Wolong gives birth to the Spring and Autumn Pen

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Chu Xiaofeng said: "Listen to the old man's words, their hearts have suspected whether you are poisoned, but it is not difficult to verify, as long as they can find out the signs of poisoning from Zhou Jinyun, they can judge whether you are poisoned." Bai Mei nodded. Chu Xiaofeng said: "In order to be cautious, we have to find two dogs to try their poison, antidote, whether there are other tricks." "Poison," said Bai Mei. "That boy, Pi Sanlang, is a great expert. Why didn't he come?" Chu Xiaofeng way: "So, we have to use stupid way." "What if it's confirmed?" Asked Bai Mei. Chu Xiaofeng smiled and said, "At that time, let the old-timers play the trick again." "Oh," said Bai Mei! Isn't my old man's way too risky? "Just fix it," said Chu Xiaofeng. He lowered his voice and said something. Bai Feng sighed and said, "Xiao Feng, you've never been in Jianghu before. How can you have so many ideas and careful arrangements, like an experienced old Jianghu?" Chu Xiaofeng said, "Back to Shi Niang's words, disciple's ideas are all read in books, but at this time, it's just a little revision." Bai Feng nodded and said, "Father,Ceramic Band Heater, do you want the Beggars' Sect to cooperate in this matter? So tell Yu Li." "Go and invite him, disciple," said Dong Chuan. Moments later, Yu Li hurried over on foot. Since the last accident, Yu Li has also moved in. Bai Mei explained the plan, but Yu Li was silent. Dong Chuan coughed lightly and said, "Master Yu, what's the problem?" "It's a good plan," said Yu Li. "But I just don't want you to be in danger. Our Sect Leader has sent me an urgent order to take good care of you. He will arrive in person within three people." "Oh!" Said Bai Mei. Yu Li heaved a sigh of relief and said,cordierite c520, "Just now, the leader of the Xiangjiang Altar of Pai Jiao came to see me. Two of their chief altars had already arrived. They felt that the water was safer and asked me to invite you to the boat. I didn't agree. I heard him say that the leader of Pai Jiao would arrive in three or five days. So I think you can be patient for a few more days when our leader arrives." And then discuss the action of arresting the murderer? "What Helm Master Yu means is that we'll wait here," said Bai Mei. "Three or five days," said Yu Li. "Why don't you be patient?" Bai Feng sighed and said, "We appreciate the kindness of Helm Leader Yu. No one in the Wuji Gate can escape the hatred of the Wuji Gate, and we can't wait for your gang to speak for us. If Helm Leader Yu feels that he can't explain to your gang leader, we have to move out of here immediately." Yu Li was stunned for a moment and said, "Madam Zong, what I mean is.." Bai Feng answered, "I know you mean well, but you only think about things from your standpoint. You are afraid that our living people will be hurt again, but you ignore our feelings and forget our purpose of living." "Madam Zong," said Yu Li, "I've already neglected my duty a lot. If there's any more trouble, I'm afraid I can't afford it." "Helm Master Yu," said Bai Feng, ceramic bobbin element ,Kamado bbq grill, "I have my own master to take responsibility for these things in front of you. So I hope Helm Master Yu won't interfere in our affairs." Yu Li sighed and said, "Madam, I know you are in a heavy mood at the moment, but Yu is not." Bai Feng said, "Helm Master Yu is so understanding of our eagerness to track down the enemy. I promise not to fight with them as much as possible. If we don't agree, we'll have to leave here as soon as possible." Yu Li looked at Bai Mei and said, "Sir.." "You don't have to call me, Helmsman Yu," said Bai Mei. "I'm not as anxious as my daughter." "Helm Master Yu," said Dong Chuan, "give me your orders. If we can't see you, we'll have to leave here." Yu Li had no choice but to say, "All right!"! You must do so, and I can't stop you, so I have to obey. "You've been talking for a long time," said Bai Mei, "but I've only heard one thing. It's to my liking. "All right," said Yu Li! You must act. I can't stop you. Give me half a day. I'll set it up. "Helm Master Yu," said Bai Mei, "as a matter of fact, they know very well where we are hiding and how many people we have. They also know very well what protection your gang has given us. Therefore, your gang doesn't need to make any more arrangements. The people in the Wuji Gate must face the enemy in order to make them alert." Yu Li hesitated for a moment and said, "Mr. Bai, the more you talk about it, the more serious it is. In order to avoid the misunderstanding between Mrs. Zong and the head of Dong, Yu made a bold decision. However, at least, this action requires me to participate in it." "All right," said Bai Mei! That's settled, but you should restrain your men and not make too much of it and spoil things. "Now," said Yu Li, "how do you want me to help.." When the topic entered Hong Kong, Bai Mei said a part of the juice. But he only said part of it. He had been in Jianghu for a long time and had rich experience. He knew in his heart that one more person who knew the plan would have one more chance to leak. Besides, Yu Li felt a great responsibility. The more he knew, the more people he arranged. In the first step, Chu Xiaofeng and Dong Chuan changed the clothes of the disciples of the Beggars' Sect, put down their long swords, and secretly brought two daggers and hidden weapons. Suddenly, eight disciples of the Beggars' Sect crowded out of the big house, two in a group, and rushed to the pharmacy. The four famous doctors in Xiangyang Mansion were all invited to the big house of the factory. The two black doors in the house were tightly closed all the time, but when the knocker sounded, the two doors immediately opened wide, and when people had entered the door, they immediately closed. Entering the gate, you can immediately see the heavy guard. More than ten disciples of the Beggars' Sect stood in the corner of the courtyard. Chu Xiaofeng and a disciple of the Beggars' Sect, after inviting a doctor, did not enter the gate of the house, but after whispering to the disciple of the Beggars' Sect, turned around and ran out. He walked quickly, as if he had something urgent to do. Turned a long lane, suddenly a figure flashed, a young man in a blue shirt,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, wearing a Wensheng scarf, suddenly, blocked the way. global-ceramics.com

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