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As for the gold coin, the price has increased a little recently, reaching 4.4 RMB for 1 gold coin, and it is still rising. The reason is very simple. The first-level main city has been opened. The goods in the grocery store are very expensive, but it is impossible not to buy them, because the high-grade potion in the store is still much better than the intermediate alchemy potion. Three rounds of gale bird men were emptied, and the blooming area of Polny flowers was revealed. Pepper began to collect with a medicine shovel, while we continued to brush monsters not far from her. Everything seemed so harmonious. But the atmosphere lasted less than half an hour. Chapter 409 preemption The short-term and efficient process of brushing monsters made my experience bar rise with the tide, and finally reached level 108. (-Read the web) At this moment, the gale bird people around us were almost wiped out by us. However, "almost" is not equal to all, and where there is Xiaoguai, in most cases it will be accompanied by BOSS. Knowing this iron rule, I looked around and soon found the western scenery behind a big tree in the distance. Behind the tree was a super bird man with fluttering wings, much bigger than the other bird men. It was dark brown and looked like a huge eagle. The eagle was holding a delicate crossbow like a harp in his hand and was patrolling left and right. The Eye of the Dragon will soon see its attributes at a glance. [Fallen Eagle] Grade: world-class BOSS Rating: 140 Blood volume: 24000000 Physical Attack Power: 26000 ~ 40000 Physical Defense: 17000. Magic Defense: 19000. Skills: Explosive Archery, Precision Arrow, Rapid Strafe BOSS Introduction: The guardian of the shadow song forest, with a strong vision and accurate shooting, guarding the precious Bolni flower as life. After reading the introduction of BOSS, Little Pepper Jie said with a smile, "Unfortunately, its life has been exposed by me." Indeed,jacuzzi manufacturers, this beautiful little bandit has hollowed out all the Polny flowers around him, and what we're going to do next is really to explode this guy's chrysanthemum. But the meaning also happened at this time, only to hear a chaotic sound of footsteps not far away, a group of very familiar players appeared in my line of sight. Ye Feng, the debt man of war, the remnant love, the pride of war, and the snow fox of war are all there. In addition,whirlpool hot tub spa, there are more than a dozen players of war behind them, adding up to more than 20 people. There is no doubt that they came for the BOSS behind the big tree. My face was cold and I lowered my voice. "Sister, you have nothing to do here. You can go back to the city first." Love alone Qiuyu was ignited by this sentence, "Little bastard, you just said there are no outsiders here, you now drive me away?"? I'm not leaving! I am helpless, the sword song and the flames of war have been ambiguous, the two teams as long as they meet, have never been soft on each other, how can the autumn rain alone easily go away? And extraordinary? It seems that the relationship with the war is not much better. I recently is very heart gas, skills are all burning to the advanced, the power has been highlighted, even if the confrontation is like opening the plug-in like the residual love and Ye Feng, also fearless. It's just that one of them is a war debt man that I don't want to be an enemy of. Phyl said directly in the team mode, "Everyone is ready, hot tub spa manufacturers ,indoor endless pool, there may be a fight today." As soon as she said this, our players all had a smile of excitement on their faces. Ye Feng's eyes are also with fanaticism, has been staring at the tree behind the fluttering wings of the phantom, a look determined to win. I quickly dispelled his idea with words, "Brother Feng, do you have a heart?" This remark was obviously provocative, and he did not avoid my eyes, but looked at me, and his right hand had begun to touch the hilt of the sword at his waist. Remnant love, on the other hand, turns on all the gain skills in an instant. But to my surprise.. "Whoosh!" "Boom!" In my eyes, I could clearly see a thunder and lightning array exploding behind the players of the war, and countless bright arrows penetrated several leather armor players who had not had time to disperse in the war, including the passers-by of the war and the night eight gods! There is no doubt that this skill is Thunder Arrow Rain, Luo Lan's group killing skill! After the second turn, Luo Lan's attack power became very strong, a group of skills actually hit two fatal blows, two crossbowmen were blown up on the spot, died tragically on the green lawn, blood stained the ground, and the other three players also lost nearly half of their blood! Luo Lan's name was dyed light red in an instant. Without waiting for Ye Feng to start, I had already condensed a layer of blue air mass in my hands, and with a wave of one hand, I made three waves of dragon air! The roaring wavy airflow instantly greatly affected the body of the remnant love, the snow fox of the flames of war and the pride of the flames of war, all causing more than ten thousand points of damage! Ye Feng was furious. "Damn, Luo Zifei, you're unreasonable, aren't you?" I smiled, "I talk about your sister's reason, and you still need to talk nonsense?" Looking at my ferocious expression, Ye Feng's anger instantly rose to S-level, the sword in his hand "rub" suddenly pulled out, toward my direction repeatedly threw out three sword gas! Lie Le a trough, fishy wind sword gas unexpectedly also upgraded, today is very lively! The cleverness of several MMs had already dodged Ye Feng's sword attack, while Xiaojing and I made almost the same blocking gesture, making this skill invisible. When I raised my left arm, let alone Ye Feng, all the players in the war were shocked. Broken love is furious, "lying trough, not general, you should not speak ill of Lao Tzu in the future, you are the real cheater!" "Do your sister's harm!" The wind blew at my feet, and I rushed to Ye Feng at a very fast speed! Can love hurriedly follow up escort, he is aware, although Ye Feng's skills optimization is very high, but his own operation and I still have a certain gap! And the war debt man closed his eyes tightly for two seconds and then launched an attack on me! He moved quickly,garden jacuzzi tub, first putting himself in a state of darkness that stunned me, only to see the staff gently raised, a layer of black protective film wrapped around his strong body in an instant.

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