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These huge cracks are beating like the pulse of human beings, and the cracks are filled with a destructive and dangerous force, which even the top people in the realm of Qi refining will feel great danger. Hiss! Hundreds of feet away from several shadows, a piece of gravel on the ground suddenly arched, revealing a pointed head like a mouse. If you get close, you can see that it is actually a small bat, with two black eyes open, alert to the three figures in front of it. Long Bingyan, I finally found you again! If you could hear the voice in the little bat's heart, you would hear the voice of a woman. The bat only shook, and immediately became motionless and merged with the surrounding gravel. If you don't pay attention, you will think that this is just a bigger piece of gravel. In the purple light, there was silence. In the distance, Lin Xi and others are silently observing here through the bat incarnation of Camilla. A strong man, a holy king, Long Bingyan, you really found a lot of helpers. In the distance,ceramic bobbin heater, Lin Xi "saw" this scene through the eyes of the "little bat" and secretly said. Of the three, the woman in the middle is Long Bingyan. Compared with the past, Long Bingyan's breath is much stronger. And on both sides of her, standing these two tall and powerful men, revealing the breath, are extremely powerful, impressively is a fruit and a sage-king strong. Lin Xi thought slightly in his mind,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and immediately knew that these two people were probably the guards who protected Long Bingyan and went all the way through many dangerous situations and through the "broken land" to reach here. But the three of them didn't know what they were doing. He stood there motionless and did not speak. Long Bingyan they do not move, Lin Xi and Camilla they naturally can not move. Time passes slowly, so it passes in waiting. I don't know how long it took, but suddenly- "Haven't you shown up yet?" Long Bingyan suddenly opened his mouth. Her look was as cold as a glacier that had not melted for thousands of years. She frowned slightly and looked at a purple box on the ground. The box is only the size of a palm, and the surface is full of uniform holes. You can see the white light coming out of it. The twelve-hour beast, could it be the breath of several of us that frightened it. Make him afraid to come out. On the right side of Long Bingyan, the strong man named "The Realm of One Fruit" said. The man was about eight feet tall and burly. On the rugged face, it looks like iron forging. Above his head, a dark fruit was suspended. This is the most remarkable sign of a strong man. Twelve-hour beast? Is that the name of the beast they want to catch? In the distance, Lin Xi frowned thoughtfully. In the space, there are beautiful purple light bands everywhere, which seem to lower the perception of the immortal monks. Long Bingyan and others still did not feel strange, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,7g Ozone Generator, and continued: "No!" Long Bingyan's voice was firm and indisputable: "The twelve-hour beast likes the phantom flower of the'void grass' best. The phantom flower blooms once every eight hundred years.". This'purple light sea ', since a large number of monks have come, the void grass is scattered, extremely rare, and the phantom flower is extinct from now on. This is the only phantom flower that the twelve-hour beast can't resist. Even if you know there is danger, it will appear. "These things have the power of time, but after all, they are beasts, not people, not so smart." Obviously, Long Bingyan has a very thorough understanding of the habits of this twelve-hour beast. Is it possible that we're early? After a brief silence, beside Long Bingyan, the holy king with a tiger's back and a bear's waist. This person is about forty years old, with lofty vision and introverted temperament, which makes people feel that "this person is mature and stable" at a glance. His body was covered with a blue and black robe, which was shining brightly. On the top of the robe, there was a pattern of "Tao Guo", which was very striking. In his hand, an impression-shaped instrument is very eye-catching, emitting a very strong breath of space energy. Unable. It was the son of God himself who told me about Ziguanghai. Even this phantom flower was sent to me by the son of God. Tell me to bring the Purple Light Sea to collect the Twelve Beasts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the Son of God has said. ” Long Bingyan's expression was calm and calm, revealing a strong sense of self-confidence: "The twelve-hour beast appears once every one hundred years. Now, it has been exactly one hundred years since the last strong immortal got the'own beast of time 'in the twelve-hour beast.". If there is no accident, this time it should be the Geng Beast of the Twelve Beasts. The incident involved the "true disciple" of Shenxiaozong, and the two were immediately silent. The realm of "the Son of God" is far superior to that of other people, and it is beyond the estimation of these disciples who refine the realm of Qi. GongSunLiang, for a while, if the twelve beast, called out the guardian beast. It's up to you to resist it. In any case, the twelve-hour beast must be obtained. If you miss this time, you'll have to wait another hundred years. Long Bingyan said in a deep voice. Don't worry, Shenfei. When you come, the'Empty Sage King 'has already explained that if there is any problem, I will block it for you. The Empty Sage King was supposed to come in person this time. It's just that he can't get away now. If you succeed this time, please put in a good word for us in front of the son of God. The Son of God is the future master, and he is deeply respected by our younger martial brothers. If the imperial concubine has any orders, just open your mouth. "One fruit holy king," Gongsun Liang opened his mouth. In the distance, Lin Xi "heard" the words and felt a shock in his heart: "It turns out that the Empty Sage King has colluded with Long Bingyan." The "Empty Sage King" is one of the most powerful "Ten Sage Kings" of the Shenxiao Sect, and is listed on the "Shenxiao Sage King List". The status is not inferior to the "Sea Saint King". Gongsun Liang, the sage king of one fruit,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, is undoubtedly the confidant of the "empty sage king". When Lin Xi remembered, in that "broken place", the "path" composed of countless "space debris" suddenly crossed a flash of lightning in his mind: "It turned out that the space path was created by himself." 。

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