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When you get to the'Tianxuan Valley 'and take the'Martyr's Heart-swinging Pill', you will be told that you can't survive or die. You will be at my mercy and enjoy yourself." As he had evil plans in his heart, a kind of evil smile appeared on his face. Xiahou Juan early know the secret, see in the eyes, natural belly bright, angry dark bite silver teeth, kill the machine, suppress again and again. In a twinkling of an eye, I walked out of the mouth of the valley of "Tianqi Valley". In front of us, it was indeed a remote gully,5 person hot tub, and on the gully, it was indeed a strange long bridge. And the opposite end of the long bridge, as expected, led to a seemingly very deep and dark cave. But "Tianxuan Bridge" is not an empty bridge. There are two people standing in front of the bridge. Xiahou Juan eyes a note, see these two people, are not strange, he has seen all. One is He Chengtian, one of the "six disabilities of the universe",jacuzzi swim spa, who is missing two hands and has dealt with himself in the "West Haimen of Huangshan Mountain". The other is in the "hundred disabled meeting" above, the performance is excellent, won the appreciation of Dugu Zhi, has now leaped to one of the three hall leaders of the "eternal sadness" Bai Buping. When Wei Feng saw He Tingtian and Bai Pingping, he was stunned. He clasped his fists and asked with a smile, "How could Lord He and Lord Bai have come here?" He Chengtian said with a strange smile, "Yuwen Dharma Protector has entered the'Tianxuan Valley '. The Sect Leader was very happy to hear that he had captured Xiahou Juan, the'roaring beauty'. He was afraid that something would happen in the last part of the way, so he specially issued the'Dragon Head Bamboo Order 'and ordered me and the White Hall Leader to come and escort him." Wei Feng said with a smile, "The Sect Leader is too careful. 'Tianxuan Valley' is impregnable, and 'Tianxuan Bridge' is difficult to cross. Besides, this Xiahou girl has been poisoned by me and has not been dispelled. It is difficult to raise the True Qi and gather the internal force. Where can we go wrong?" Bai Pingping said with a smile, "It's better to be careful than to be careless. Wei Hufa, please go first. Your master Gao Lao and your sister Yuwen Hufa still have something to tell you. This'roaring beauty 'Xiahou girl will be escorted by He Tangzhu and Bai Pingping." When Wei Feng heard this, he was stunned. Bai Pingping burst out laughing again. Xuan Mei shouted, "Protector Wei, don't you trust Bai Pingping and Lord He?"? Let me take out the'Dragon Head Bamboo Order 'of Dugu Sect Leader and show you. With that, Chinese spa manufacturer ,outdoor whirlpool tub, Fang stretched his hand into his bosom. Wei Feng shook his head and said with a smile, "How can Lord Bai be such an outsider and still want to show me the'Dragon Head Bamboo Order '?"? Wei Feng obeyed first, and I handed over Miss Xiahou to you two. The voice fell, took a look at Xiahou Juan, from the corners of the mouth floating evil smile, vertical on the "Tianxuan Bridge", the electricity galloped, into the "Tianxuan Cave". He Chengtian gazed at Xiahou Juan and shouted with a strange smile, "Miss Xiahou, we didn't expect to meet here again."This trip is to seize the opportunity to sneak into the'Tianxuan Valley' and turn it upside down." "Miss Xiahou," said Peng Baiyi,Whirlpool bathtub, "don't do that. In Tianxuan Valley, apart from the traps everywhere and the land of death step by step, the skill of the'Overseas Three Demons' and the East Gate Willow of the'Zifu Feather Scholar 'is by no means comparable to that of my generation. I'd better try to help you escape." 。

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