The girl is not good

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"I don't know if it's possessed or not, but if you hold my arm like that again, it'll be out of body!" Shao Tong's strong arm was made purple by Shen Nannan. No wonder your aunt wants to retaliate against you. Look at your skill. How painful it is to be scratched! It took Shen Nannan a while to react. "What are you talking about?"! My aunt doesn't know what's going on, and you're still joking! "You don't really believe there's something like possession, do you?" Then why is she like this? That attitude, that look, give me the money, give me the tuition! It's scarier than seeing a ghost in broad daylight! "Perhaps she suddenly figured out something, she is an adult, what is there to be angry with you a little girl?"? Or maybe she wanted to be good to you before, but she didn't know how to express it. "Go.." There are so many people who can't express themselves! You won't think of another maybe! "Actually.." I'm not very good at expressing myself either! Shen Nannan thumped him, "If you can't express it, just show it!"! My feet are stiff, you carry me! Shao Tong only stayed for two days and was driven back by Shen Nannan. How could she tolerate someone robbing her computer, robbing her TV, robbing her snacks and robbing the good dishes her aunt cooked for her? The two continue to date online. [Gang] Good Guoguo: My God! Strike a thunderbolt to kill the monster! #15 [Gang] Born to Drag: What's up, Wife # 47 [Gang] Good Guoguo: Lamb # 15 I don't want to play, I'm going to commit suicide # 15 [Gang] Hitomi: What's wrong? What's wrong? [Gang] Gui Guoguo: Yan Yi, that dead woman,warehouse pallet racks, killed me seven or eight times # 15 [Gang] Girl is not good: Run if you can't be killed! She's a woman. Can't you run away? [Gang] Good Guoguo: How to run! I have to lie down as soon as her FS comes. # 15. [Gang] Autumn Moon Frost @ Good Girl: FS? Where did she get FS? Yan Yi is not the kind of very rich, usually not willing to buy a dress, it is impossible to spend thousands of RMB in the game to buy a mythical beast. [Gang] Good Tuan Tuan: Not only FS, but also Yan Ruyu and Wu Ye have # 36. As soon as Shen Nannan asked, she knew that Su Su had been killed no less than ten times, but she didn't say anything. [Gang] Gui Guoguo: I don't know where I got it! [Gang] Shangguan Xiaolou: I can't say that, can I? The mythical beast can be bought with money. How can it be said to be cheating? [Gang] Good Tuan Tuan: a person who doesn't want to change his mobile phone when it's broken and never buys clothes unless he needs them will spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a baby in the game? [Gang] Guoguo: Yes, if she is willing to spend money to buy the mythical beast, unless the price of the mythical beast is reduced to the price of cabbage! [Gang] Murong Feiyue 00: Next time you go out and take a baby who is taller than you. If you run away, drive in racking system ,cantilever racking system, the baby will bleed. [Gang] Good Tuan Tuan: That.. What if the escape fails! [Gang] Qiuyue Hanshuang @ Good Girl: Idiot, if you fail to escape, continue to pull and continue to run! Even if she has FS, she can cut you or a baby! [Gang] Good Tuan Tuan: I know … … I'm going to calculate all the cases. # 17 [Gang] Murong Feiyue 00: Nannan, how close are you? [Gang] Autumn Moon Frost @ Good Girl: More than 200,000, what's wrong? [Gang] Murong Feiyue 00: Don't go out of the city these two days. Tame the gold to 50W. [Gang] Murong Feiyue 00 transferred 40000 points of gang achievements to Qiuyue Hanshuang @ Guannannan. [Gang] Swallow Big Woman: Wow # 35 a lot of 0 [Gang] Good Guoguo: Wow # 35, this cheater is so rich. [Gang] Transferred 40001 points of gang achievements to Qiuyue Hanshuang @ Guannannan. [Gang] Rain when it's sunny, rain when it's windy:.. [Gang] Douban Blossom:.. [Gang] Breezy transferred 41000 gang achievements to Qiuyue Hanshuang @ good girl. No one in the gang is talking anymore. [Gang] Breeze: Xiaosanzi, although it's right to be generous, you can't be so big, can you? [Gang] Blockbuster: # 4 don't Call Me Little Three! [Gang] Good Tuan Tuan: That.. Brother Breeze, shouldn't you call him husband? [Friend] Girl is not good: Your new love?! Autumn Moon and Cold Frost @ Good Girl: Oh, What to Do # 15 You Know [Good friend] The girl is not good: Well, it's nothing. It looks easy to clean up. Let her be small! Qiuyue Hanshuang @ Good Girl: That's no good. Whoever behaves well is big! [Friend] The girl is not good: they are acting, not showing! Look at me! [Gang] Niu Er was not good enough to transfer 52013 points of gang achievement to Qiuyue Hanshuang @ Good Nannan. Starve to death Report pornographic and reactionary information Report and brush scores So Shen Nannan pestle the number every day to tame the baby in the small house. [Gang] Qiuyue Hanshuang @ Good Nannan: I said, Tuan Tuan, why are you training monkeys? [Gang] Good Tuan Tuan: It's said that there are more intimate combos after training! [Gang] Good Guoguo: Yes, yes, it's too high. Go out of the ninth company and kill that guy! [Gang] Qiuyue Hanshuang @ Good Girl: Come on, you might as well save your achievements and sell them for a few yuan! [Gang] Good Tuan Tuan: Girl! You're not right! Although your gold is precious, I also treasure my monkey! Only your family is allowed to eat, and I am not allowed to love my baby! [Gang] Qiuyue Hanshuang @ good girl: OK, OK, you are distressed, continue to be distressed! If you want to help me add some medicine, send me some medicine quickly! [Gang] Shangguan Xiaolou: Mine is also tame, help to look at it # 46 [Gang] Autumn Moon Cold Box: I put mine, too. I'm with you. By the way, # 98 …… All of a sudden, there were six or seven more applicants, and Shen Nannan was in a hurry. [Gang] Spring breeze ripples like this: What do you mean,warehouse storage racks, good girl? My baby is starving! [Gang] Autumn Moon Frost @ Good Girl: # 35 How could it be? I didn't stop. I ordered it almost every minute. I didn't miss it. [Gang] The spring breeze ripples like this: All a gang, tame a baby not to help, this gang is too boring!.

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