woman in scarlet clothes standing alone in the open space. The scene was exactly the same as that in the rock stronghold ten years ago. It's just that the role between the hostage and the protector on that day is totally wrong. Ridiculous. Jing closed her eyes slightly, as if she had suppressed something, but her wry smile could not help overflowing from her lips. "I once made up my mind not to let Master Bai Di's prophecy come true-even if Qinglan killed me, I would rather be killed myself than kill him!" She opened her eyes and stared fiercely at the priest of the worship of the moon in white. Looking at his pale face and dark blue eyes, she sneered: "It's really easy to calculate!"! In this way, with the name of Qinglan, I can't lay hands on you. "Have you really thought that you would rather die than kill Qinglan?" I don't know why, but the priest in white, who had been struggling with pain between his eyebrows since the box fell to the ground, suddenly smiled,Fish measuring board, asked a rhetorical question, and looked relaxed. The woman in scarlet clothes shook her fingers and looked down at the familiar face in her arms ten years ago. The blood on her fingers flowed on the pale skin of her head, which was shocking. Jing's voice suddenly trembled with pain.

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