That's why he can't accept her

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Pei Zeyuan looked at her deeply, he had to admit that she was beautiful, charming, her self-confidence must be in the publicity to radiate, she is always like a luminous body, strongly affecting the people around her, she is not suitable for plain, destined to live a wonderful life. If Ding Xiaoxiao is the fire, Pei Zeyuan is the sea. Her whole body exudes a bright blue, and he has a deep blue. How can they cross paths? Either he was vaporized and killed in her fire, or she was gradually extinguished in his sea. That's why he can't accept her. He doesn't want her beauty and confidence to be erased in his own world. Therefore, Ding Xiaoxiao does not belong to herself, her world can never be integrated into his world, her publicity and self-confidence need a more exciting stage. And everything, he can not provide her, he just want to simply enjoy their own peace. His faint smile floated on his face again. "I won't like you." Their road can only be extended separately, there should be no intersection, now the confusion is just an illusion. Ding Xiao smiled and his face sank. "Lie!" She doesn't believe it. Never. Was the shock on his face, the beating of his heart, all fake? Yes She stood closer in front of him, grabbed his hand and gently put it on her heart. His warm palm conveyed warmth and burned her heart. She pressed and did not let him retract. He looked at him with a serious face. "My heart can't lie. It tells me that I like you." Yes He was in a daze, feeling her heartbeat under his palm, pounding rapidly, and the rhythm was like a small drum beating in his heart. He was confused,hot tub wholesale, why his heart began to beat faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier, ears only repeatedly sounded, "like you." Like you.. Xiaoxiao looked at his confused eyes, slowly close, when his lips were about to stick to his warm lips. There was a tingling pain in his thigh, and the cell phone in his pants pocket rang, and the vibration hit his thigh like an electric shock, which startled him. He gently pushed away the smile and tried to straighten out his breathing before pulling out his cell phone. It was his mother's phone. He glanced at it and smiled. He coughed lightly and got through. Mom Uh It's pretty busy.. It's all right,outdoor endless pool, I'll take care of myself. Well, I'll go back and look for it. I'll ask Xiuyuan to bring it to you tomorrow. Well, don't worry, goodbye. Very not easy to keep calm to answer the phone, Pei Zeyuan just looked to smile. She was quiet like a child, waiting for him to answer the phone, and her eyes were not as aggressive as they had just been, but showed a trace of innocence. He looked at her, quietly studying, and she looked back at him, hoping that he would really understand her heart, that she was not playing now, that she was serious. I do not know how to express, I only know that your love will make me feel suffocated, let me have pressure. Perhaps I have been used to my calmness, and I can't accept such a strong love as yours. For the first time, Pei Zeyuan said the feeling in his heart, endless swim spa ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "You are very attractive, but not everyone can accept it." His eyes were clear and he looked at her quietly. "Because I'm too enthusiastic?" Ding Xiaoxiao can not accept his refusal, perhaps she is very strong, strong enough to let him fear, but she just follow the heart, do not want to suppress the feeling in the heart. "Your enthusiasm will be liked by many men." Pei Zeyuan chuckled, this is her charm, but for him it is a kind of pressure. I don't want them to like it. I just want you to like it. Xiaoxiao shook her head persistently. Don't persuade her to give up. How can she give up when she finds herself in love with someone for the first time? Pei Zeyuan chuckled, "maybe when I leave, you will find that this is just a wrong attraction." When he finishes the project and leaves, all this will pass. He continues his calm and she regains her enthusiasm. That's normal. I won't let you go. Smile sneer, he still does not understand, "do you think only by Liu Junhui, can get the contract of Lianyuan?" Okay, if he doesn't believe her, let him know what she's capable of Pei Zeyuan frowned at her, what did she mean? Yes Xiaoxiao chuckled, stepped back, slanted his head and looked at him proudly. "I tell you, Liu Junhui has to thank you.". If it wasn't for keeping you, I wouldn't have gone to my dad for this project, and he wouldn't have won the case at all. Pei Zeyuan looked at her in disbelief. Xiaoxiao continued, "You have to go, you have to accompany her abroad.". Hum, how can this be? There was a cold light in her eyes, thinking that he didn't even want his career for that woman. Was it worth it? Besides, he doesn't love her at all. I begged my dad to consider this plan, but the condition is that you must be responsible for it. She smiled as the shock grew in his eyes. Yes, it is to keep you that we have this project. She didn't care what he thought. All she knew was that she didn't want him to go. She couldn't before, and she couldn't now. Pei Zeyuan's brain is also confused, what on earth is this woman thinking? How could she do so many things behind her back, just to keep him? An idea flashed through his mind. He raised his surprised eyes and asked her doubtfully, "You didn't ask for overtime these two days, did you?" Xiaoxiao did not answer, but returned with a smile. He is not stupid ah, finally understand it, how she can let go, as long as she wants, no matter how to get. "Ding Xiaoxiao, you are so ridiculous." Pei Zeyuan softly reprimanded her, so she took the project of Lianyuan as a joke, where did the serious negotiation of Ding Xiaoxiao go? Yes "I don't care. I just can't stand her clinging to you." Ding Xiao laughed and stared at him angrily. Pei Zeyuan shook his head helplessly, "I'm not worth doing so much." She always surprises him, and there are always things that happen beyond his imagination. However, looking at her stubborn expression, he knew that no matter what he said, he could not change her mind. Oh, forget it. She won't listen to what he says now. Frowning, he did not want to say, "Since there is no need to work overtime, let's go back." Ding Xiaoxiao looked at him and did not resist her, a burst of joy in his heart, although he still insisted that he could not accept her,hot tub manufacturers, but at least he would not turn away as he had done several times before. Perhaps his heart is also struggling, she believes that he will slowly see his heart, began to accept their own.

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