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Liang Jiaojiao did not expect that Shen Junyu would not give any face, not only not to give, and even can be used to describe the unsparing, he actually drove her away, immediately with Qin Huanhuan to do those intimate movements. Liang Jiaojiao looked at the mobile phone Shen Junyu pulling Qin Huanhuan wrist movements and those people on the sky speculation and discussion, the face more and more black heavy up. If she's the heroine in this picture, Then her fame must be able to rise to another level. And About the university entrance examination, her gold owner has already arranged, she is now just a formality, if Shen Changfeng is willing, she can find someone to help him get the university things done. When two people fall in love and are admitted to a good university, they are sure to attract a large number of fans and bring good development to both of them. The more she thought about it, the more angry Liang Jiaojiao felt. Many people know about her transfer from other cities, and everyone knows what she is for. As a result, Shen Changfeng has lost her face in the entertainment circle by doing so now. People simply disdain to cooperate with her! Liang Jiaojiao thought about it,4 person jacuzzi, and she felt that she should not give up this opportunity. So, when school was over in the evening, Liang Jiaojiao stopped Shen Junyu again. What's the matter? Shen Junyu stood about one meter away from Liang Jiaojiao. Liang Jiaojiao noticed Shen Junyu's retreating footsteps, and her face sank in an instant. He doesn't want to deal with her that much? "Would you like to think about it again?" Liang Jiaojiao said. Disuse Shen Junyu said, "I've made some things very clear." "You can explain to that girl, anyway,whirlpool bathtub, we are just fired p, not a real boyfriend and girlfriend, I will not interfere in things between you and her." "I have already contacted the film Academy. If you are willing to cooperate with me, I can help you solve the problem of college entrance examination now. You just need to go through the motions," said Liang Jiaojiao. When Shen Junyu heard this, his eyes grew colder and colder, and he became more and more impatient. Film school? I'm not interested. Shen Junyu said, "I, Shen Changfeng, have not been reduced to the point where I need to go through the back door to be admitted to university." Shen Junyu's eyes tightly staring at Liang Jiaojiao, the tone is quite serious: "I will not fire p with anyone, endless swimming pool ,jacuzzi bath spa, if I have a girlfriend, will be the first time to my fans to say clearly." "You're going to ruin your future!" Liang Jiaojiao said. Shen Junyu curled his lips and seemed not to care. You'll regret it! Liang Jiaojiao said. We'll see about that. Shen Junyu said that he did not want to talk to Liang Jiaojiao any more, turned around and walked in the direction of the boys' dormitory. Chapter 3499 the ordinary wife of a talented singer 31. God damn it! When Shen Junyu's back disappeared in her line of sight, Liang Jiaojiao was so angry that she stamped her feet. She has never been so rejected. What a fool he is! He was holding an enviable hand of good cards, but he was broken into a bad hand. Liang Jiaojiao stood in place for a while, but her mood was still not calm. Just as her benefactor called, she came to her senses, took a deep breath and said, "Brother Nie." "Well, school is over?" There came a deep male voice that sounded about twenty or thirty years old. Well, "Liang Jiaojiao answered." What's the matter? You sound unhappy? The man who was called Nie Ge by Liang Jiaojiao sensitively noticed the discomfort in Liang Jiaojiao's tone and asked with concern. Liang Jiaojiao trusts Nie Ge very much, after hearing Nie Ge's question, immediately said the grievance which she suffered today to Nie Ge. After Liang Jiaojiao angrily told him what had happened today, Brother Nie chuckled and said, "He's just a brat. It's not worth your anger." "But no one has ever given me so little face." Liang Jiaojiao was half coquettish and half sad. Brother Nie heard this and said in a spoiled tone, "It's just a helpless boy. Don't be angry. If he doesn't give you face, you can let him know the consequences." "Huh?" Liang Jiaojiao did not seem to understand what Nie Ge meant. Leave the matter to me. Brother Nie said. Brother Nie, "Liang Jiao is charming, and her voice is moving.". "Be good, see you on the weekend and go back to rest." Nie Ge Dao. Liang Jiaojiao answered and hung up the phone. When the phone hung up, her lips rose slightly, revealing a palpitating smile. That's what she wants. She has never been able to do good easily, since Shen Changfeng is not willing to cooperate with her, then he should dare to bear her anger. Liang Jiaojiao finally happily returned to the dormitory, the surface can not see a trace of sadness. Twelve o'clock at midnight. Shen Junyu's mobile phone suddenly vibrated. Aunt Yang's phone. Shen Junyu narrowed his eyes and sobered up for a moment before he took his cell phone out of the dormitory and stood in the corridor to connect the phone. Changfeng, did you offend someone? Aunt Yang asked in an eager tone over there. What do you mean Shen Junyu frowned. Several of your announcements have been bumped. Aunt Yang said, "I've only heard that someone wants to punish you, but I don't know who it is. Have you offended anyone recently?" "No," Shen Junyu suddenly sobered up and swallowed the rest of the words. " Who do you guess? When Aunt Yang saw that Shen Junyu was like this, she knew that he already had a guess in his mind. Shen Junyu told Liang Jiaojiao what she wanted to cooperate with him. How old are you! Stir up what p, she is afraid is bewitched! When Aunt Yang heard Shen Junyu's words, she could not help scolding angrily. Shen Junyu and her son are about the same age, only eighteen years old, and someone has the idea of this? "Are you sure it's her?" Aunt Yang asked. When Shen Junyu heard this, he answered softly and said,american hot tub, "This is the only thing that has happened recently." "That's the only thing?" Aunt Yang raised her eyebrows on the other end of the phone. "What happened to your little deskmate?" Shen Junyu knew that this matter could not be concealed from Aunt Yang, and when he heard her ask, he said it directly. monalisa.com

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