Rich and Powerful Family Love Song: Cool President on the Bar (End)

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The early autumn sea breeze is a little cold, Yi Xiaofei hugs the towel on the body, follows the maid to go to the cabin room to change clothes. After seeing Yi Xiaofei change her clothes, the maid handed her a cup of hot tea and said respectfully, "Miss Yi, the president said that the sea breeze is cold in early autumn. Drink a cup of hot tea to warm your body before going out." Yi Xiaofei took the steaming teacup, her eyelashes trembled slightly, took the handbag handed over by the maid, and said lightly, "Thank you." Yi Xiaofei took out her cell phone and saw a new text message on the screen, which was sent by Xu Yin. She wanted to ask Yi Xiaofei to go out for lunch tomorrow. The next day, near noon, Yi Xiaofei handed the document in her hand to Mu Yiwei. By the way, she mentioned that she had made an appointment with Xu Yin for dinner. Mu Yiwei said with displeasure: "Turn it off.". I'm going to take you to pick out a dress this afternoon. Yi Xiaofei knew that Mu Yiwei did not like Xu Yin all the time. She glanced at him, "Yiwei, I have promised her." "I heard the last time she put you in the hospital, you were going to see this woman?" Mu Yiwei still opened the document in his hand,Warehouse storage racks, stood up and walked to Yi Xiaofei, he just wanted to shake the woman awake at the moment. Yiwei, she is my friend. Yi Xiaofei shook his arm and saw that his expression was still cold. She let go of her hand. "I'm just telling you that whether you agree or not, I'll keep in touch with her in the future." Mu Yiwei stroked her long hair and said coldly, "Fei, if she lets you get hurt again, I will not let her go." Yi Xiaofei and Xu Yin sat face to face by the window of the coffee shop. Fei,Pallet rack upright, we haven't been in touch for several months. I'm sorry to hear that your father had a car accident in Paris. Xu Yin put down the chopsticks in her hand and took Yi Xiaofei's hand and said earnestly. Yi Xiaofei slanted her head with a bitter smile and quietly changed the subject, "Yin, where will you work after graduation?" “D&E。” Yi Xiaofei raised her head in astonishment. She remembered the shooting some time ago. She frowned and whispered: "That company's reputation is not very good." A faint ray of light flashed in Xu Yin's eyes. She said with a light smile, "Now the competition is fierce. I am very satisfied to be a customer manager of one of the branches of D & E after graduation." Xu Yin paused, squinted and stared at Yi Xiaofei and continued, "Unlike you, I have relatives to help manage the company at home, and President Mu to protect it. My father's company went bankrupt." Yi Xiaofei bit her lip and whispered, "I'm sorry." In fact, her uncle has been out of the company recently, and now the person who is working hard to support her father's company is her mother. Xu Yin's cell phone rang, she picked up the phone to hang up the phone, long span shelving ,Narrow aisle rack, put down less than a second, her cell phone rang again, she hung up again. After repeating this five times, Yi Xiaofei looked up at her and said lightly, "If you don't want to answer that person's phone, just turn it off." Xu Yin hung her head a little flustered and looked a little pale. Yi Xiaofei asked her with concern if she was not feeling well. Xu Yin shook her head blankly. Her cell phone kept ringing. The person who called her seemed to have to find her. Yi Xiaofei raised his hands to support his chin and glanced curiously at Xu Yin's cell phone. Could it be that the suitors in the university had been pestering Xu Yin? Xu Yin turned her cell phone to vibrate and looked up to notice the diamond ring in Yi Xiaofei's hand. She grabbed her sleeve excitedly, pulled her hand in front of her, and number of businessmen and celebrities who have close business contactsimportant members of the six families later." Yi Xiaofei slightly hookee on the first floor who were bowing their heads and talking raised their heads one after another, stopped talking, and looked curiously at the pair of men and women with excellent appearance who co on forever?" A gentle voice with an imperceptible taunt. I don't know, but they're together now,Pallet rack beams, aren't they? Fan Wenrui pulled the tie on his dress and curled his lips. "Marriage is the tomb of love. As time goes on, marriage will wear down their love. One day they will find out how foolish their choice is today." There was a hint of disdain in the feminine voice. One day, he will regret his rash decision today.

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