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The mythical beast that protects the country in the mouth of Nantian Hudu refers to the kingdom of his eight palaces! He actually used the kingdom of his eight palaces to cultivate this holy emperor's treasure, and even cultivated the Taoist bone into a national protector of his own life palace, which is really beyond people's imagination! "There is no most powerful treasure, only the most suitable for their own treasure!" A religious leader could not help murmuring. Although, the higher the level of treasure, the more powerful, but, this is only in principle, for example, you are a prince, got the great virtuous treasure, at most can only play 34% of the power, or even may only play 12% of the power, but also need a lot of blood gas to urge such a great virtuous treasure! Like the treasure jar of Nantian Hudu, it is very suitable for him, especially for his country of eight palaces, he can play an unimaginable power, even more powerful than the Daxian Zhenqi held by ordinary monks! "The younger generation, die!" Nantianhu shouted loudly, with blood and gas to resist the treasure pot, the treasure pot instantly bright,asrs warehouse, roared, the big claw directly out of Li Qiye patted. Open- "a claw clap, not to mention other people, Li Qiye's face sank, he roared, the sky was high, in this moment, all the power of thousands of miles of earth poured into Li Qiye,heavy duty rack manufacturers, at this time, Li Qiye seemed to be a giant!"! As soon as the Dharma came out, the blue sky replaced the sky, and the huge stars could sink the ancient corpses of heaven and earth. Li Qiye was like a bottomless pit, and all the essence of heaven and earth was sucked up like a flood, and all the power of the Great Way was attached to him. What is more terrible is that Li Qiye's Yin and Yang blood sea is endless, just like the endless blood gas of the gods injected into Li Qiye's body, so that Li's fighting power is soaring, and Li's blood gas is inexhaustible! At this moment, Li Qiye turned into a day, and at this time, a day came out! "Boom-" a loud noise, Li Qiye's appearance actually blocked a claw, although Li Qiye's body is thump thump straight back, but, heavy duty cantilever racks ,industrial racking systems, still is to take this blow. This is impossible! This boy has obviously not reached the princes, how can he resist such a blow? Many people can not believe their eyes, this is impossible, this is simply a miracle! "The secret of destiny!" See this scene, so that countless people can not help but be mad, the secret of destiny, is worthy of the countless inheritance of things crazy! Yin and Yang blood sea on this matchless treasure, plus the secret of destiny, this kind of power can be imagined. The beast fights the world- "at this time, the south day protects all finally cast own assassin's mace, finally cast the emperor art!"! In an instant, the emperor's spirit was towering, the emperor's words were sprinkled, and the Southern Heaven Protector turned into an eternal fierce beast, just like the arrival of a mythical beast. In this moment, it became even greater, and the huge body emitted the breath of the emperor. Beasts fight all over the world. "Someone turned pale with horror and was moved to say," An imperial art left by the Flying Immortal Emperor! " "Isn't it said that the Flying Immortal Emperor did not leave the imperial art to the Southern Heaven Kingdom?"? Why does the Southern Heaven Kingdom have the imperial art of the Flying Immortal Emperor? The old immortal saw that Nantianhu had used his trump card and could not help murmuring. Once there was an unknown secret in the Southern Heaven Kingdom. Feiyang Immortal Emperor was one of the most powerful and brilliant immortal emperors in the world. Although he was born in the Southern Heaven Kingdom, he was once an enemy of the Southern Sky Kingdom. He left the Southern Sky Kingdom when he was very young and never returned to the Southern Heavenly Kingdom! Later generations do not know the secret, in short, although Feiyang Emperor was born in the Southern Heaven Kingdom, he never admitted that he was the son of the Southern Heaven Kingdom! Even the Flying Immortal Emperor did not pass his orthodoxy back to the Southern Heaven Kingdom! It is precisely because of this that such an ancient frontier country as Nantian Shangguo is not called an ancient country, but Shangguo! (To be continued.) About the latest episode. ??? Warm prompt: The website changes the name to [crazy tide literature], the website address changes to:, please remember the new website address. In order to provide readers with a quiet and comfortable reading environment, this site will not add pop-up advertisements, media with sound, and pornographic advertisements. If you think the site is not bad, please introduce to your friends, students! Sharing is a virtue and a spirit of selfless contribution! I hope you will continue to support! Craze literature is for craze readers. ! Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Add Favorites Set as Home Page ||||||||||| Search for the author of the book title User login password is saved for one week Your current location: Share more: Emperor tyrant Author: Tie Bi Xiao Sheng Scrolling speed: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Volkswagen, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, font size: smaller, medium, large by default, larger and larger. Tips: If the picture cannot be displayed in this chapter or the chapter is wrong, please click the button below to send a report, and thousands of online editors can correct it in one minute. Special Reminder: If it is a picture version, you can send an error report, and the editor should turn it into a text version as far as possible. If it is a text version and there is no error, please do not send the report, otherwise the IP will be blocked! Page 1 of: Many readers were dissatisfied, saying that Li Qiye was badly beaten and that Li Qiye had no strength to brag. In short,shuttle rack system, there are all kinds of statements. I didn't want to say anything about the recent plot, but with so many readers asking, I'll answer in general. These plots are just part of Li Qiye's stratagem. Please be patient! (To be continued..) Previous Chapter: Next chapter: Diba's readers read this chapter and read: Xuanhuan? Recommendation list Total Month Zhou [Xuanhuan] [Xuanhuan] [Xuan] [Xuan] [Xuan] [Xuan] (Xuanhuan) [xuanhuan] (Xuan) (Xuan) [xuanhuan) (Xu] (Xu) [Xuanhuan] [Xuanhuan] [Xuan] [Xuan] [Xuan] [Xuan] (Xuanhuan) [xuanhuan] (xuanhuan) (Xuan) (Xuan) [Xu] (Xu) (Xuanhuai). jracking.com

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