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When the contradiction just appeared, it was often nothing and would not affect the overbearing of a huge family. But after the reform and opening up, this contradiction gradually intensified, especially between the lineal Murong and the collateral Murong,metal trim manufacturers, there was a huge contradiction, because the lineal Murong family, which is now the South Murong family, belongs to conservatives and does not want Murong." The family does not want some precious herbs unique to the Murong family to appear on the market, leaving only their own strong physique to improve their strength. "What is the meaning of such a conservative existence? Even if it is strong, what can it do?" Lin Yu asked doubtfully. "The biggest problem is here. You came in from the tunnel. You should know that there are ponds and other precautions. That's because during the Cultural Revolution, the family created a false impression in order to cut off from the outside world. It made people feel that the Murong family had abandoned Qingshui Village and abandoned one. In fact, everyone hid in the Lingyao Valley and developed an exit on the other side to integrate into the nearby towns. They made a living by opening medical centers." Herbal living on these meager income to support the normal expenses of the entire Murong family,tile profile factory, so that after the reform and opening up, the Murong family gradually can not keep up with the pace of other big families. Murong Sheng explained this with a deep sigh and continued: "In particular, the comprehensive strength of some big families that set up the lock medical group has surpassed the Murong world by thousands of times in just ten years, which has also made many Murong family members feel their own shortcomings, thus causing great contradictions. The father of the three elders is the Murong family, which strongly opposes the policy of going out, and he has a late stage of transformation." Who is dissatisfied with the powerful strength and immediately unite with other masters of his own line. In short, many people died in the collateral line at that time, and the lineal people had been occupying the best resources of the Murong family to learn the best medical skills and ancient martial arts. The status of the collateral people was very low, which was another important reason. Later, after the death of the father of the three elders, all the people in the collateral line announced their departure at the first time. Because they still had feelings for Murong, they decided to go to the Northeast to develop, so they called themselves the North Murong family. This side also became the South Murong family, "said Murong Sheng sighed deeply at the end." "It is because of this that you hate the three elders, tile trim factory ,aluminum tile edge trim," Lin Yu said doubtfully. "Naturally not, although the strength of the North Murong side has gradually grown and created its own name on the land of China, and the South Murong family is declining, but I do not envy them." With an angry look on his face, Murong Sheng said ferociously, "The three elders, Murong Fu, have been relying on the resources left by his father to monopolize power in the Murong family, enjoy the best medicine, and enhance their strength. They regard the entire Murong family as a tool to serve him. The three successive heads of the family were all killed by him because they offended him. Finally, they appointed me, who had the worst strength, as the head of the family and found me a wife of his direct line, but the entire direct line The fact that he was maintaining a mistress outside. "Alas." "Oh, I probably understand." Although Murong Sheng's words were not very clear because of his excitement, Lin Yu, who felt obviously better after being treated by him, basically understood everything. After a little thought, Lin Yu raised his hand and pointed to yuan Na and said, "You can see if my friend, Nan Murong Family, has a girl who looks like her." Murong Sheng looked at yuan Na and shook his head directly: "There is no such excellent one." "No one called Murong Waner," Lin Yu asked. "Murong Waner is the daughter of Murong Tian, the current head of the North Murong family, who is very famous in the medical field of China and belongs to the younger generation. I don't have that kind of genius in the South Murong family." Murong Sheng, whose face changed slightly, sighed deeply. "The daughter of Murong Tian, the current head of the North Murong family?" Hearing Murong Sheng's words, yuan Na was slightly stunned and asked, "Where is the North Murong family?" "I only know that on a very secret island in the north, all the people who appear on the market except Murong Waner are hiding their identities, so no one knows the exact news of the North Murong family." Chapter 662 the opportunity to rise. "How do we find them?" From Murong Sheng's words, yuan Na had guessed that she might come from the North Murong family, so she asked. "It is impossible to find the trace of the North Murong family unless Murong Waner is found." Murong Sheng, who helped Lin Yu finish his treatment and massaged him, said with certainty. If we can find Murong Waner, why should we come to you? Hearing the answer from the other side, yuan Na said discontentedly. Then Lin Yu thought for a moment and said, "If you take the initiative, how can you draw out the people of the North Murong family?"? If you can't find it, you can only lead it. He very much hoped that yuan Na could see the people of the North Murong family to prove their origin and identity and learn some of their inside information. Murong Sheng pondered for a moment and then said, "It's not impossible to draw them out.". It just requires a certain amount of money and vigorous publicity! "What do you mean?" Lin Yu, who understood that there was something in the other side's words, continued to ask. At the time of questioning, he took a look at yuan Na and found that the wound of the other party had healed itself a lot, not only stopped bleeding, but also changed everything. At the same time, I gave up some worries in my heart. You can use your raid on Nan Murong's house to publicize it. That is to say,aluminium edge trim, all the masters on South Murong's side were killed and almost exterminated. The same treasure of the family also disappeared! As long as such news is released, North Murong will send someone over! Murong Sheng said confidently. Then if we publicize it vigorously, the hidden world plan of Nan Murong's side will be broken. Lin Yu opened his mouth and said. jecatrims.com

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