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Original Title: [Collection] Encyclopedia of Common Exploration Techniques and Methods for Landslide This article is selected from the book "Technical Guidelines for Landslide Control". First published on the Wechat Public Number of the Voice of Natural Resources At present, the commonly used exploration techniques and methods of landslide mainly include engineering geologiused as drainage tunnels for subsequent landslide control projects. 5.2.3 Geophysicaed to conduct manual inspection on various deformation and failure signs of the slope mass. At the same time, three deep displacement monitoring holes are arranged on the main exploration line of the landslide,DHD Drill bit, and the deep displacement of the landslide is monitored in real time by the borehole inclinometer. Abundant surface and deep displacement monitoring information provides an important basis for landslide stability analysis and information design and construction of control engineering. This article is selected from Technical Guidelines for Landslide Prevention and Control (Yin Yueping et al., Geological Publishing House, 2018). Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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