Fall/Winter 2022 Paris Gaoding

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Original Title: Paris Gaoding for Fall/Winter 2022: Balenciaga Sews Finale Dress for More Than 300 Days, Chanel make the seemingly heavy and stiff satin surface appear to be free from gravity. The show reviewed the history of Haute Couture, retaining various details, such as holding up the number plate to shoot,personalised tailor tape, the brand also recalled the model who walked for the brand more than 50 years ago, and reinterpreted the design of that year in modern language. Very wrapped, and matte texture,s, and uses unique fabric treatment technology, bright coating technology, waist profile and hand-inlaid beads to re-interpret the historical collection design. In this big show, Kim Kardashian took part in the catwalk,printed tape measure, which was really beautiful. She lost 16 pounds, had a delicate face, a concave and convex figure, and handled the clothes well. The model line-ups is very strong, carefully deconstructed and reorganized into a new silhouette, and antique watches have been dismantled and reshaped into jewelry. In addition, the shaping of T-shirts and the high definition of jeans are also interesting points of view in this series. New fabrics, futuristic technology and new silhouettes make the show look like a combination of "past and future". Each stunning silhouette emb exquisite design make clothing a work of art, the whole show is a beautiful feast. In particular, the show had men's wear, and designer Elie Saab told reporters after the show, "We have a lot of demands from our customers, but this is the first time we've shown them on the runway." The CHANEL show closely combines the show with art, outlining a beautiful dream space. It is located at Étrierde Paris, an equestrian school in the 16th district of Paris, large print tape measure ,retractable tape measure sewing, France. The models walk out slowly, and there is a kind of inspiration exchange and collision across time and space. Set up like an immersive constructivist installation, this is another collaboration between CHANEL and Xavier Veilhan. Inspired by the optical illusion of trompe l'oeil, Veilhan transforms the show into an elegant and agile space. The show kicked off with a green suit and ended with a wedding dress. In this collection of 44 pieces, Virginie Viard draws inspiration from the suits and long dresses conceived by Gabrielle Chanel in the 1930s,med men's hats. The shoes are based on the concept of riding boots, echoing the spring/summer 2022 haute couture fashion show previously unveiled by Charlotte Casiraghi on horseback, and the venue of the show is also the horse farm, L'Étrierde Paris, an equestrian school in Paris, France. Featuring impeccable tailoring, exquisite gowns and fine jewelry, the collection pays homage to the first and only "Bijately 4.05 carats total and 649 round cut diamonds weighing approxima his beauty. See you next time. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],custom tailor tape, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands[i]; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= ''+brand.name+''; } else { html+= ''+brand.name+'、'; } } return html; }; if(document.getElementById('linkBtn')){ document.getElementById('linkBtn').onclick = function() { $('#brands').removeClass('brand');$ ( '# tipInfo').text ( 'Real name responded'); $ ('#linkBtn').remove();$ ('.real-response .content').css('line-height', '20px');$ ('.real-response .time').css('line-height', '20px'); }; document.getElementById('brands').innerHTML = getBrandHtml(); }; })();。 tape-measure.com

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