It is you who are reborn.

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"Huh?"? Did you pick up his cell phone? Che Hewen remembered that Zhao Chengyu was really looking for his cell phone just now. A classmate asked him, and he said he might have lost it somewhere. Che Hewen's heart jumped slightly, and there was a trace of excitement and sincerity in her smile. You leave it to me. Thank you for sending it here specially! Che Hewen smiled and held out her hand, motioning Gu Hanning to give her her cell phone. Gu Hanning raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the girl opposite, but put down his hand instead. Ah, Gu Hanning? Are you looking for Zhao Chengyu? He was called by the head teacher. Gu Hanning turned his head and saw Meng Qide coming out of the classroom, apparently just seeing himself. I left his cell phone in my bag. I wanted to send it to him. Well, I'm going to have a class soon. Please tell him that I'll help him pick up the phone first. I'll see you at the same place in the library after class. Gu Hanning said goodbye to Meng Qide with a smile and hurried back to the classroom, not seeing anyone staring at her all the time. Meng Qide! Che Hewen turned her head and asked hesitantly with a perturbed look in her eyes. Just now, who is it? "Oh, she's Zhao Chengyu's girlfriend." Meng Qide didn't care. He answered casually and went back to his seat. Leaving the shocked girl almost unable to hold her heart because of the unexpected impact, one jump missed one jump, leaving only the loss of her heart and eyes. Zhao Chengyu, he has a girlfriend. A slight soliloquy, of course, no one answered, Che Hewen bit her lower lip, looking at the empty corridor, slightly sad. Gu Hanning and Zhao Chengyu has always been low-key, usually the way of dating also tends to be quiet, in addition to the dormitory know two people of this matter,whirlpool hot tub, the rest of the students really don't know much, especially Zhao Chengyu here, he will not catch people and say he fell in love, Gao Chen naturally did not mind to help him spread his defeat, Chen Ming and Meng Qide did not talk much, so that classmates do not know much. Alas, so inadvertently,endless swim pool, hurt the girl's heart, really just hurt ah! Although at that time, Gu Hanning also had a slight understanding, but she was in a hurry to attend class, and then forgot about it for a while, until she met again in the library in the afternoon. After class, Gu Hanning went directly to the corner of the library where they used to sit by the window, borrowed a thick copy of Selected Western Literary Theories, and looked down. I was absorbed in it unconsciously until I felt the pressure on my head. As soon as I looked up, I saw Zhao Chengyu smiling at me. Gu Hanning smiled back and took out his cell phone and handed it over. Here, your mobile phone. There was another call at the end of the class just now, which showed that it was your home phone, but I didn't answer it. Gu Hanning explained in a low voice, looking at Zhao Chengyu's slightly raised eyebrows, but somewhat embarrassed, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,massage bathtub manufacturers, "in case, your mother or your father asked me who I was, then how to explain?" "If you say you're Gu Hanning, they'll know." Gu Hanning rolled his eyes: "I haven't seen the text message. You can see the caller ID by yourself." "Haven't you returned your book yet?" Zhao Chengyu glanced at a pile of books on the side table. Not yet. There were too many people just now. You help me to return it. There are these books. Help me borrow them. My card is full. Gu Hanning pushed two piles of books and looked at Zhao Chengyu with a smile. All right, have you borrowed it all? "All together!" "What a coincidence, Zhao Chengyu!" Zhao Chengyu picked up the book and was about to return it first when he heard the voice next to him, turned his head and frowned slightly. Gu Hanning sat motionless, with a smile on his lips, looking at the girl he had just seen in the afternoon, holding a strange young girl, and looking at Zhao Chengyu with a smile on his lips. Gu Hanning smiled and raised his eyebrows. The girl's smile was more nervous and expectant than when she talked to herself in the afternoon? What a coincidence. This is the first time I met you in the library. Do you often come to the library? The other side smiled and said a series of words, hurriedly slightly slanted his head, as if he had just seen Gu Hanning, "Oh, who is this?" Zhao Chengyu frowned slightly, looked at the girl who seemed to be waiting for him to introduce her, and said: Hanning, this is the branch secretary of our class, and this is my girlfriend, Gu Hanning. "A very simple introduction, the nervous girl just remembered to squeeze out a smile to Gu Hanning, so that she could greet him as calmly as possible." Hello, we met in the afternoon. With strange eyes, Gu Hanning squinted at Zhao Chengyu, who was half leaning against his desk, and then said with a smile, "Hello." "That." The girl looked at Zhao Chengyu, obviously wanting to say something else, perhaps intending to chat a few more words. Zhao Chengyu had already turned his eyes and said to Gu Hanning with a smile, "I'm going to return the book." Then he turned to his classmates and said, "Goodbye." He walked leisurely to the service desk. Che Hewen said softly with a disappointed look on her face: "Bye-bye.." He looked at Zhao Chengyu and left without looking back. Che Hewen slightly stupefied, the bottom of my heart full of loss, and then turned back, Gu Hanning had already lowered his head, re-shifted his attention to his own hands, there is no way to accept the complex eyes of Che Hewen. Che Hewen was so depressed that she moved helplessly and followed her roommate step by step. When Zhao Chengyu came back and sat down again, Gu Hanning could not read the book instead. After looking up at Zhao Chengyu several times, he finally could not hold back his curiosity. Well, it's really just curiosity, and it has nothing to do with other emotions. Gu Hanning meditated in the bottom of his heart, pretending to bow his head inadvertently and asked: "Both of them were your classmates just now?" "Hm?"? Oh. No. I only know one, the branch secretary of our class, but I don't know the other one. Zhao Chengyu lowered his head and answered casually. Oh Gu Hanning raised his head, propped up his chin, and smiled at Zhao Chengyu. What's the name of the branch secretary of your class? Zhao Chengyu gave an obvious meal and finally raised his head, frowning and thinking for a moment. Well,outdoor hot tub, his last name is He. Uh It's also possible that it's Cui. Is Zhao Chengyu giving an open answer? Gu Hanning laughed and shook his head, this guy, really did not remember the name of others! "Why don't you even know the names of your classmates?!" Gu Hanning slightly condemned.

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