Plant hormones and plant growth regulators (very complete)

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Original Title: Plant Hormones and Plant Growth Regulators (Very Complete) In recent years, the market of plant growth regulators is unusually hot, and many plant growth regulator manufacturers have risen rapidly. What is plant growth regulator? Why can such a small bottle have such a magical effect? Are plant growth regulators and plant hormones the same thing? What are the current categories of plant growth regulators? Is it necessary for all crops to use plant growth regulators? How can plant growth regulators be applied safely? What is the market prospect and development trend of plant growth regulators? This print will publish an article continuously in last few period, undertake thorough and detailed introduction and discuss with respect to relevant problem of plant growth regulator. Five common endogenous hormones and their physiological effects 1. Auxin: The code is IAA. Auxin is the first plant hormone discovered, which is a kind of endogenous hormone containing an unsaturated aromatic ring and an acetic acid side chain, including indoleacetic acid (IAA), 4-chloro-IAA, 5-hydroxy-IAA, naphthalene acetic acid and so on. Idition, the sensitivity of different organs to auxin is different. Second, promoting the formation of adventitious roots of cuttings. The method of using auxins to promote the formation of adventitious roots of cuttings has been widely used in the asexual propagation of seedlings. Expand the full text Third, the regulation and transportation of nutrients. Auxin has a strong effect of attracting and transporting nutrients. By using this characteristic, auxin treatment can promote the expansion of ovary and its surrounding tissues and obtain seedless fruits. Fourth, other effects of auxin. For example, it can promote pineapple flowering, cause apical dominance (that is, the inhibition of lateral bud growth by terminal buds), induce female flower differentiation (but not as effective as ethylene), promote the differentiation of cambium cells to xylem cells, promote the transport of photosynthates, the enlargement of leaves and the opening of stomata. In addition, auxin can also inhibit flower abscission, leaf aging and root formation. 2. Gibberellin: code name is GA. Gibberellin is a kind of plant hormone that mainly promotes internode growth. It is named after the discovery that the material used in its action and separation and purification comes from gibberellin. Fusarium graminearum is the pathogen of rice bakanae disease, and the high growth rate of infected plants is much higher than that of. 1956 C. A. West and B. O. Fini respectively proved that some substances similar to gibberellic acid are ubiquitous in hi At present,jacketed glass reactor, there are only a few enterprises that directly produce auxin, such as Tianjin Tiantai Fine Chemical Quality Compaediue 50% 2,4 control effect on Erigeron annuus, Amaranthus hypochondriacus, Xanthium sibiricum gleli, Tianfengsu, Yifengsu, BR-120, etc. Brassinolide, whose chemical name is 2α, 3α, 22s, 23s-tetrahydroxy-24R-ethyl-β-homo-7-oxa-5α-cholest-6-one, decarboxylation after extraction ,jacketed glass reactor, is an artificial compound of biomimetic plant endogenous hormone-brassinolide. That common preparation include 0. 01% brassin lactone emulsifiable concentrate, 0. 2% brassin lactone soluble powder, 0.1% of brassinolide soluble powder, 0.15% of emulsifiable concentrate and 0.04% of aquaesticides in most cases; The mixed preparations with various plant growth regulators or foliar fertilizers have extremely broad development prt it will not decrease the sugar content if it is mixed with boron. Do not a plant growth ret improve the cold resistance, drought resistance, disease resistance and insect resistance. The types include anti-kinetin + abscisic acid, cytokinin + auxin + gibberellin,thin film distillation, ethenolide + gibberellin, salicylic acid + gene activator, etc. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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