Immortal Sword Body

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Up to now, the Qing Dynasty has been innumerable. How many times did Ye Lao teach him and how many times did he save him? It can be said that without Ye Lao, there would be no achievement for him today. Even in many crises, he had already fallen. How could he have today's cultivation? He even realized the three origins and peeped into the threshold of the sword realm. In the eyes, the faint congealing divine light flashed away. The empty sword domain of the Qin Sword Sect is full of birds and flowers. In the attics everywhere, there is a curling sound of the Qin, and even a blue incense lingering. The emptiness is pure, but there is rarely a shrill roar of the sword. Don't you? In such a void sword domain, few unworldly people are willing to break such silence, even if it is a conversation, it is mostly in a soft tone. Go to the wild sword tomb, just after Qin Jian Zong, 6 Qing also intend to pay a visit to the Qin Jian Emperor, think of the original side in Qin Tong, to now, has been nearly seven years, at the beginning in Qi Tong, he was only a small swordsman, then with the Qin Jian Emperor's brother hand Lianqi war, that time, is the first time he faced the humanitarian sword, sound kill sword gas, ten fingers Qin sound, But it was the first time he had seen the mystery of humanity. Who would have thought that only seven years of time, he will have such strength,pipe cantilever rack, with his present repair for, afraid is the original Lian Qi to see him, all want to respectfully call a senior. Jintian Pavilion is located in the south of the Void Sword Domain. Although we have passed the Qin Sword Sect on foot, it is not easy for the Qing Dynasty to leave empty-handed, so we are ready to go to Jintian Pavilion to exchange or auction something. The Golden Heaven Pavilion of Qin Jian Zong is a huge wooden pagoda, which is divided into five layers, with a light blue edge flowing through the whole body. Moreover, on top of the green awn, there is a layer of invisible ripples,Industrial pallet rack, which can not be dispersed. When you come near, there are countless different sound waves coming into your ears, such as Guqin, bamboo flute, instrument, Guzheng, Yueqin, Liuqin, Changxiao, Sheng, and so on. The countless sounds coming into your ears are incomparably soft, without any disorder, but give birth to a sense of tranquility. Eyes slightly congealed, but 6 Qing sensed an obscure law fluctuation from the wooden pagoda. The rule of annual killing! As soon as 6 clear heart moves, these sounds, are not spread in the void, but in a very low way into the ear, heavy duty racking system ,warehouse rack manufacturer, if not for 6 clear soul strong, simply can not hear. This senior, this is the infrasound Sword Tower of my Qin Sword Sect, and also the Golden Heaven Pavilion of my Qin Sword Sect. In front of the wooden pagoda, a swordsman saw 6 Qing stop and stepped forward to open his mouth. I don't know what Shifu needs. I can guide Shifu. Looking at the sword in front of him, he was a swordsman, who seemed to have just passed his thirties. He carried a flute on his back. The flute was as green as jade, and there was an invisible sharp edge on it. On both sides of the flute body, two green blades were inlaid on it as if carved. What a strange sword! Qing's heart moves slightly. The swords of Qin Jian Sect are mainly musical instruments, and the power of kendo is mostly displayed with these instruments as a supplement. The magic of them can be seen from the first battle in Qitong. I'm going to the auction. Without hesitation, 6 Qing opened his mouth. With a clear look on his face, the guard swordsman went on to say, "Master, this auction meeting is specially set up for Master Lianyue of the Qin and Sword Sect and Master Li Haoran of the Haoran Sect to become a swordsman. The threshold for entering it is extremely high. If there is nothing of full value, you caer relieved down. With noble righteousness, not to say for the right path of heaven and earth, but at least, can be called upright, broad-minded. In the heart moves slightly, 6 ask: "What kind of value thing does that need to be able to enter among them?" "You must at least reach the value of the lower grade of Qingfan Excalibur before you can get the qualification." The next grade is Qingfan Excalibur! This threshold is indeed a little high, 6 clear in the heart a move, oneself now show is the sword main rank of repair for, it is no wonder this person some hesitation. He reached into his bosom, and wcounting for almost 90% of the lly the recommended tickets. Anyway, there are tickets every day. Don't bother to vote more. Thank you! To be continued, if you want to know what's going on, please log in 6 chapters more,Drive in racking system, support for making, support for genuine reading! “()” [Chapter 42 of the main text: Wannian Xuan Tiemu! Go!] "This is a top-grade fire stone, which is worth a top-grade Qingfan Excalibur.". The novel is offered for reading in the Millennium-wWW. Qianzai. CoM ".

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