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Liu Yuntian's seat in the front, although he is only a newcomer, but his great talent and popularity can not be despised by the Grammy organizers, not to mention Liu Yuntian is the main contender for several awards tonight, identity naturally can not be despised, so the organizers directly arranged the front table for Liu Yuntian. When Liu Yuntian took Jessica to find his seat, he found that there were two acquaintances at the table, James Horner and Celine Dion. The organizer probably knew that Liu Yuntian had a good relationship with them and arranged their table at random. Hey, Liu, you finally came. I heard several cheers for you just now. We all heard it clearly inside. Your popularity is really huge. Horner saw Liu Yuntian's relatives greeting him and said. Ha ha, fortunately, I did not expect everyone to give face so much. Liu Yuntian said modestly. Liu, you are still so modest, if you call this to face, then we are not directly hit in the face. One side of Celine said with a smile. Hehe, by the way, Celine, I haven't congratulated you yet. Your song is very popular now. It's the number one in Europe for 17 weeks. It also knocked my song off the top of the chart. Liu Yuntian said to Celine. Liu,tile trim manufacturers, are you being sarcastic? You didn't write my songs. Besides, it seems that I just dominated the chart for two weeks and you regained the top spot. My songs are not half as popular as your songs. When I was still lucky for tens of millions of sales, your album was already eight times as popular as mine. Celine said, half congratulating and half envious. How interesting Liu Yuntian also heard Celine's envy and smiled without saying anything. But, Liu, I really want to thank you. If you hadn't written such a classic song as My Heart Will Go On, I would never have achieved such an achievement. Celine was full of serious thanks. No,aluminium tile trim profiles, this is your own efforts, without your strong strength, no matter how good the song will not show its due value, can only say that you are really suitable for the song I washed. Liu Yuntian said with a smile on his face. Ha ha, then I thank you for your praise first, how about it, when do you have time to write a song for me? Celine said jokingly. Ok, I'll write a song for you when I finish shooting the film. Liu Yuntian said with a smile. Ture? Liu, are you going to write a song for me? Celine said excitedly, "You know, who doesn't know Liu Yuntian's non-human evil ability now? Almost all the songs he wrote are classics." You used to be very helpful to me. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know Horner. I've always wanted to repay you, but I've been too busy to have a chance. By the way, aluminum tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, Celine, you can find a time to go to Miracle Music. I have decided to transfer the copyright of My Heart Forever to you completely. Anyway, I don't need that money now. Let it become your song completely. As for the new song, I will ask Jason to send it to you after I write it. Liu Yuntian said with a smile on his face. Liu. This Celine was so excited that she didn't know what to say. Ha ha, don't say these, if you want to be grateful, after my movie album is released and sold, you go to see more movies and buy more albums. Liu Yuntian grinned and joked. Yeah, well, I'll do my best to support you in the future, as long as you need. Celine said with a serious face. Er.. Liu Yuntian looked at Celine's serious expression and did not know what to say for a moment. When Liu Yuntian did not know how to say, Horner jokingly said, "Liu, is your film going to be filmed?"? Remember to give us some tickets when it is released. "Oh, yes, no problem." Liu Yuntian said cheerfully. While Liu Yuntian was talking and laughing, the venue was almost full and the ceremony was about to begin. Liu Yuntian several people hurriedly tidied up their appearance, began to sit waiting for the beginning of the music ceremony. In the second watch, Yun Ding is really tired today. The class is just over, and my eyes hurt. But I will try my best to clear my mind and work harder. Please give me some strength and vote for me. If you haven't added the collection, add the collection. Please give me strength. Yunding is here. Thank you. ) [Text Chapter 66 Grammy (End) (Third Watch for Recommendation)] After a good sleep, Yunding finally woke up a lot. This is the third watch. Please recommend and collect. "Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the 41st Grammy Music Ceremony. I am tonight's host, Repin William.."  However, because Liu Yuntian did not pay attention to too many European and American stars, he hardly knew anyone except the famous stars in his previous life. Looking at the two people dressed in bright clothes on stage, Liu Yuntian also clapped with the public, but it has not yet arrived at several awards that Liu Yuntian was shortlisted for, so he clapped with the mentality of watching, to put it bluntly, there is no pressure. . In the process of some people's joy and some people's loss, the whole ceremony has gone through more than half, and gradually began to approach the important awards of the whole music ceremony, the atmosphere has gradually become tense,stainless steel edging strip, and Liu Yuntian's several awards will also begin to be awarded. The following is the Grammy Award for Best New Artist of the Year. Please welcome the presenters. The host introduced it. As the host's voice fell, Horner and Celine beside Liu Yuntian stood up and walked to the stage. Liu Yuntian was startled by their actions, but he did not expect that the two friends around him were the award-presenting guests for the first award he competed for.

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