Mortal Cultivation of Immortals and Immortal Realm Chapter

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"Tut, it's rare to hear such righteous words from the Lord of the Underworld.". I don't know how many years you and I have been fighting, and we have known each other for a long time. Do you still think I haven't seen through your intentions? Liu Qi Lao Zu on the ground sneered, wrapped the fox tail of the crying soul slightly tight, and the white light around the body of the crying soul suddenly cracked and cracked. As soon as the fox's tail moved, it rolled up the body of the crying soul and took it back to Liu Qi Lao Zu's side. The crying soul was struggling, but when he heard this, he slowly stopped. What do you mean by that? "Yin Chengquan's pupil shrank slightly and said." Little girl, is your body a beast of punishment? If I'm not wrong, after Yin Cheng accepts you as an apprentice, he will try his best to cultivate you, even capture people of all nationalities, hunt for souls, and supply you with devouring and promotion. Is that right? Liu Qi Lao Zu glanced at Yin Cheng Quan, his eyes flashed a trace of sarcasm, and then asked the crying soul. Yes, Master is very kind to me. Crying soul took a look at Yin Chengquan and said. Then do you know why your master dotes on you so much, regardless of the cost, in order to improve your cultivation? What kind of person is Yin Chengquan? I believe you don't know anything, do you? Liu Qi Lao Zu ignored the words of the crying soul and said again. Crying soul face faintly pale, opened his mouth,china tile trim, as if to say something, but did not say anything. These doubts, she has been aware of many times for so many years, but Yin Chengquan is very good to her, she does not want to be suspicious, every time a touch on the edge of this idea, the mind immediately avoided, now Liu Qi Lao Zu asked face to face,stainless steel tile edging, finally can not avoid. When Han Li heard this, his heart moved slightly. As a matter of fact, when he came here, he had heard that Yin Chengquan, the first Taoist ancestor in charge of the nine secluded realms, was bloodthirsty by nature, and was good at using all kinds of treacherous means to force the rest of the small and medium-sized realms to join him. Therefore, even the monks in Daluojing in his clan respected and feared him. He was not a good teacher who would accept foreigners as disciples and cultivate them more. But at that time the situation was urgent, although he had doubts, but did not think much about it, but now it seems to be. In midair, Yin Chengquan looked indifferent, but there was a sense of coldness in his eyes. You must all know that the people of the Nine Ghost Clan can use ghost worms to control other people's affairs. It has to be said that this magical power of the Nine Youzu is extremely powerful. It can not only control the puppet, but also make the master and the puppet have a wonderful induction through the ghost worm. If the master and the puppet control similar rules, it is easy to reach the realm of law fusion. This is also an important reason why the Nine Youzu can stand firmly in the position of the three overlords in the grey world. Liu Qi Lao Zu laughed, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel edge trim, but changed the subject and suddenly talked about something else. Senior Liu Qi, what do you think this has to do with crying souls? Han Li had a vague idea in his mind, but he was not sure and asked. Because of some accidents, the old man was seriously injured and drifted to the grey world. He was captured by Yin Chengquan and imprisoned here.  Liu Qi Lao Zu was startled, but his body was still tied to the cross wooden frame, unable to dodge, only time to raise a front paw to get out of trouble, five fingers flashing gray suddenly clapped to the black dagger. But at this moment, the black dagger suddenly twisted up, like a very flexible black snake, a twist under the extremely slippery from the fox claw gap in the past, pierced into the chest of Liuqi Lao Zu,stainless tile trim, instantly disappeared into it. Boom! Liu Qi Lao Zu's chest suddenly exploded, blood splashed with the explosion, and a blood hole that almost ran through his body appeared in his chest.

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