When he is bad, he is a bastard.

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"You're right to say you're stupid. Do you believe what men say in bed?" Fu Xiyao smiled gently with a cold face, and her interest became more and more intense under her struggle. Her hot palms were gently twisted, and her hoarse voice was slightly low because of her desire. "You have such a good memory, so remember that you, Xia Xiaoran, can only be my woman in this life!" Willing or not, it is not her turn to choose; want or not, it is up to him to be happy. She can only be forced to sink into the most primitive entanglement. Do not know how long, very not easy to wait for Fu Xiyao to be satisfied, Xia Xiaoran has been tossed about by him bloodless. In his spare time, he got up, took care of his slightly messy clothes, gently circled her into his arms, and kissed her red and swollen eyes. He asked in a low voice, "Well, ran ran, did you feel comfortable just now?"? Tell me, do you like it? Xia Xiaoran ears a bang, feel that he is about to collapse, angry trembling all over, this person is really lawless to a realm that no one can reach, how can he still have the face to say such shameless and obscene words? Is there anyone more shameless than him in the world? Fu Xiyao's calm face seemed to be unhappy with her silence. He reached out his hand and pinched her tender white face badly. His expression was still on purpose. He said with a smile, "What's wrong?"? Do you like it too much to speak? Do you want to do it again? She doesn't like to touch her so much? Since she doesn't want to be nice to her, she won't feel better if she makes him so uncomfortable. Xia Xiaoran was so surprised that he shook his head and grabbed his skirt tightly. His whole body was weak: "No.." Doesn't he see what place this is? What if someone comes in? With a half-smile, Fu Xiyao narrowed his eyes slightly and touched her small earlobe and continued to ask,Alumina Ceramic C795, "What does'no 'mean?"? Is it uncomfortable? Xia Xiaoran couldn't help crying again. After a period of time with him, he also understood that his patience was limited. What could he say to make him stop? He could only wriggle his bloodless lips: "Shu.." Comfortable Then he could not spit out a word, and his cheeks were red and white, which made people love him. Only then did Fu Xiyao nod his head with satisfaction. He bent his lower lip and gently touched her ear: "It's right to be so good. Just put away your little thoughts and follow me well. You know I have a bad temper. If you annoy me, no one will have good fruit to eat!"! Do you understand Avoiding his kiss, she bit her lip and murmured, "I see." She has to understand what she doesn't understand, doesn't she? He stared at her quietly for a while and then asked in a bad way, "Do you know that Shao Feng will be discharged tomorrow?"? Shall I take you to see him? She was so stiff that she couldn't think about anything. The author has something to say: Thank you for supporting me, encouraging me and helping me all the time. Thank you really. I'm not happy Fu Xiyao's sports car slowly slid into the heavily garrisoned military compound, spinning out an elegant arc. He put out the fire and met his eldest brother Fu Xicheng as soon as he got out of the car. Fu Xicheng had just returned from the army. His green uniform made him look heroic. His eagle-like eyes caught a glimpse of Fu Xiyao. He immediately squinted up and looked at him carefully for a while. Then he pursed his lips and said, "What's wrong?"? Have you had enough fun and finally come back? In fact, they do not look like, alumina c799 ,steatite c221, Fu Xiyao suit stiff school Fengshen handsome, and long-term military life makes Fu Xicheng look more cold and straight, the two brothers have their own charm, not equal. Fu Xiyao took Fu Xicheng's shoulder and said with a smile, "Well, this is my home. Of course I have to come back." Then he felt around his neck and looked into the room. He had no idea. Then he asked in a low voice, "Elder brother, whose Hongmen banquet is it today?" His mother could not bear to see him carefree and carefree, and recently began to change the way to arrange a blind date for him. On the one hand, he did not like restraint, and on the other hand, he felt that he was still young and that it was still early to get married, so he had been perfunctory. A while ago, a daughter of a certain headquarters was introduced, and she began to feel that she was still sleeping, but a few days later, the woman actually boasted that she was his fiancee who followed him around all day and annoyed him. When did Fu Xiyao allow others to tell him what to do? So he had a big fire, and the family finally stopped for a while, but somehow today he made several phone calls to urge him to go back, and he had a headache just thinking about it. Fu Xicheng squinted at the youngest brother and angrily shook off his arm and walked forward: "You will know when you go in."? Ask me what to do? I'm not the one who won't get married anyway. Fu Xiyao caught up with him with a deflated look on his face. He curled his lips and said, "At least we're brothers. Brother, can you be a little sympathetic?" But Fu Xicheng was not willing to pay attention to him. He strode into the house. As soon as he entered the door, his daughter Fu Beibei ran over. Fu Xicheng bent down and picked her up and kissed her lovingly: "Is Beibei good in kindergarten today?" See the baby daughter, Fu Xicheng immediately faded a strong domineering, transformed into a loving father, the corner of the eye also burst into shallow smile lines, the whole person is a bit soft. Fu Beibei answered him obediently with a soft child's voice: "Dad, I am very good, and the teacher rewarded me with a little red flower!" As she spoke, she proudly pointed to the red flowers on her chest, turned her face and saw Fu Xiyao standing aside with a big smile, and immediately stretched out her hands to act like a spoiled child, "Little uncle, hug!" As soon as Fu Xiyao's heart softened, he hurriedly took over her petite body and teased her in a soft voice: "Good Beibei, do you miss your little uncle?" Fu Beibei, a little devil, kissed him sweetly: "Of course, Beibei likes uncle best." Hearing this, Fu Xiyao was very proud. He raised his eyebrows and looked at his eldest brother provocatively. Then he bowed his head and kissed her: "Uncle likes Beibei best, too." As his little friend Zhou Yuemin said, Fu Xiyao is obviously a master who can spend a lot of money. When he is good to a woman,Ozone generator ceramic plate, he can spoil her with single-minded affection. When he is bad, he is a bastard. But he still captured all the female compatriots from eighty years old to eight months old. It's right to think about it. As soon as his gentle and charming trump card comes out, who will compete with him. global-ceramics.com

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