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Original title: See enough at a time: 22 kinds of evaporation, crystallization equipment structure and working principle diagram! Source: Chemical 707 Forum 1 Central-circulation tubular evaporator The heating chamber of the central circulation tube evaporator is composed of a vertical heating tube bundle (boiling tube bundle). In the center of the tube bundle, there is a tube with a larger diameter, called the central circulation tube, whose cross-sectional area is generally 40-100% of the ia Coil type jacking pipe gravity liquid supply or ammonia pump liquid supply can be used; single-row and double-row coil type wall calandria can be used for an ammonia pump liquid supply system and a gravity liquid supply system of a bottom-in and top-out type, and a single coil type calandria can also be used for an ammonia pump top in and bottom out liquid supply system and a thermal expansion valve liquid supply system. Performance characteristics: The coiled calandria has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, small liquid storage and strong applicability. Its main disadvantage is that the steam produced in the lower section of the calandria can not be drawn out in time and can only be discharged after passing through the full length of the calandria, so the heat transfer coefficient is small and the vapor-liquid two-phase flow resistance is large. 9 Air cooler (air cooler) Air cooler is a complete set of equipment composed of axial flow fan and cooling calandria. It relies on the fan to force the air in the warehouse to flow through the cooling pipes in the box for heat exchange, so as to cool the air and achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of the warehouse. The air cooler can be divided into dry type, wet type and dry-wet mixed type according to the way of cooling air. Among them, the refrigerant or secondary refrigerant flows in the calandria and passes through the tube wall to cool the air outside the tube, which is called dry air cooler; the sprayed secondary refrigerant liquid directly exchanges heat with the air, which is called wet air cooler; the mixed air cooler has a secondary refrigerant spraying device in addition to cooling the calandria. Dry air coolers commonly used in cold storage can be divided into ceiling type and floor type according to their installation positions. They are all composed of air cooling pipes, ventilators and defrosting devices, and the cooling pipes in the air cooler are all sheet-type. Large dry air coolers are often floor-mounted. 10 External circulation type evaporation equipment The evaporator is characterized in that the heating pipe is lengthened and the heating chamber is arranged outside the evaporator, so that the total length of the evaporator can be reduced, and meanwhile, the circulating pipe is not heated by steam, so that the natural circulation speed of the solution is higher. 11 Basket evaporator It is an improvement of the central circulation tube evaporator. The heating chamber is like a hanging basket, which is hung at the lower part of the evaporator shell and can be taken out from the top for easy cleaning and replacement. The heat medium enters that heat chamber through the central steam pipe, and there is an annular channel between the outer wall of the heating cham and the inner wall of the evaporator shell, which acts like a central circulating pipe. During operation, the solution descends along the annulus and ascends along the heating tube, forming a natural circulation. Generally, wiped film evaporator ,cbd crystallization equipment, the cross-sectional area of the annular gap is about 100-150% of the total area of the heating tube, so the solution circulation rate is relatively higorm, communicate with each other, learn from each other, make progress together, and make a contribution to the cause of green environmental protection! (Disclaimer: This article only represents the views of the author,cbd centrifugal extractor, and does not represent the position of this public account. If there are intellectual property disputes, contributions and cooperation matters, please contact) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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