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Original title: How much do you know about the types, uses and principles of heat exchangers in the petrochemical industry? At this stage, in the petrochemical industry, the application of heat exchanger is very extensive. Next, Xiaobian shares with you the types and use principles of heat exchangers in the petrochemical industry. Heat pipe heat exchanger in petrochemical industry Generally, the heat pipe heat exchanger is widely used in the harsh conditions of recovering waste heat in the petrochemical industry, mainly including theing heat pipe type heat exchanger can heat the air by means of theextremely high thermal conductivity, good isothermal property, the heat transfer area of both cold and hot sides can be changed arbitrarily, long-distance heat transfer, temperature control and so on. The heat exchanger composed of heat pipes has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and low fluid resistance loss. Because of its special heat transfer characteristics, it can coreheater commonly used in boilers. Air preheaters,wiped film distillation, like Economizers and superheaters, are a normal and necessary part of a large boiler. The air preheat accelerates that fuel dry process, reduces the difficulty of igniting low-value fuel and wet fuels, expands the economic combustion of these fuels, and also increases the overall steam production of the boiler. Gas-liquid heat pipe heat exchanger (heat pipe economizer) Heat pipe has a broad field in industrial waste heat recovery and  heat and heat the water in the water tank. And is particularly suitable for high flue gas waste heat utilization. Gas-steam heat pipe heat exchanger In that gas-steam heat pipe heat exchange structure, a condensation section of a heat pipe is arranged in a boil,rotary vacuum evaporator, an evaporation section of the heat pipe is inserted into an exhaust flue of the boiler, heat is transferred through the heat pipe, and cold wat is added to 100 deg C to obtain required boiling water and also can be heated into steam of which the temperature is more than 100 deg C. Spiral Baffle Heat Exchanger in Petrochemical Industry Helical baffle heat exchanger is a modern and efficient heat exchange facility, which has been widely used in many countries and regions in the world. Since the 1950s, China's petrochemical d cool alcohols, resins, urea, small molecular monomer polymerization olefins, gasoline and diesel oil, ammonia water, chlorine water, saline, strong base and strong acid, nitrogen-hydrogen-ammonia mixed gas and the like. Baffle is an important component to improve the efficiency of heat exchanger. The most commonly used baffle in the traditional heat exchanger is the segmental baffle, which is gradually replaced by the helical baffle in recent years because of the existence of large resistance and pressure drop, flow stagnation, easy fouling, small average temperature difference of heat transfer, easy failure under vibration conditions and other defects. An ideal helical baffle should have a continuous helical surface. Because of the difficulty of processing, wiped film evaporator ,rotovap distillation, the folding willow plate used at present is generally connected by several 1/4 fan-shaped flat plates instead of curved surfaces to form an approximate spiral surface. When bafflingindustry,50l rotovap, prevent unnecessary shutdown, and avoid the loss of products caused by the problems of heat exchangers. —————————————————————— Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If copyright is involved, please contact to delete and return to Sohu to see more. Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.comemical 

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